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So, today was my birthday (as many of you know, I haven’t been around at all this week short of my queue because my mom is in town and my birthday is today) and this was my dad’s birthday gift to me. He got me Loki’s fucking scepter, guys. It’s a full-sized replica. The gem lights up. It’s made completely out of metal and it’s pretty heavy. I had to clear off this shelf to make room for it, so I decided to surround it with some of my Loki merch. I know the bottom picture is a little blurry, but that’s what my shelf currently looks like ^^ 

I just really wanted to share this because it was the highlight of my day. I almost cried when I opened it, and I’m just really happy and very blessed to have something this thoughtful and nice <3

shake it like a polaroid picture

imagine a pocket-sized you cooing over a pretty polaroid of kim taehyung. the silly boy went through an entire pack of instax film, and all but ONE of the ten photographs turned out blurry beyond recognition.

you’re admiring how lovely taehyung looks pocket-sized (as pocket-sized as the polaroid makes it seem, anyway) when the picture is suddenly pulled out of your grasp, and you whine up at yoongi to give it back. he regards the photo with exaggerated distaste and tosses it to the ground with a careless, “well it’s not me so -”

turning away with a cry, you make to climb off the desk to retrieve the photograph, but you’re struck with a funny thought and instinctively turn back to yoongi. and he doesn’t see you watching as he ducks down to pick up the photo and pockets it discreetly.

you smile in understanding and shake your head, but you ultimately decide to have mercy on the kid and let him keep the photo. after all, no one could resist having a polaroid of their bias—not even min yoongi.

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tbh most of my top ten posts based of tumblr would be my CC, because thats what ya’ll really care about to reblog xD, but I didn’t wanna do that. So I just picked images of mine that weren’t cropped at weird sizes, and mashed them together lol

I have plans to improve my editing style in areas I feel that I personally lacked in. Also in 2017, all my models aren’t gonna be unemotionally bitch-faced lmao. My Salim and Grace sim edits, was an attempt to move away from that xD and I liked how it came out a lot. Anyways, I hope all of you achieve your sim/simblr goals this year! (and your irl goals too)

(edit: I cropped some of the images off, so it wouldn’t look as blurry)

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hi! could i have a steve x reader where she is recruited/abducted by SHIELD because they are convinced that she has some sort of power she can't control and he's assigned to work with her even though he doesn't want to, but they end up getting close anyway? there can be smut too but tbh if there's fluff I'm happy :)

Title: Can’t Stand You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Nick Fury

Words: 2,821

Warnings: swearing, self-loathing, arguing, kidnapping

A/N: There isn’t any smut in this and not a whole lot fluff to be honest, but I really like this one. I just started writing and it got away from me so I hope you still like it.

Originally posted by steviepinkiepierogers

“Whoa! Whoa! Hey, buddy watch where you’re putting those hands!”

You couldn’t believe you were in this situation, all those years of cleverly evading the authorities had ended here with you being ambushed at the all night diner you worked at by twelve heavily armed guards. One of those guards was currently getting a little too grabby with his grubby hands as they pulled you through the diner door. 

“I said; watch where you put your hands!” You warned last time, using your strength to slam your foot into his knee, breaking it. With one down you turned to the remaining eleven guards, easily taking them down. Sometimes you loved your strength although it is what got you into this mess. 

Your power had developed suddenly, as a teenager you had the usual amount of teen angst bullshit on your plate, but simply rebelling wasn’t an option for you like it was for other’s; you got super strength. That day had ended with your annoying brother along with other five people being injured, a very pissed and slightly horrified of set of parents, and a town square in shambles. You were sixteen then and too afraid to accept the consequences you fled, moved to New York and stayed in hiding. SHIELD agents, like the ones that were currently trying to abduct you, had made an appearance one too many times since the unveiling of your powers. You thought you had kept a low enough profile with your shoe box apartment, shitty, low paying job, and lack of friends, but apparently not. 

So that brought you to your present predicament; trying to outrun SHIELD agents at 2 a.m. while creating shoe-sized potholes with the force of your steps. It wasn’t ideal. 

Glancing behind you, you noticed three agents managed to recover and were tailing you. You swerved quickly to your left down the dark alleyway, looking for an escape. 

That’s when you felt a splitting pain in your temple and your vision went black.

“What the fuck?” You murmured groggily, tugging at the cuffs restraining you to the bed. The restraints had cut off your circulation, rendering movement impossible so breaking free wasn’t an option. Your mouth was sticky and everything was entirely too fucking bright. With blurry eyes you scanned the room; it was full of fancy equipment, it looked like a government hospital room, and standing by the door was a lone man. 

