the sixteenth of september

Manhattan | Chapter Two.

Authors Note: Hey, Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a great day and evening. This is the second chapter to Manhattan, my Frat Boy AU. I am not sure whether this will be a fanfic or a mini-series, or what it becomes. It depends on the reviews I get on it from you guys.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, is a bit different from the first Chapter, but it is building on characters, I guess. I don’t know. Anyway, enjoy! Xx

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It has been several days since the ludicrous frat party I attended. My dress still emanates a damn brewery, and I swear I can’t cleanse the stench of beer off my skin, but everyone else appeared to have loved it— it’s all I have heard about the last few days.

Apparently, it was such a great gathering that there’s going to be another… one that I will NOT be attending.

I don’t care if they do some keg standing drinking game or if there’s some kind of absurdly amazing beer pong match where that dickhead gets his ass beat— I am not going. I have no desire to.

I haven’t seen or heard about Harry either.

He seems to be mysterious, I am starting to wonder if he even attends the same University or if I managed to lure a creepy man to my dorm room while falling for his British charm.

Maybe he isn’t even British and it’s all an act. Who knows?

Besides the tailgate party and the after game entertainment that has been circling around conversations, the month of September is the beginning of football season—a season of deranged fanatic students’ screaming and rumbling at a football stadium, rooting for our blue and white team, while trying not to get drunk in the stands.

Today, September sixteenth; Well, today isn’t just the day for kick starting the glorious season of men in pads, pounding each other for a football, but it kicks starts against a rivalry that has been brewing for years.

We start the season against the Cornell Big Reds.

Despite my piling stacks of work and notes that need revising, I can’t help but fall for the first day, kick off, shenanigans of college football. I guess, I felt it was compulsory to act within the typical expectations of a college student and tag along with tailgating before the game.

Little did I know that this decision would be the start of something unknown.

At first glance, I disregard him, having to carry a double take before realising that it’s him, Harry.

I tilt my head to the side, my eyes blazing into him as they discern that he’s bearing red. Although he seems rather dainty in crimson, the blood humming through my veins seems to disagree with his judgment of colours, both for a good and bad reason.

I glance around promptly, noticing I am the only one not gathered in the crowd up ahead with their chants and their eager anticipation. I sigh, leaning against my roommate’s car, my eyes fluttering back towards him.

He makes his way over to me, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip as a nervous reaction.

“Hi, I’m surprised to see you here.” He flashes me a Cheshire grin, his eyes appearing to glisten a radiant emerald that I can admire more in the dusk sunset then I could in the moonlight the other night.

“Hello,” I nod, “I’m just as equally as surprised,” I comment, part of me rather enthused with the fact he’s bearing a rival colour that nobody dares to sport on such a day like today. “Nice colour, surprised your blood isn’t spread all over it— wait, don’t tell me,” I gasp, leading with a small pause. “You’re one of them.” I add, considerably amused by the fact that he may be unknown territory that is ’forbidden’.

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I’m fine!“

"What’s your birthday?”

“May sixteenth.”

“And mine?”



“I’m fine!”

“Okay, days of the week.”

“Oh for fu- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, … huh, the one that’s named after Thor.”

“Yeah. Not a chance. Your plans for exacting vengeance will have to wait till you can string a full sentence together. You have some pretty obvious brain trauma there.”

“I’ll get over it!


On this day in music history: September 1, 1984 - “Tonight”, the sixteenth studio album by David Bowie is released. Produced by David Bowie, Derek Bramble and Hugh Padgham, it is recorded at Le Studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in Early - Mid 1984. Issued as the follow up to his smash comeback “Let’s Dance”, it features guest appearances by Tina Turner and Iggy Pop. Bowie uses many of the same musicians featured on “Let’s Dance” but it is without the creative guidance of producer Nile Rodgers at the helm. Instead, Bowie asks former Heatwave member Derek Bramble to oversee much of the production (with co-producer/engineer Hugh Padgham), having heard demos he had produced on British R&B singer Jaki Graham. Bowie also enlists songwriting assistance from his old friend and collaborator Iggy Pop (who co-writes five of the albums nine songs). Unlike the rapturously positive reviews that greeted the previous album, reaction is largely mixed from fans and critics. It spins off three singles including “Blue Jean” (#8 Pop) which is promoted with a short film/music video directed by Julien Temple , and is commercially released on videocassette and laserdisc. “Tonight” peaks at number eleven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Three Weeks

prompt: @spidermanimagine said “Hey could you write about a new girl who comes to Peter parkers school, and as the school gets attacked, Peter gets everyone outside of the school safely, except for her. She’s stuck inside with the bad guy.”

