the sixth model


└  Model pair: カッコイイ〜 可愛い〜 (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

And cos I couldn’t resist a super-competitive Jun looking adorkably cute~~

and the teasing~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 05.11.2016

30 Days of Female Awesome.
Day One | Favorite lead female character


❝ I want the pain. It’s how I learn. I was instrumental in the destruction of humanity, but at the same time I learned, because…because I fell in love…with a human man, and he was mortal and fallible. And he had this incredible pride in himself. He thought he knew everything there was to know. And I loved him, with my whole heart. And then one day, I realized I wouldn’t have him forever. I understood what I’d done. How I betrayed him and humanity. And that pain taught me to understand death. Baltar could die. And I loved him. Baltar’s heart was ephemeral. Baltar’s body was fragile in my hands. ❞


“Devoting yourself to being a shadow is easy to say, but actually very hard to pull off. What you need is a conscience hard as steel to keep the instincts as a player at bay. The new model phantom sixth man Chihiro Mayuzumi might’ve had better specs…but there is one thing he can’t win. And that’s the career as a sixth man, and the will to fight for the team. In other words…the resolve to stay in the shadow” - Kise Ryouta


The estate version of the new E‑Class is all set to be served up at the MercedesCup tennis tournament in Stuttgart: making its debut, the sixth-generation model is as dynamic as the tennis pros and as spacious as centre court. Innovative engineering and a compelling conception of space make it the most intelligent estate that Mercedes-Benz has ever built. At the same time, the first performance stage celebrates its premiere in the shape of the Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC.


Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 6th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Claremont Showgrounds

Arrogant, brash, bold and dressed to kill (your retinas), a designer has only two options when tackling such a character, you either fear it, or you charge into it with reckless abandon like the Doctor charges into danger. I’ll admit, he was one of the last Doctor’s I designed as the drawings went through many phases. I must thank Steph Cullingford for sending me tons of inspiration photos, she’s my superhuman research department of one.

All of my Doctor’s reflect a certain period in history and once I decided to draw inspiration from the era old Sixey’s episodes aired in, things became easier. The 80’s were bright and bold and joyfully tacky, it just works so well. The jumpsuit too, was a natural choice, they’re unusual, they always make a statement and it would be the only one in this series.

This might have been one of the most fun to shoot too, Six is such dramatic character to emulate. I got to go big with my performance, somehow the more ridiculous the pose or expression, the more it worked.

I must admit, growing up I didn’t have any exposure to Six’s run at all, the grown ups would direct me to pretty much any other Doctor. Well having given Six my full attention in preparation for this shoot, I say that while there was a lot of studio drama, Colin Baker is a fine Doctor. There are plenty of great episodes in his run and what’s more the audio dramas really give him the freedom to give Six a bit of long needed justice.

-Courtney Coulson

Those colours! Those colours are such a challenge, but its a costume that sells itself. This costume does all the work for you. It’s about pointing the camera at it and trying not to get hurt!

-Luke Milton