“Nice to see you awake and not running away.” he said, pulling a chair to your bedside. 

“Well, I didn’t really have a choice did I?” you snarked, “Kidnapping, Nick? I never thought you’d stoop so low.” 

“Well, I didn’t really have a choice did?” he reiterated loudly, “You’ve been a hard woman to catch, Y/N.” 

“But enough of this bullshit,” Nick relented, “Let’s talk business. The way I see it you have two choices; you work for SHIELD, learn to control your powers, and not cause any trouble, or you can say ‘fuck no’ to option one and you spend the rest of your life as a lab rat for the United States government.” 

Leaning against the back of his chair he finished, “So, what’s it going to be?”

More than anything, you wanted to say no to both options and leave for your slightly sad, but normal-ish life, but that clearly wasn’t on the table for discussion. The choice was basically between life and death, and no matter how sad or difficult your life was you knew you weren’t ready to die. 

“Option one,” you pouted, “But I am not wearing a dorky-ass outfit like Captain Tights, okay?”

Rolling his eyes, Nick stood up from his seat to leave, “That can be arranged.” He motioned to the woman who stood in the doorway beside him, “Dr. Cho will release you and allow you to get ready.” 

“Then you can meet the rest of your team.” He smirked at your anguished groan. Before walking out he turned in the doorway to look at you, “And that’s Director Fury to you.” 

Slumping even further into the bed, you sighed heavily at the prospect of meeting the rest of the team. You had no intentions of being apart of the team, you didn’t like the idea of it all, it only left room for caring. And with caring, came worry, and with worry came heartbreak. You’d lost enough at your age and didn’t intend to lose anymore. So right then, you decided to keep your distance and learn to control your powers, while planning your escape.

With that last thought you pulled yourself from the cot and rubbed at your arms, muttering a small ‘thank you’ to Dr. Cho. 

She smiled and handed you a duffel bag, “There are clothes and a few other necessities, you’ll need.” Opening the bag you found a set of comfortable clothes and some toiletries. 

“Thank you, Dr. Cho.” You said with a small, forced smile. 

“Oh, please, call me Helen.” She replied kindly, “Everyone does.” 

You nodded trying to seem a little pleasant, but you were never very good at that. A few moments went by in silence as neither one of you knew what to say. Suddenly you piped up, “Is there a restroom I could use?”

“Oh! Yes, of course, sorry. It’s right through here.” she said motioning towards a door to your left, “If you need anything left me know.” She added before scurrying out of the room.

Slinging the duffel bag onto the counter you tried to make yourself look a little less dead and a little more presentable. Halfway through scrubbing at the blood on your temple, you stopped and stared at yourself in the mirror. How did you get here? Who even were you? You felt completely and utterly lost; here you were, life had thrown you another curve ball and this one was sincerely fucking you over. You didn’t know if you had what it took to be an Avenger, you weren’t righteous like Steve Rogers or a genius like Tony Stark- this would never work. 

You shook your head and got dressed, not allowing yourself to think anymore. You took one last deep breath and walked out of the bathroom and into your new life, the hope of getting the hell out here the only thing keeping you together. 

One Week Later

Nick had given you a week to become acquainted with everyone on the team, before beginning your training. During that week you’d mostly kept to yourself or at least kept your distance when you were forced to be with the group. For the first few days you barely even left your room, and when you were forced to converse with any member of the team you kept a tone sarcastic. Despite this, the majority of them didn’t bother, except him. Steve Rogers, the most insufferable man you had ever met in your whole entire life. Your personality had gotten under his skin pretty quickly and his holier-than-thou attitude grated on your nerves to no end, resulting in screaming matches. Like the one you two were currently having now. 

“You can’t be serious, Fury!” Steve protested, “I am not training that- that brat!”

“Oh, I’m a brat!? Says the man who started an argument over the goddamn toaster yesterday!” You screeched at him from the chair next to him. 

You two sat in Fury’s office like a pair children called into the principals office. You didn’t care if you sounded childish, he was a total prick. 

“That is enough!” Fury screamed, slamming his fist down onto the table, “You-,” he said pointing towards Steve, “-are training her, because you are the only one available with enhanced physical strength. You have the most experience and I know you can handle it, Rogers. Besides, with anyone else she’ll be holding back, but with you- she’ll never pull her punches.” 

“Damn right.” You whispered under your breath. 

“That’s enough, Y/L/N,” Nick reprimanded with a roll of his eyes, “My decision is final- now get the hell out of my office.” 