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a/n: thanks so much for requesting! this was really fun to write lol.

Three more weeks. All Peter had to do was get through three more weeks of homework, decathlon practice, and finals before he had the entire summer to waste. He could feel his eyelids getting heavier as he listened to his chemistry teacher. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Y/N’s head look towards him. His gaze snapped towards her.

“You okay?” She mouthed. She was smiling. God, he loved her smile. He nodded and she turned her attention back to the teacher. He sighed contently. Okay, so these last three weeks would be way more bearable if that happened every day. 

Y/N wasn’t your everyday, stereotypical high school girl. She had come to the school at the beginning of their junior year. She had immediately hit it off with Michelle, which meant she became friends with Peter and Ned pretty quickly. Peter had all but forgotten Liz’s name after meeting Y/N. Liz had been unattainable and almost a fantasy. Y/N was real. She was his friend. Peter knew that she loved to read. He knew that she had the best music taste out of all of his friends. He knew that she wore sweaters and skirts to class every day, no matter how hot or how cold it was.

But most importantly, he knew that Flash Thompson was very, very into her. Even if she couldn’t tell, Peter certainly could. He heard the way Flash and his posse whistled and whispered when she walked by. He’d also heard one too many “have you tapped that yet”s from Flash’s buddies.
“Mister Parker, are you with us?” His head jerked up. 
“Uh, yeah. Yeah, sorry.” His teacher hummed in disapproval and continued talking. Y/N turned her glance back towards him. Reaching into her backpack, she pulled out her phone, hiding it behind her propped-up tablet. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket; she was texting him. 

y/n: when was the last time you slept?
peter: good question
y/n: dude
y/n: you have to sleep if you want to pass finals.                                           peter: yeah yeah okay mom                                                                              y/n: listen to your certified mom friend alright                                                   y/n: my mom friend credentials are legit                                                         peter: if i say that i’ll sleep tonight, will you never say legit again                     y/n: a compromise can be made for me leaving you alone                           peter: guess i’m not sleeping then

He glanced up to see her roll her eyes down at her phone, and had to concentrate very hard to keep from smiling. Suddenly, the bell rang. The entire class was out the door in less than thirty seconds. He wordlessly found himself stepping into stride with Ned, and then his gaze caught Y/N.

He had a sudden wave of confidence to go and talk to her, but before he could act on it, he was crashing to the floor. Flash had walked past him, pushing him over in the process. He took a deep breath – ignoring his imagination’s impression of Karen saying, ‘instant kill mode’ – and stood up. He watched almost helplessly as Flash made his way over to her. Before he knew it, Flash had her up against the locker’s, one hand on either side of her head. Ned pulled him away.

“Ned, what th-” He started.

“We both know Flash isn’t stupid enough to try anything with Michelle standing right there.” Ned was right. Flash had suffered one black eye, one broken rib, and one very, very sore groin at Michelle’s hands. Flash couldn’t keep his hands of Y/N; Michelle volunteered to help him keep his hands to himself.

Peter had his backpack in his hands and was rifling through it. He and Ned were making their way to Peter’s locker when it happened. It was sudden, and he almost didn’t register it. He almost brushed it off as loud high schoolers.

Almost. The front doors of Midtown High crashed open, the glass in the doors shattering. Betty Brant screamed. Ned tripped backwards. A masked man dressed in all black and wearing a shining silver gauntlet was standing in the smashed glass. One other man, visibly smaller and less intimidating, was grabbing at students to try and obtain a hostage. He fingered the red mask in his backpack, and nudged Ned.

“I-I have to-” Ned nodded. He understood. Peter felt a rush of gratitude for Ned. Sneaking backwards, he crept towards the side entrance of the school until he made it out. In record time, he shed his attire of jeans, sneakers, and a sweatshirt and slipped into his suit.

“Good afternoon, Mister Parker,” Karen said.

“Hey, Karen,” he said frantically. He leapt onto the side of the building and crawled towards the front doors. Once he was there he found a window. He could see Liz crying; one of the men had grabbed her and was holding a gun to her head.

“Karen, activate web grenades as soon as I get inside,” he whispered.

“Done.” Principal Morita was shouting and holding his arms out like he was taming velociraptors. He jumped into the air, and shot a web towards the roof. Swinging towards the danger, he swung through the empty doorframe and landed lightly on his feet.

