the sink and the hair one

just team skull things
  • back flipping off the chandelier onto a mattress
  • having a rap battle over the last slice of cold pizza
  • the grunts are in a constant competition to see who can find guzma the tiniest cutiefly
  • most of the bottles in guzmas room are there for the aesthetic also cuz maybe he likes to smash things now and then
  • when he gets drunk he screams abt losing to 11 yr olds
  • guzmas bed is so fuckin big because either golispod or some grunts crawl in if/when they have nightmares
  • they all dye their hair w/each other and the bathroom after is an absolute mess and they play rock paper scissors to see who has to clean it. no one does and the sink and tub is stained pink and blue
  • one time guzma got dye in his eye and tried to play it off like he meant to do it
  • on a completely separate occasion he got bleach in his eye
  • plumeria does all the hair cutting
  • this is bcuz guzma used to do it and the grunt beanie was made a part of the uniform to hide the bad haircut shame
  • guzma actually doesnt do anything to get his hair tht fluffy, it just is and no one knows why
  • a group meme is blurry pictures of guzma captioned with “#cryptidsighting”

i am holding hands with a girl at the pet store. i love how her voice changes when she speaks to different animals. round and bubbly for the angelfish, high and breathy for the calico kittens, sonorous and slithery for the python. she loves them all, even the great hairy tarantula that makes me cringe. 

i am holding hands with this girl whose halo of hair glows banana yellow under the heat lamps in the reptile section, who offers her index finger to teething kittens. she asks “can’t we have one?” in the voice she uses for only me. a voice i can’t describe without using her name, but i imagine joan of arc heard something similar the day she picked up a sword. she is still holding my hand, and i feel like i’d sink into cartoon quicksand if i let go. so i don’t.

“are you two… together?”

this is not unfamiliar, but the woman’s voice, the voice she has chosen, is angrily acidic. this woman has laced her tone with arsenic, without even a passive aggressive teaspoon of sugar to hide her poison. she inhales, puffing herself up like a frightened lizard before her final words. 

“there are children here, you know.” 

in the future, i think of a thousand things to say. we were children too. two girls holding hands after school. two girls holding hands at the movie theatre, two girls in a booth at tony’s pizza, two girls sharing awkward first kisses after two solo cups of wine in someone else’s backyard. two girls holding kittens at a pet store on a saturday afternoon. 

i know now that they see us through funhouse mirrors: distorted, disturbed, our monstrous bodies taking too much space, spoiling innocent spaces with our imposing sexualities. our innocence never ours to begin with.

even with this, there is nowhere i would rather be than holding hands with her in a pet store, with her voice like rain on a hot day, her peach lips blowing kisses for fish, her grip tightening as if to say “i dare you to take this away from me.”

worth the wait for gold

Yuuri does not win gold for three more years.

That first year, Viktor takes first and Yurio the silver. The next year, Yuuri trades places with Yurio and stands highest by Viktor’s side, so close again but the gold going to a person he loves more than any measurable reality.

And then, finally, that third year when Viktor is thirty-one and Yuuri is twenty-seven, and Yurio eighteen, he watches in disbelief as the gold sinks down around his throat, cameras flashing him blind and the crowd cheering him deaf.

He knows the medal is no heavier than any other he’s his had resting on his chest, but it feels it, the weight of the victory settling into an empty place inside his heart he hadn’t known he had.

Yurio is at his left, taller now that the years have passed, but still just as sullen, blonde hair short in a way that still catches Yuuri off guard and arms folded over his chest. Out of the corner of his mouth he mutters, barely loud enough for Yuuri to hear, “I’m not going to congratulate you.”

He’s known him long enough by now to know that’s Yurio speak for you deserve that medal today, but I’ll make sure you don’t for long.

He feels fingers on the back of his hand, and he jumps, turns to see Viktor, tall enough that even with the podium difference of first and second they’re at the same level, and he’s smiling like this isn’t the first time anybody has ever taken the gold from him.