You both exited Fury’s office with little incident, too caught up in the idea of having to spend even more time with each other, that you barely insulted each other when you accidentally brushed shoulders. Turning to the right you made a beeline for the gym, hoping to relax a little. Only the idea of pummeling Steve into the ground made you feel better as you let the punching bag have it. 

Steve wasn’t fairing much better. He too was heading to the gym to blow off steam, only to find that you’d taken his place. Stomping out of the gym he made his way to his best friend Bucky’s room. Without a hello, Steve slumped onto the foot of his bed with a sigh. 

Bucky looked up from his book sensing his friend’s sour mood, marking the page, he sat the book aside, “What’s up with you, kid?”

“Y/N,” he spat, “She’s got super strength so that means I have to train her. I don’t know why you can’t do it,” he said hopefully. 

“Steve, buddy, you know I can’t. Fury wants you to do it, right?” 

“Well, yes,” admitted Steve, “but you’re a really great fighter and you don’t want to throw yourself off a bridge at the mere thought of seeing her. I think you’d be perfect.”

Bucky snorted, “You think anybody, but you is perfect for the job.” 

He continued, “It’s not going to be that bad. Just do what you’re assigned to do and then leave. Ignore any of those snide little comments, and refrain from making your own,” he said with a knowing look, “I know you, Rogers, you gotta smart mouth on you.” 

Steve knew he had to train you, there was no getting out of it, so he decided he was going to be as professional as he could and let your attitude roll off his back. Standing up he told his friend he was going for a quick run before breakfast.

“Oh, and you’re right,” he paused at the door, turning to Bucky with a smile, “I am pretty smart.”

“Get the fuck out, Steve.”

It was the morning of your first training session and you were already pissed. Steven fucking Rogers had pissed you off in record time this morning by insisting on treating you like a child. 

“I know how to lift weights, Rogers!” you yelled while slamming the weight back down. 

“Obviously not, Y/L/N. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be saying that, now would I?”

“I don’t know, Rogers, you can be pretty fucking dumb sometimes.” 

During your quarrel you hadn’t noticed how close you’d gotten to each other’s faces. You could see his jaw clenching, you were so close. 

“Forget the warm up,” he said, stepping backwards, “Let’s just start with sparring.” 

The majority of your training session began like that; you two fighting like cats and dogs, getting too close and silence overcoming the two of you as you stared into each other’s eyes, until it’s broken by one of you. You weren’t sure who started to first, but over time you had stopped arguing as often. Your snarky comments weren’t as serious and your heart just wasn’t in it when you two fought, everyone could see it. But the real change occurred a few weeks after your first day of training. 

“What are you doing?” a stern voice said from behind you. 

Quickly, you dropped your bag and kicked it underneath the couch as Steve approached you. 

“What do you mean? I’m not doing anything.” You said coolly. 

“Are you going somewhere? At,” he questioned, looking at his watch, “3:30 in the morning?” 


He bent down by the sofa and picked up your bag, “Then why is a bag of-,” he unzipped the bag, shaking his head at its contents, “everything you own doing underneath the sofa?” 

You huffed, “I may I act like I do, but I don’t know everything, Steve.” 

“We’re on first name basis now?” he asked with a crinkled brow and faint smirk, “How sweet.”

“You’re such a dick,” you growled, grabbing your bag from him, “I’m going to bed.” 


You spun on your heel to face him, a bit aggravated. 

“I know you don’t want to be here.” he said sympathetically.

“Wanda told us.” he said answering your questioning glare, “I just- I want you to know that we care and that, we want you here.” 

You blinked at him, arms crossed, “We?”

His eyes bore into yours, with surprisingly not hatred. Not even close, affection maybe? You let a barely noticeable and genuine grin grace your face at the thought of Steve wanting you around. You shook it off, no, you thought, I will not become attached. 

Catching himself, Steve rolled his eyes, “Yes, we, now stop trying to run away. We want you here.” 

While Steve stomped his way back to his floor, you stood there puzzled at the recent developments- Steve wanted you in his life and you were happy about it. Slowly made your way back up to your room to unpack, deciding it wouldn’t be so bad to stay a little longer.

It took a few more weeks and several training sessions after that day for it to finally hit you. You were having a horror movie marathon with Nat and Buck when you shot up out of your seat, causing the two to flinch. 

“What the hell, Y/N?” Natasha grumbled, picking popcorn out of her hair. 

“Are you trying to give us a heart attack?” asked Bucky with a glare. 

“Oh, no.” You whimpered. 