“Hey, everyone,” he said. He shot a web grenade at the man wearing the gauntlet. He recognized that guy. “Oh, Shocker, right? We met on the ferry!” The man was pinned to the wall, but the gauntlet buzzed to life. It shot a ray of electricity towards Peter. Peter hit the ground hard and shot another web grenade at the gauntlet. Definitely a temporary solution.

“Stop, or she dies!” Peter turned. Liz was still being held at gunpoint. Silently, he raised his hands in surrender.

“Taser webs,” he whispered.

“Of course,” Karen replied.

“Listen,” he said slowly. “Let’s all just take a moment to-”

“Shut up!” Shouted the man. “I’ll kill her.”

“Okay, so we’re doing this,” he muttered. He shot a taser web past Liz and hit her attacker dead on. He crumpled to the floor. “Alright, come on, everybody!” Peter shouted as the Shocker struggled under the webs. Hundreds of students all rushed, at once, to get out of the school. He dashed towards the street, leading a gigantic mass of terrified high schoolers. When less and less students were dashing away, he started looking for his friends.

He found Ned easily, sitting with Liz and talking her through her panic. He found Michelle standing in front of Flash, who was seated on a planter, loudly scolding him for treating Y/N- wait, where was Y/N?

The last one in the building was Y/N. Betty had been hurt, and Y/N had enlisted Coach Wilson’s help to get her out of the building. Finally, Coach Wilson had shouted to follow him, and gathered Michelle up, trying not to move her broken arm. Coach Wilson and Michelle had just made it out when the Shocker broke free. As Y/N ran towards the entrance, the Shocker stepped in front of her.

Peter ran towards the building. “No, no!” He shouted. The Shocker wrapped an arm around her neck, and dragged her backwards.

“You stay out or she dies,” he shouted, aiming the pulsating gauntlet at Y/N’s head. Y/N’s face was terror-stricken. The pair disappeared behind a corner, and Peter started to freak out. 

“Peter, your heart rate is rising rapidly. Should I call Miste-”

“No, Karen. I need-” He was breathing too fast to get the words out rights. “I need you to-” He stopped again. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest.

“Peter. It’s going to be okay,” Y/N’s voice said. He looked up.

“Karen?” He asked shakily.

“Commencing playback of call recorded on September sixteenth.” Ah, September sixteenth. Y/N had called him when he was having an anxiety attack and talked him through it. Apparently, Karen had recorded it.

“Breathe. You’re going to be just fine. Think about the tree that we always walk to in Central Park. Wind blowing through the lives, gentle breezes whispering through the branches. Sitting on the grass, wrapped in a blanket. See? I can hear your breathing slowing down. That’s it, Peter.” The recording faded out.

He had to save this girl. He swung around the school until he could see Y/N through a window.

“Karen, send Drone-y to the other side of the school to make a really, really loud diversion, and keep it coming.”

“On it, Mister Parker.” He stayed there, just watching. His chest ached when he saw the tears streaming silently down Y/N’s face. Even with her mascara running down her face, even with her hands shaking, even with her terrified expression, she was beautiful. He shook his head invisibly to focus. He couldn’t hear through the window, and didn’t want Karen to activate long-distance hearing, but the Shocker looked up. He shouted something in Y/N’s face; she flinched when he got near her. The man dashed out the door.

Without wasting a beat, Peter shattered the glass and shot a web at the door, pulling it closed. He swung through the window and webbed the door until the Hulk would have struggled getting through it. He turned to face Y/N.

“Y/N,” he said. Her eyes widened.

“Y-You know my name.” He smiled under the mask. He had no intention of hiding this from her.

“Yeah, ‘course I do.” He yanked off his mask. Y/N’s jaw dropped.

“Peter,” she whispered. Eyes wide, she rushed towards him. She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Peter locked his arms around her body.

It wasn’t long before he had helped her out the window, and returned her to Michelle and Ned. He retrieved his backpack and changed into his normal clothes before returning to Y/N’s side.

“Y/N, I kind of really have to tell you something,” Peter said, pulling her away from the crowd, which was dispersing as parents showed up to collect their shaken children.

“Okay,” she said hesitantly.

“I really, really like you. I… You are… just everything to me. Everything I want, everything I need, it’s, uh… It’s you.” She smiled.

“Good.” He was taken aback.

“What? I don’t-” She took his hands and held them waist level as she leaned in.

“I’m really glad you feel that way,” she whispered, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck.

“D-Do you-” She cut him off again, but this time, it was so much better.

Ever so gently, she had leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. He clutched her waist, and kissed her back.

Those last three weeks just got so much better.

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