Yuuri,” he says, and it’s too loud in the stadium to hear that one, but Yuuri has long since memorized the look of his name on Viktor’s lips, and he thinks Viktor’s going to lift their hands up and kiss the gold band on settled on his finger like he’s done a thousand and one times, but his hand snakes up Yuuri’s arm to his chest.

Yuuri jerks forward when Viktor pulls at his medal, close enough to see the high fever in his cheeks and the wet shine in his eyes, and then Viktor kisses his gold medal right there on the podium, with a thousand cameras and a milion eyes watching them.

The crowd goes absolutely crazy. By tomorrow this picture is going to be slathered across every news site and paper the world over. Yuuri would expect nothing less; even without the gold, Viktor is still the headline.

He smiles up at Yuuri, lips still brushing on the medal, and says, “you’ve kept me waiting.”

That’s Crazy (Derek)

a derek fic? what in the world

“You’re pregnant.” Lydia observes as you shove a hoodie into your bag. “Whose is it?”

“Dereks.” You pant, sliding an arm over your counter of makeup and shrugging off what falls on the floor. “It’s no big deal, we hook up sometimes when there’s no one else.”

“Y/N, if it’s Dere-”

“Then I need to go.” You counter, shoving all your items into the luggage bag. “He’d understand.”

“So he doesn’t know, at all.” She groans, crossing the room and sinking onto your bed.

“You’re the only one who does know, and you can’t tell. I have a person growing inside of me, and if I’m gonna keep my little pea safe, then I need to get as far from Beacon Hills as I can.” You exhale a long breath, sweeping your hair from your face. Lydia stares at you and you bite your lip, crossing and sinking into a crouch before her. “You know I’m not to sort to do this if I’m not serious.”

“I know.” She rasps, covering your palm on her knee with her own. “That’s why this sucks so much.”

You beamed at Derek across the sheets and he laughed softly, looking toward the ceiling with a smile brightening his expression.

“Don’t tell me it wasn’t hilarious.” You snicker, sliding closer and pushing yourself into his eye line. “Admit it.”

“It wasn’t really appropriate.” He hedges and you cackle, your finger pressing his bottom lip lightly.

“Anything above bestiality and paedophilia is always appropriate during sex.” You point out, gasping when he nips lightly at the pad of your finger. “A bite from a werewolf! What have you done!”

He laughs, rolling onto his side as you flop backwards off him, your head hitting the pillow with a dramatic sound.

“I like this.” He mumbles softly and you eye him curiously.

“Hanging out together naked? Like without- and when I say without I mean after, sex? I like it too.” You beam and he smiles again, his expression breathtaking. Quite literally so when he kisses you just as you’re about to inhale. “Oh!-” You squeak, pulling back from Derek and earning yourself a glower. “Also, penis to the ear is inappropriate for sex.”

“You are never gonna let that go, are you?” Derek groans, eyeing you disdainfully and you can’t help cackling.

“Der, when I let that go will be the day I’m buried. I’ll hold onto it a few days after death, and when the dirt covers my coffin, will I finally get over it.” You snort, only to glare at the sudden focus in his gaze. “Murder isn’t legal, Der, and really, killing a gal because she keeps telling everyone of the time you prodded her in the ear because you were too impatient? Totally not Zen.”

“It was an accident! It was both our faul- Wait, telling everyone?”


Lydia sighs and stands, crossing to your bag and pulling everything out. For a moment, your lips part to stop her and she spears you with a glare. ‘

“You’re going to need everything you can fit.” She glowers, folding items with military precision and replacing them in the bag, and grabbing other items from around the room. “We’re going to Peters, then you can drop me home and disappear.”

“Peters?” You cringe and she rolls her eyes, unplugging your chargers and stuffing it and the powerboard into the bag.

“Peter has money he’ll give you, since we both know you don’t have enough.” She mutters, zipping the bag and hefting it into her arms. “Grab your things, come on.”

The club music boomed above and you could see Derek fighting the bitter look on his face for you. Resting a gentle palm on his arm, you smile at him and he relaxes, the expression instantly turning sour and you laugh.