Your tone had both Avengers worried. Being at Headquarters for four months now, the team had only seen two emotions from you; happy and angry. If you were worried, they knew it was serious.

Setting the popcorn bowl on the table, the two teammates turned their full attention to you. 

“What’s wrong?” Natasha asked solemnly. 

“It all makes sense, but it doesn’t.” You whispered to yourself, bringing a hand to your lips in shock. 

“We don’t know what you’re talking about, sweetheart, what doesn’t make sense?” Prompted Bucky as he gently pulled you down on the couch again. 

“Steve,” you trailed off, looking at the two people you now called friends, “Steve and I… care about-,” You couldn’t even finish, “Oh, god!” 

The two friends looked at each other with a knowing smile, “So, you finally figured it out, huh?” smirked Natasha. 

“It only took you a little longer than him.” Bucky said emphasizing the word ‘you’.  

Your eyes widened as you looked into Bucky’s eyes, “What do you mean it took ‘you longer than him’?” 

Natasha grabbed Bucky’s hand, pulling him off the couch with a shake of her head, “I think you need to go find, Steve.” 

All alone now, you looked up a little as you addressed the A.I., “Um, FRIDAY?” 

“Yes, Ms.Y/N?”

“Where is Steve?” you asked tentatively. 

“In the training room, ma’am.” 

“Thank you,” you said, quickly running from your spot on the couch to the training room. You didn’t know how to address whatever you were feeling, but you sure as hell weren’t going to admit it first. In your rush to talk to Steve, you didn’t realize that he was right in front of you until you slammed into his broad chest. 

“Jeez, Y/N, what’s the rush?” exclaimed Steve, gripping your shoulders as he steadied you. 

“Oh, hey, Steve,” you said meekly avoiding his concerned gaze in favor for the hallway floor.

“What’s wron-,” began Steve before you cut him off. 

“I like you, I think. I’m not really sure, but I was watching a movie with Buck and Nat and it just hit me- I don’t really hate you and it’s scaring the hell out of me, Rogers. What the fuck?” You babbled, tears welling in your eyes, “Ugh, I feel so dumb.” You huffed, blinking your tears away. 

Slowly, a wide grin made its way across Steve’s face, he said smugly to himself, “Huh.” 

“Shut up.” You said turning away, feeling stupid. If he was going to make fun of you and your dilemma, you were leaving.

Feeling a little guilty, Steve placed his hand in yours and pulled you back to him, “Hey?”

“What?” You mumbled, still not looking at him. You were too embarrassed to even be alive. You let yourself care, become attached- you should have left when you had the chance, happiness be damned.

“I really don’t hate you either.” He whispered as he leaned closer to your lips, “I might even like you.” 

A blush rose on your cheeks as you played along. Trying to hide the pure joy you were feeling, you smirked gazing into his eyes, “Well, that’s too bad ‘cause I can’t stand you, Rogers.” 

“Now that you mention it-”



“Shut up and kiss me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” 

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would you perhaps provide some more examples of how the tumblr update is affecting graphics and stuff? maybe with what theyre meant to look like vs how they look now? idk if i just havent got the update yet but im not seeing any differences, id like to know what's changed so i can adequately shout at tumblr staff about it for y'all!!

Okay, let me try to explain, lol. I just got the dashboard update finally, so, ugh. Basically, graphic makers have been designing graphics for years to fix a 500px wide layout. This includes 500px wide gifs, and then gif sets with two gifs in a row being 245px each (to meet the 10px gap in the middle), and sets with three in a row being 160px each, etc etc. 

Now, tumblr has changed the size of the main posts on the dash to be (I think) 540px. But instead of leaving old sets as is within that, they have coded it to stretch the gifs/pictures to fit the new size. When you take an image at one size and make it bigger, it doesn’t magically look good. It stretches, and it gets blurry. So, on the dashboard, a gif that actually looks like this:

Turns into this instead:

See how it’s bigger, blurrier, and the text is almost cut off a bit on the bottom? Yeah. That. For literally every gif set and graphic made in the years this site has been running. The still edits have also been stretched to fit, making them blurry as well. 

And that’s not even taking into account how it has completely messed up personal layouts (mine, for example, looks like this), or how now, if this sticks, all graphic makers are gonna have to change the sizes they make their gifs (the thought of editing all my actions makes me groan), and bigger gifs means we can have less frames in them now, to meet the 2mb limit on gif size.


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yo harrie, do you have any tips for painting directly over a sketch? it's something i'd like to do more but it always comes out really muddy and blurry

Make sure you’re not using a soft brush if you’re trying to define things, see this post ! “If in doubt, use a harder brush” is some very solid advice.

