the sixth great lake

oh, boy

yeah if everyone could just stop freaking out about the sonic screwdriver being gone 

or need i remind you that the 5th’s was completely destroyed and, despite his devastation…

he didn’t replace it for years

and then, of all the people to bring it back, this lovable doofus is the one to do it

so i’d appreciate it if the collective fandom could just take it down a notch. the screwdriver will be back. it always comes back. the sunglasses are just twelve’s fez

and we all remember what happened to that


The Sixth Great Lake
Up The Country LP (2001 - Kindercore)

This is one of my favorite albums of all-time, and it took a long time (and some unfortunate events) for me to finally get my hands on a copy last summer. Released in 2001 on Kindercore Records, a limited number were pressed on this beautiful Green Marble Vinyl (a larger number were pressed on Black Vinyl). This one has been OOP for quite some time, but if you can get ahold of the band (or their other band The Essex Green) via email, you can likely still purchase a copy from them (it’s worth it!)

(photos courtesy of jenny greear and her nice, shiny sony camera)