“The music.” He explains and you nod easily, eyeing the crowd around the bar where you stand. A girl eyes you and Derek and you look examine her.

“Red hair, four o’clock.” You offer and he glances in the girls direction before turning back to you.

“She smells like drugs.” He sighs, flagging down the bartender.

“You can smell that from here? Jeez.” You hiss, eyeing her and blindly accepting the drink from Derek. Taking a sip, you scan the crowd again, locking on a blonde but discarding her instantly. “This is good, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Derek murmurs, arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you against him possessively. Ignoring whatever’s riled him, you beam up at the dark haired man, running a thumb over his jawline.

“Thank you again.” You smirk and he repeats himself, his thumb rubbing the bare skin of your back minutely.

“You’re pregnant.” Peter says, repeating your words and you nod, swallowing hard. “Okay.”

“Good.” Lydia says, seating herself on his couch and gesturing for you to follow him. Nervously, you do as bid and follow Peter through his apartment, stopping in the doorway to his office.

“How much would you like?” Peter asks, pulling a tablet from a safe and your jaw falls open but no words come. “Two hundred thousand should last you… But with a baby…”

He hums, tapping on the screen before beckoning you closer. “I need your bank details.”

“I- ah-”

“Y/N, it’s okay.” He promises gently, meet your gaze with a serious look. “I don’t think you should run, but you’ve got a Hale inside you. And if Derek is anything like me, he’d have wanted to know there was someone out there helping the mother of his child. If all I can do for you is money, then you can have as much as you like.”

“Thank you.” You croak, not looking at the number of zeros as you type your details into the boxes and hand the device back.

Peter taps the screen a few more times before locking it and setting it in the safe. Locking the box, he crosses the room and pulls open a drawer.

“Here. It has my number in it and you can add Lydias.” He says, offering you a cell phone. “If you’re ever in trouble, something goes wrong, it’ll always be topped up and I’ll always answer.”

“Peter.” You swallow, trying to clear your throat of the lump that’s blocking it.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” He smirks, setting the phone into your hand. “Keep it on you and hidden at all times. Okay? Hidden.”

“Okay.” You nod seriously, clutching it to your chest. Peter smiles, his hand gentle as he guides you from the room and back to Lydia.

“I’m glad you brought her.” Peter says and Lydia nods, her gaze level on his.

“I knew you’d help her.” She answers succinctly and he smiles, just slightly. Just as you’re about to move toward Lydia, your phone vibrates in your pocket and something inside you promises that it’s Derek.

“No Josie tonight?” You ask, the phone pressed to your ear and the sound of Dereks rumbly laughter drifts out.

She wanted to see my place.” He explains and you roll your eyes, glad he can’t see you. Commitment-phobe didn’t even begin to describe Derek.

“I know this argument before so I’m not going to bring it up-”

“I just don’t want some creep girls who can’t move on stalking me. Or leaving things behind.” He cuts in and you groan.

“I said I know.” You whine and he laughs, asking for you to come over again. “Yeah, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Climbing from your bed, you hang up and strip out of the comfy pyjamas you were wearing and replace them with lacy, gold lingerie.

Slipping a giant jumper over the top and leggings, you gather your things and head for his house.

“Come on, take me home.” Lydia coos, and you offer her the phone Peter had given you and slipping yours from your pocket.

“Thanks Peter, really.” You offer, bidding him goodbye, unconcerned when he doesn’t respond.

Come over tonight?

Chewing your lip, you tap out an answer and slip the phone back into your pocket. “Done?”