If clarity in general is the issue, then i’d suggest painting underneath your sketch first and then refining things up on a new layer above!

Lack of clarity is generally down to you not knowing what you are trying to paint, so do make use of your sketch. Really, most of your time should be spent on your sketch as that is where you’ll be doing all your thinking.

I would also suggest introducing new colours as you’re blending, as things do get very muddy if you don’t. Up there I added more blues to the shadows for example.

If the reason you’re painting over your sketch is because you want to work linelessly, I’d have a read through tastelikeanya’s process tutorial

Essentially, colour underneath your sketch but turn your sketch layer off. 

You can also try working from a silhouette!

Also lastly, make sure you’re working big enough! My output size is significantly smaller than the full resolution,

which keeps things from looking quite so blurry

Email tumblr. Ask them (politely) to change the layouts back. Explain why calmly, rationally, and firmly. Feel free to use my email in full, or as a base if you’d like:

Dear tumblr staff,

I understand that you want to make updates to your site and your layout, and that’s fine. We might complain about layout changes, but overall we adjust. However, this is different. As someone who has been a graphic maker on tumblr for several years, I have created what I can only assume is over 1000 graphics, gifs or otherwise. All of these gifs were designed for the 500px post width, all thanks to your recent change, all of them now look awful. The new wide post width stretches out all gifsets created with the previous size in mind, making them look blurry and/or cut off. This includes both on the dashboard and on personal blog layouts, which have been designed with the 500px width in mind. I, like so many other graphic makers, put so much work into each gif set that I make. Over time, this would add up to hundreds of hours of work that has been single-handedly ruined with one “simple” change that you somehow saw “no reason not to”. Well, I hope you will see that there are plenty of reasons not to. Reasons like the thousands, probably even millions of gif-sets that now look absolutely awful because of the changes you made. Or the personal blog layouts that have been similarly ruined because of your change. This is not even taking into account the fact that you’re essentially asking thousands of graphic makers to change how they make their gifs and graphics, to new (and very weird) size ratios. 

Please undo this poorly thought-out change, and  revert the width of the post size back to 500px. For the sake of all your site’s numerous, incredibly talented graphic makers, as well as this incredibly visually-oriented sites years worth of posts.

Thank you,

That One San Diego

Olicity AU One/Shot, Rated T.

Oliver Queen is a seasoned actor on a famous TV show, forced to do round after round of interviews and panels at the SDCC. Felicity Smoak is in charge of network security at the convention. 

Neither of them were watching where they were going.

A/N: Dedicated to karenbcrazy because it’s just been that kind of week and she needed some cuteness. <3

“Mr. Queen, can you tell us about how your relationship with the cast has changed in the past fewmonths?” The reporter asked during an on-the-go interview. Bright lights were hitting his face, obscuring his vision and all he could hear was the thrum of the crowd as they talked amongst each other while they walked from room to room.

It was an impertinent question, one he certainly would’ve vetoed if this had been a formal interview; however formal was a very different word when you appeared at the Comic Convention in San Diego. He couldn’t remember a year where he loathed it more than he did right then, trying to focus on the reporter’s face and failing because of the bright light from her camera man.

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Fandom: Frozen
Rating: K+
Pairings: Implied Kristanna
A/N: Sort of a ‘powers AU.’ Possibly. Somewhat. All spelling/grammar errors are intentional. (Or are they?)

8/14/15  5:06 PM

K: Hey what’s your sister’s shoe size?

A: …

A: 6 and a half

A: Id say ‘why do you ask’ but I feel like the answer would be just as weird so…

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How do you make such good gifs that stay under the limit?


For the larger gifs (like this), I usually keep it within 15-20ish frames and I always make it 500 pixels across. When you change the size of the image make sure you have “scale sizes” and “constrain proportions” checked off. For example that Outlast gif, these are the dimensions and stuff:

For the smaller gifs in photosets (like this), they usually have more frames.. maybe about 20-30ish, sometimes even 40 depending on how many colours are in the gif. They are always 245 pixels across, I usually crop the gif first to make it more square instead of rectangle. So like this:

By changing your dimensions to the exact size you need, it won’t look blurry :)

If your file size is still too big, I usually delete the frames like so:

It’s usually unnoticeable. If it still doesn’t work, I either redo it or just give up lol.

I hope this helps a bit lol.

- Shanna

EDIT: Tumblr updated new dimensions so make sure to replace 500 pixels with 540 pixels and 245 pixels with 268 pixels!