the situation that came ten years later

Neck Deep Situation

So, earlier today, allegations came out from a twitter account (@lilychandlerx) that she had been sexually harassed by Lloyd Roberts, Dani Abasi (Dani Washington), and Fil Thorpe-Evans about 2 years ago when she was 15. Now, keep in mind, Neck Deep’s new album, “Life’s Not Out To Get You” came out on August 14th, last Friday, and it has been doing fairly well (entered at No.8 on the UK top ten charts), gaining them a bit more publicity than usual. Also, they’ve just announced that they will be touring later this year with All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. Now, this girl Lily has said that Lloyd sexually harassed her, sending her nudes, etc., two years ago. In her original accusation, she said that all of the proof she had was on her “old, broken phone.” Lloyd would have been 18 at the time. There is no specified age of consent in Wales if sexual assault is not involved. It was the equivalent of a senior in high school sending nudes to a sophomore in high school. Would anyone really care if he weren’t in a popular band? Later in the day, Lily sent out alleged “proof” which all proved to be fake. There was a DM that she posted as “proof” but it was clearly photoshopped. First of all, the twitter update that changed the DMs to the way that they look now came out in December of 2013, AFTER she said the harassment happened. Also, when you receive DMs on twitter, even with the update, they are white (whitish-gray) and when you send them, they are blue. The DM she posted had the messages coming from Lloyd as blue, which isn’t possible. There are clear marks of cropping out a different DM as well. She also declined to show her side of the conversation. Although she said that the nude Lloyd sent her was on her old phone, which was supposedly broken, she posted later in the day, the “nude that Lloyd had sent her back in 2013. (his face was NOT in it.” Along with it, “proof” that it was the same as a picture of Lloyd’s room, but the shelves and decorations are clearly different. Lastly, she tweeted to someone that Lloyd was 21/22 at the time, when she had said earlier that he had been 18 and she had been 15. She also tweeted during the day that she was born in 1995, which would make her 20 years old now, and she would have been 18 at the time of said allegations, nearly the same age as Lloyd. Now, as soon as people started to really look at and analyze the “proof”, Lily’s account went on private. Sketchy, isn’t it? Many people are saying that Lloyd deleted (deactivated) his Twitter and Instagram accounts because he is guilty. However, you must consider that Lloyd has a family, a son to support, and definitely doesn’t want these lies to negatively affect his family and personal life. he also tweeted that if anyone thought he had done anything wrong, to tell the police and that he’d be more than happy to help. Would a guilty person basically offer to call the police himself? Absolutely not. Finally, why would someone conveniently wait nearly 3 years to come out with these accusations, right when the band has reached a new height in their fame? Why not go to the police instead of twitter? Because she wouldn’t get the attention if she  simply went to the police, and the police would figure out very quickly that there was no valid proof and that her allegations were completely false.
{ I have been tweeting my support of Neck Deep, my favorite band, all day, and have been told to kill myself and called horrible names all day because of it. So I’m posting this to let people be aware of the FACTS before they go assuming things and treating people like me horribly for actually knowing what’s going on and being rational. }