“Done.” Lydia answers, handing you the phone back and you smile, unlocking the doors of your car.

the end (it’s gonna have a second part ofc)

Headcanon: Sirius & Remus

Just some little things from their life together

  • They live together in a small apartment with just the bedroom next to living room with a small kitchen, and the bathroom
  • Sirius always says the kitchen is too small since it’s only two counters, the sink and the stove
  • Remus doesn’t care much about the kitchen but he insists on his little shelf with lots of different types of teas
  • Sirius cares too much. Since he’s the one usually cooking
  • Remus has no talent in cooking. He nearly burnt the kitchen when he tried to make pancakes. But he’s very good in baking cookies since he always helped his mom with it
  • Remus loves watching Sirius cooking
  • Sirius usually ties his hair to a bun when making their food but since he tends to scratch his head with the handle of the spoon, some streads of hair always get loose
  • Sirius loves the cookies Remus is baking. He does it with tea or chocolate or both.
  • Remus insisted to bring his beloved rug to the apartment. He had it in his room before and now it’s in their bedroom. Sirius hates it with passion since he’s always tripping over it
  • Remus has a good laugh everytime which makes Sirius furious. Once he hid the rug… and he wished he wouldn’t had done that
  • Remus tends to forget his mugs wherever he is. Most of the time there’s still cold tea inside
  • Sirius on the other hand scatters his hair bands in the apartment. When Remus is doing the house chores he finds at least five of them on the floor in every room
  • Sirius bought a little wolf figure and keeps it on his nightstand
  • Remus wanted to throw it away at first. Sirius bought another figure. A black dog. It’s now on Remus’ nightstand.
  • They both share a wardrobe. Sirius used a spell to make it bigger on the inside.
  • Sometimes when Remus takes one of his cardigans out of the wardrobe he can smell Sirius on it. First he though it was because they are sharing the wardrobe. But some tend to smell more like Sirius. Remus found out that Sirius is wearing them when he’s not home. There’s one that smells the most. It’s huge and even too big for Remus.
  • Sirius thinks Remus doesn’t know he wears them. But when Remus is not home he wears them and curls up on sofa, smelling Remus in the cardigans.
  • They smell like tea and chocolate, books, ink, warmth, nature and wilderness. Sirius loves that smell.
  • When Remus wears the cardigans Sirius wore before he smells Sirius on them. He smells like smoke of cigarettes and alcohol, leather, gasoline and dog.
  • When Sirius sees Remus in the cardigan he wore before he blushes and gets all nervous
  • Remus loves seeing that reaction on him. He sometimes hides his face in the cardigans and smells it
  • Sirius then blushes even more and most time he suggests to make some tea so he can flee to the kitchen counter and not look at Remus anymore
  • Remus likes to wind him up with those things but he feels exactly the same
  • Those moments when they brush their teeth, looking at each other in the mirror
  • When they sit down on the sofa and touch each other by accident before touching each other not so much by accident
  • The silence they enjoy together when sipping their tea
  • That feeling of finally being home after a long day

…maybe adding some more another time…

“I was scared,” Roy admitted quietly. “I was scared and furious and desperate that you might be…”

“But I’m not,” Riza said in a much gentler voice. This time, when she reached out, she allowed her fingers to sink into his hair. […] “I’m alive. I’m safe. I’m with you.”

I’ve been reading ohmytheon’s 100 royai drabbles and while I wanted to illustrate at least half of them, I’ve only had time for this one

Joker x Harleen: Goodbye Kiss

Harleen grinned, “Look out, the Joker’s back!” She giggled, sitting up off his lap. Harleen had just been applying Joker’s makeup for the day. He didn’t have a chance to get it done otherwise as he was only ever allowed out of his straight jacket in his cell. Harleen hadn’t yet figured out how to get his lipstick, hair gel, and eyeshadow back to his cell with him without the guards noticing.

Mr. J stood up out of his seat, walking with her over to the dirty old mirror above the sink in the therapy room.

“I hope you like it.” Harleen was suddenly nervous.  

Joker looked into the mirror at himself for a long while. He examined his makeup, closing one eye and looking at the eyeshadow and then closing the other eye and doing the same. Harleen smiled at him fondly. She could feel his vibe changing. It was like he realized that the Joker was back. His shoulders stood up straighter, broader. His voice dropped a few octaves and his purrs and grows grew dark.

She couldn’t look away from him, he was so mesmerizing to watch. Her mouth hung open slightly as he checked himself out.

