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Siren’s Song AU

Character A is on their boat and is appreciating the serene beauty of the ocean when they hear a song floating over the waves. The next thing that Character A knows, they’re throwing themself overboard and they’re swimming toward the music’s source.

Character B is a merperson/siren that’s practicing their singing, when all of a sudden they’re interrupted by a wet and bedraggled Character A trying to climb up onto Character B’s rock.

Los signos como canciones de     Sleeping with sirens

Aries: We like it loud.
Tauro: Don’t say anything
Géminis: Roger Rabbit.
Cáncer: Left Alone.
Leo: Go,Go,Go.
Virgo: Who are you now.
Libra: Fly.
Escorpio: Kick me. 
Sagitario: Postcard and Polaroids. 
Capricornio: Save me a spark.
Acuario: Parasites.
Piscis: Iris.

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Sleeping With Sirens

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Getting a full diagnosis for Autism is a long process and is a very serious decision. 

It takes months of waiting, it takes countless appointments that’re expensive, and on top of that you need to be FUCKING FOR CERTAIN that you want to go through with it. 

People online tend to forget that Autism is a very serious mental and medical condition that people live with for the rest of their lives. Autism is considered a disability and it affects people very differently around the world. Someone can be severely handicapped and someone else can have a high functioning range of comprehension. That’s why the medical field refers to people who have Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome as being on the Autism Spectrum (ASD).

That’s why it kinda makes me angry when people self diagnose themselves as having ASD without consulting to their doctor / therapist. There is a whole process of getting this shit taken care of and a lot of people who’re serious about getting help to fit in to society have gone through so much in order to make that happen. 

Whether it’s to help their concentration or their anxiety or their communication skills, people are getting diagnosed so they can become a high functioning adult. 

That doesn’t mean that they’re ashamed of the fact they’re on the Autism Spectrum, going out and getting diagnosed means they want to get help to learn how to live with what they have. 

And this can go towards any disability both medical and mental: If it affects your everyday life to the point where you can’t function then you need to put your money towards getting help so you can start living your life again. 

I have nothing against people who self diagnose that don’t have the money to get a full diagnosis but that should be your goal once you have a job and you have money to get that taken care of. 

But if you just self identify & use Autism as another label to make yourself seem special: Fuck you. Fuck you very much. You’re not helping people who’re on the Autism Spectrum, you’re being a fucking disgrace and actually hurting real people who live with ASD. By using it as another label, you discredit everyone else who is trying to be a part of society while learning how to live with what they have. 

Victoria Day Morning

There’s a heavy-set fog so noises are dampened and filtered and the surroundings are unclear. “Tomorrow” seems a good name for this fog. The more I look at it, the more I take in the pictures for how unresoluted they are. It’s almost like I’m getting accustomed to how uncertain things are. In the distance, I hear sirens lamenting of danger and songbirds project their lyrics of comfort, though they repeat themselves quite a bit. It’s almost like I’m supposed to appreciate what comes to be heralded or to hinder as it will always lose some measure of itself to the fog.

A Happy Ending

For BLSummerBingo2017, Going to the fair, lemonade, and Kite flying!

Gaige/Angel, fluff

Angel could hardly remember what being carefree was really like. She followed Gaige through the small fair, gazing at vendors and games with wonder. Everything was vividly bright and competing for her attention, unlike the walls of the bunker she’d been stuck in. It smelled like all sorts of sweet and savory foods thrown together, but she still found it pleasant. Bandit kids were running around, finally being allowed to enjoy themselves. It was adjacent to a grassy park, perfect for sports and games.

The last time she was in such a place was almost a decade prior-

Jack was handing her a kite handle, carefully pressing it into her hands as he knelt behind her. “Don’t unreel it too fast, okay? Nice and easy.”

“Okay!” Angel turned around to smile at Jack, missing a couple baby teeth. Jack kissed her cheek and apologized as his glasses poked her, laughing and holding her kite steady as the wind picked up.

He’d built the butterfly kite himself. It was bright and colorful with all of Angel’s favorite warm colors. The yellows, pinks, and purples stood out against the sky of the park and Angel giggled, watching the butterfly fly around. It was far from perfect, with wiring sticking out and ribbons trailing as parts came loose, but to her child self it was the best thing in the whole world.

She remembered Jack buying her an ice cream cone and getting ready to leave, saying her mommy had made dinner, better not tell about the ice cream-

“Hey Angel? Angel!”

Gaige was in front of her, hand on her shoulder. “Hey, are you okay? Roast skag doesn’t smell that bad does it?”

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rue-scribe-siren  asked:

Why do u think anthony andrews is hella cute???? Also, time travel fic where erik and percy somehow exist in France at the same time. Discuss.

Well, for the first question, allow me to present some evidence

I think this is all very conclusive, don’t you? But if you want more details, well

There’s the lip scar and the soft eyes and that rich voice and those things he can do with his face and the way he purses his lips and that slight twitch of a semi-repressed smile and the fact that he once played Actual Ray of Human Sunshine William Whitfield, and I don’t think I need to justify this anymore

I definitely need more Jewels screencaps, even with the Questionable Moustache

As for your second question, only the other day I was thinking of AU Erik as Percy. Now I want an AU where Percy suddenly winds up at the Garnier just before Erik kidnaps Christine off the stage and discovers all the goings-on and joins Daroga and Raoul on the rescue mission.

And he’s Percy, so he’s not really taking Erik’s shit and like there’s a lady involved and after everything is over and Christine and Raoul are gone off with each other he sits down with Erik and manages to befriend him. Because Percy is an Actual Ray of Human Sunshine, and he feels very strongly that Erik has been treated badly, and somehow he ends up bringing Erik back to his own time and Shenanigans Ensue

Especially when it turns out that Erik has a knack for daring rescues

Bodhi x Cassian siren au

Based off a prompt from @auideas Read on AO3 here

Cassian swiped his arm across his forehead, a streak of soot marking his already ruined sleeve. Above him, stars began to appear in the sky. Cassian let his thoughts drift back, his father pointing out the constellations and how he could find his way home by the stars. Sadly, these stars seemed to point nowhere. He’d sailed too far away somehow, caught up in a mad search for revenge, or maybe redemption.

Cassian shifted off his seat, settling his aching body into the wooden cradle of the boat’s hull. The night was silent; no shrieking birds heralding land nearby, no howling wind pushing him in one direction or the other. If there had been, maybe he wouldn’t have heard the song.

At first Cassian thought he’d fallen asleep, some half forgotten melody drifting into his dreams. He dug his fingertips into his palms, hissing as blood welled up anew. Definitely awake then. Cassian sat up, gripping the sides of the boat as it rocked with his sudden movement.

For a moment the sound stopped, the sudden pause making the silence oppressive in his ears. Then, just as suddenly, the song returned, growing louder as his heart began to race. Cassian twisted his head back and forth, searching for a glimpse of something out in the night. He felt compelled - no, driven - to find the source of this sound.

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