“You’re right,” Joker looked down at her with a smile, “I am back.”

“2 minutes.” The guard tapped on the door from the outside.

She sighed disappointed, saying goodbye to him everyday was the worst part about their sessions. Harleen walked back to the table and cleaned up his folder, grabbing her gifts to him as well. Her mind raced, trying to come up with some excuse to have to keep him with her longer.

“Chin up, Doctor.” Joker strolled towards her and smiled, “I’ll be back tomorrow. 2 o’clock sharp.”

“Don’t be late.” His smile was contagious, so pure and adorable.

“I never am.” Joker growled as they walked towards the door. Harleen was taking steps slowly, as if she could prevent the inevitable from happening. She missed him so much when he was away.  

Harleen put a hand on the door to open it for the guards. But just as she turned the knob, Joker leant his body against it to stop her.

“Do I get a goodbye kiss?” His voice had changed again, this time to his seductive purr that he knew she couldn’t resist. He angled his head downward towards her, his eyes beautiful. She blushed, his lips were only inches from hers. Every time they kissed he would stop his face a bit away from her, to make her make the last move to kiss him.

Quickly, Harleen stood up on the tips of her toes, placing a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. A soft smile danced across their lips as she leant in to kiss him. Joker purred as soon as her lips touched his and she could’ve moaned. The fire between them was evident. It was slow, sweet when their lips first met. They moved against each other, exploring.

Then, Joker pushed his lips dominantly against hers. Harleen dropped Joker’s folder file to the floor when his tongue met hers in her mouth. She wrapped both her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his. Harleen’s back was against the door before she knew she was stepping back. Her hands grasped his face, keeping his lips on hers, refusing to let him leave. Joker’s purrs were lost against Harleen’s mouth, their breathing quickly becoming gasping. Harleen didn’t care, he was her oxygen mask and she needed air.

A part of her knew she was desperate, but she couldn’t help it. Didn’t care in the slightest. Wasn’t everyone a little desperate in love? Joker’s body was pressed up against hers tightly, she could feel his arms moving from within his straight jacket. Like he wanted to break out and ravage her. Harleen couldn’t wait until he could. She ran her fingers down his neck, down his chest, over his concealed arms, and bravely down to the area between his legs. The large area between his legs. Harleen moaned again.

“Doctor Quinzel,” He smiled breathlessly, his lips still against hers, “Naughty, naughty.”

“Says the Joker.” She giggled, cupping the area. Feeling him stiffen against her.

Joker growled against her lips, “Won’t you wait until I can have my hands on you too?”

“When will that be?” Harleen moved her arms back up to wraps around his neck.

“Soon enough, my sweet.” He promised pecking her lips one, two, three times.

The guards opened the door suddenly. Harleen and Joker almost fell back against them as Harleen scrambled away from Joker, turning away from the door and trying to wipe off her mouth and slow her breathing. Joker’s growl turned annoyed at their interruption. The lipstick on his mouth was smudged and smeared, his hands not free to disguise it.

“C’mon crazy,” The guard said to Joker, “Back to your cell.”

“On my way,” Joker smiled largely. He turned back to Harleen, “Nice appointment, Doctor, you know I’m really feeling a break through.”

“That’s great to hear, Mr.J. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harleen felt herself blushing as she turned to face him. She winked at him, breathing heavily.

Joker’s eyes flashed as he smiled at her, “Tomorrow it is.”

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out - Ian

Request in which both Max and Joji are fighting over you but you’re secretly dating Ian and, one day, Ian ‘snaps’.


“Oh,” you say, not so surprised as you make it sound like, as you enter the kitchen. “Hey, Ian.” You eye him, carefully approaching him at the table after putting your empty glass in the sink. He acknowledges you with a nod, raising an eyebrow in question at your rather secretive and wary behaviour. You glance one time at the door, making sure that no one is going to disturb you two, then finally you wrap your arms around his neck from behind, hugging him tightly.

“What’s this all about?” the bespectacled boy can’t help but chuckle at your actions, but still leans over into your embrace. He closes his eyes, sighing content as you nuzzle his hair and gently caress his jaw with the tips of your fingers.

“I just missed you. Can’t I?”

He purrs “You can, but…” he glances at the door and you know very well what he means. “Won’t they…?”

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Now that's what I call domestic Victuri 4

Victor and Yuri are no strangers to sharing space. Especially since they had to grow used to the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. They could just make getting ready easier on both of them if one decided to use the second bathroom but neither were willing to move. Even though they argue about hogging the sink or the mirror, sometimes that closeness has Yuri pressed against Victor’s back when he’s fixing his hair. And if he kisses the back of his neck, Victor doesn’t mention it but isn’t afraid to roll his hips back into Yuri’s as retaliation. At least they have the decency to blush when Yakov is yelling at them for being late to practice.

Nights are hard sometimes. Especially the summers when the air is hot and sticky and the fans do little to abate the heat. Though, determined, Victor always sticks himself against Yuri like glue. Almost literally with the way their skin feels. It never fails, Yuri will complain and swat Victor off him meaning they playfully argue about whether or not Victor can hold him. And even though Yuri usually wins the argument, he’ll feel the warmth against his side in his dreams.

Just like their first meeting, Victor is no stranger to initiating contact with Yuri. Yuri expects it in some form or another when they’re within a ten foot radius. He has the curtesy to never comment on Victor’s clinginess and often vibrates with excitement when he knows it’s coming. Victor knows this, Yuri isn’t as good at hiding his appreciation as he thinks he is, and never expects or demands Yuri to do the same. Considering the Japanese rarely show displays of affection as outwardly as he does. But once in a blue moon, Victor will find Yuri’s arms around his waist when he least expects it, even daring to lift his shirt. And Victor is absolutely floored when Yuri’s the one who’s backed him into a wall with a kiss, with a knee that’s pressed between his own.

Stress Relief

Prompt: Rough, angry sex with Jeff Hardy. Biting, spanking and light choking. Anon.

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*whispers* joshler

the convo

Tyler has been itching to shave his head for a while. He loved the feeling of a shaved head, and somehow watching all the hairs fall out into the sink relieved his stress (which he’s definitely been feeling a lot lately). It made him feel in control, like he was starting over fresh. He already knew fans would be surprised and probably make fun of him, but didn’t care. He needed to ask his boyfriend what he thought first. Josh loved fisting Tyler’s hair while his cock was shoved down Tyler’s throat. 

“Josh, what would you think if I shaved my head?” Tyler asked softly while sitting next to Josh on the plane. Josh looked concerned. 

“Why would you wanna do that, baby? You know how much I love pulling it…you love when I pull it while I have my cock buried in your…” 

Tyler cut him off in case anyone was eavesdropping, even though it looked like people were either napping or had earbuds in. Josh’s words still had him blushing and his cock was certainly interested.

“I know, it’s why I asked. I’ll miss it too, but I’ve been really wanting to shave it for a while. It makes me feel better for some reason. I guess it’s like why you die your hair.” Tyler explained. Josh nodded in understanding, even though he thought shaving it was more drastic than just changing its color.

“Whatever you wanna do, Tyler. You know I support you with everything. We’ll think of a way to make it sexy in the bedroom.” Josh said, grinning. Tyler shoved him.

“You know you wanna run your hands over it while i’m sucking you off, prickly short hairs tickling your palms. And you know how it feels like velvet when it just starts growing in.” Tyler adds. 

“Yeah, you’ll still be hot. Your hair is nice, but you’ll look just as good bald. In fact, you can wear a hat and surprise everyone. It’ll be so funny.” Josh conspired like an excited child. Tyler laughed and agreed, because he always wears those beanies no one will ever know until he takes it off.

Mamamoo Reaction to: Meeting Your Child For The First Time


Originally posted by leesunkyus

Is beyond excited to meet your daughter. From the moment you showed up at the cafe in town, the one where you and Yongsun first met, you started to wonder who exactly was the child and who was the adult.

Your girlfriend smiles brightly, like a child at Christmas, shyly holding out her cookie; “Do you want some Dahyun-ah?”

The little girl happily sinks her teeth into the treat, making that cute “mmmnomhmmnomh” mouth smacks that kids do. Yongsun melts, leaning forward to tentatively stroke your daughters hair in awe.

“How is she so cute?” she mouths at you.


Originally posted by wheeimple

“What’s your favourite number?”

Moonbyul stiffens awkwardly, wanting so desperately to immediately connect with your son, but not knowing how comfortable he would be around her.

“It’s number two. Since my birthday is the twenty-second of December. What about you?” she replies.

Her gaze is fixated on the tiny creature as he scrutinizes his crayon box, trying to decide what colour to use for the car he had just drawn. “I like the number three. All the families on tv have three; mom, dad, and baby.”

Wondering if that was his childish way of accepting her relationship with his parent, Moonbyul sighs in relief. She stays silent, watching him pick a colour and finish his car drawing; “Here, this is for you. Since you’re the dad, you should keep it.”

Not sure whether to be offended or elated, she takes his drawing with a polite but awkward, “Thanks, kid.”


Originally posted by wheenie

“Am I pretty yet?”

Despite the fact that he’s a boy, your son had no qualms with dressing up and wearing makeup. He was too young to think anything more of this act than as fun, child’s play. And Wheein didn’t dare deny him when he immediately plops himself on her lap during their first meeting; “Your lipstick is pretty. Can I wear pretty lipstick too?”

An hour after the introduction, she was hand in hand with James and leading the boy outside to find flowers. “After we make this crown, we’ll find you some pretty clothes and surprise mommy, won’t we?”

Unbeknownst to them, you watched the two sitting in your back garden, overjoyed at how your son was immediately smitten with Wheein. And how she had immediately fallen for him too.


Originally posted by captainhwasa

She knew that you had a daughter, had seen the pictures you carried in your wallet and the gallery in your phone. But seeing the girl face-to-face was more than she could imagine. All nerves dissolved as she takes in the mini version of you, who sat exactly like you and even sneezed like you. Now relaxed, Hyejin pulls a tissue out of her pocket to tenderly wipe at Seohyun’s button nose.

“Do you have a cold Seohyunnie?”

The child pouts and nods.

“Should I make you some warm tea to make you feel better?”

The girl laces her hand through Hyejin’s, nodding twice. “Yes, please. Can you make the tea in my princess cup?”

“Naturally! I’d never dream of serving a princess like you with any other cup.”

Seohyun positively beams with pride.

The Vampire Diaries Preferences: First kiss

        Your pulse was off the charts, and you were so frightened that every time you tried to speak, it came out as a mere squeak of air. The Vampire slowly marching toward you was hungry, and you were his pit stop. But as he got closer you seemed to gather some more strength, and you screeched for help at the top of your lungs, hoping that someone would hear- preferably one of your other blood-sucking friends.

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She couldn’t get him out of her head. Thoughts of him were tearing through her head, time spent with him a searing brand- unforgettable. His hair, his smile, his eyes, his humor, his touch- him. God, she needed to stop. Could she just spend one minute without thinking about him? Fuck, she thought. I’m in love. I’m in love. Repeating it over and over, a broken record, trying to wrap her mind about it. Over and over, letting it sink in. It finally sunk in. The thought made her giddy, a smile slowly tugging at the corners of her mouth. She was completely, absolutely, head over heels for him. For him, for his laugh, for his imperfections, flaws, his laugh, the crinkle near his eyes when graced with a smile, the little line near the corner of his mouth, his warmth. A sudden sinking in her gut snapped her out of her daze. What if he doesn’t love me back? Shit, she hadn’t thought about that. A hurricane of questions ripped through her mind, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. No, she stopped herself, steadying the storm raging in her mind. She would not think of him like this. She took a deep breath. The matter would just have to rest for now.

A Dangerous Game [Chapter 10]

Mood board by my babe @jinbumg7 who is also the one who inspired this story!!

Chapter 10 of A Dangerous Game

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

You awoke to the feeling of the bed sinking in next to you. A hand tucked your hair behind your ear as he gently placed a kiss to your temple.

“Mmm… Good morning handsome,” you cooed, eyes still closed. You and Jaebum had shared a fantastic night together and you couldn’t wait to be wrapped back up in his warmth. It was amazing really, how open and raw you were with each other in just a few short days. It felt as if you were brought together by something greater than the both of you.

“Good morning, baby. Did you miss me?”.

The voice you heard sent an eerie chill down your spine. Your eyes shot open and there he was, sitting beside you.

“Jinyoung,” you whispered in shock.

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First Sentence: You hated needles, yet here you were, laying half-naked on a cold metal table, bloody, beaten, and bruised as Jason held your hand tightly and swiped the hair out of your face while Bruce readied the syringe to stick into your arm.

You bite your lip as the needle sinks in, “I’m starting to re-think this whole superhero thing.”

Bruce smiles, “Bombs, bullets, and flying knives don’t scare you away, but I pull out one little syringe and you’re ready to quit.”

You’d glare at your husband if it meant you didn’t have to look at the needle, “You know why I don’t do needles.”

Your son laughs, “Remember that time mom took me for my shots and she nearly ran out of the room, and had to call Alfred.”

You pout, “Fine then. You can make your own dinner from now on.”

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“I missed you,” Kara breathed heavily against Cat’s lips, pressing their noses together as she hastily pulled her jacket from her shoulders.

Cat’s eyelids fluttered, sucking in Kara’s pout, all the air between them, gasping at the loss of contact as the younger woman traveled down her body, lifting her onto the sink with a thud.

She buried her fingers in her hair, tugging needily as warm breath ghosted her thighs, gripping the wall for support, one of her legs hoisted and tucked behind Kara’s neck.

“Aaaah,” Cat bit her lip, nails scraping at the muted hotel wallpaper, knocking the hair dryer from its cradle, both ignoring it as Kara tore aside the silk, replacing it with teeth and tongue.

“I…” she swallowed, head falling against the mirror, letting herself go. “…missed…you too…”

It was a long flight to Singapore, but it was worth every mile.

Another day, another one of those people who tell you they need evil spirits banished from their home and can you please come and help them devise rituals to make the house friendly again because it doesn’t feel like a home and there’s just so much negativity and hostility and they need help…

…and when you get there, it’s just filth all the way up to the ceiling. A pyramid of dirty dishes in the sink, balancing even more precariously than your temper at the moment. Balls of hair and dust on the floor the size of small rats. At least you hope they’re not actual rats. Windows haven’t been opened since forever. Bed linen that hasn’t been changed for so long you can tell the owner’s favourite sleeping position by looking at the yellowish discoloration on the sheet. That sort of thing.

And when you tell them that for the ritual they need a mop, a sponge and about a hundred garbage bags, they get offended.

 Silver ring? Rhys scrunched his face slightly at the unexpected image, but it wasn’t a bad one at all. In fact, the more Rhys dwelled on the thought of a hand decorated in a pretty, thick silver band rubbing up and down his thighs, the more he liked it. He felt warm and heavy in fantasy, the water wrapping him up like a cocoon and weighing his body down until all he could focus on was the steady touch of his hand and the daydream sinking into his brain as he stroked himself off.

The hand with the ring gave way to a long forearm, bare and corded with muscle, the slight dusting of brown hair crawling up towards the slight bend of an elbow. Soon another hand came into play—this one with a wrist ringed in a blue tattoo Rhys had seen in passing, in shards of memory, and a gasp stole from his lips as he realized just who he was fantasizing about.

badwrong hypnotherapist!Jack AU where Jack has no ethics and Rhys is just trying to survive Jack why do you have to betray his trust like this?

basically jack subconsciously inserting himself into rhys’ fantasies because someone had his fingers crossed while taking the hippocratic oath

un-beta’d cause im tired

warnings for definitely some dubcon and serious manipulation from an authority figure

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