the single tear

  • friend: hey man we could totally do a drabble thing where we write drabbles for one another and then tag each other how cute would that be?
  • me: YEAH!!!
  • friend: cool cool what fandom? do NOT say attack on titan, i swear to god
  • me: but that's the only fandom i'm invested in
  • friend: oh my god MOVE ON IT'S BEEN LIKE A YEAR
  • me, clutching all my faves and crying: NO!!!!!!!

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Could I request a continuation to the cheating hc you did previously?

Of course you can sweet soul 💕 I’m happy you liked it!

For everyone else, Nonnie is referring to this post 😉 If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He finally stops screaming the moment his s/o is slapping his face with all their might and his head flies to the side. In his blood-red anger, he didn’t even see s/o approaching him
  • Bakugou is silent for a moment, taking in a sharp breath and clenching his jaw
  • His vision is still tunneled, but he eventually realizes his s/o standing in front of him with a flood of tears running down their cheeks and for the first time this day, he is confused
  • “Why are you crying fucker? I should be the one crying here, but you are honestly not worth a single tear”, he says while he still hasn’t realized what is going on
  • His s/o gives him the most heartbroken look ever, explaining their situation in a tiny, silent voice, showing him a disappointed face. S/o thought he trusts them and they are actually afraid of him now
  • When his anger starts to ease and all the little pieces are falling together he’s ashamed of himself and his heart is shattered. He said all those horrible things to them
  • Balling his hand into a fist, he turns around and leaves without a single word, he knows he fucked up and that a simple apology is far from being enough, if this ever can be fixed again

Todoroki Shouto

  • The moment he sees the guilt flashing behind his s/o’s eyes, he thinks he hit the nail right at the top
  • However, his mind can’t really comprehend when they flash him that defenseless, lost look “So this is why you were making all those strange remarks?” and their body shivers a little more with every word
  • The atmosphere at that moment is so tense, one could cut it with a knife and his whole body starts trembling when his s/o tells him the truth and adds that they are disappointed because Todoroki didn’t talk to them instead
  • He can see now that they are hurt and he realizes he’s the one being guilty and not his partner. A wave of self-disgust shakes his entire being, while thinking about all the emotional pressure he put onto his s/o and he suddenly sees a stunning resemblance to his father in himself
  • After that Todoroki would shut himself in his room for some time, trying to recollect what happened and asking himself how he could turn out like this. The guilt he is feeling is unbelievable and he wonders if he is really fit for a relationship

Shinsou Hitoshi  

  • Shinsou waits till his s/o is a bitter puddle in front of his feet, until he strikes the final conversation
  • When his s/o is all confused, burst into tears he will grab their chin and will tell them with a sly grin that this is what they get for cheating on him
  • The moment it clicks in s/o’s head and their gears start turning, their eyes grow wide before they slap him straight into his too close face
  • S/o will tell them how disgusted and disappointed they are by his behavior. They always defended him when someone said anything about his quirk, but know they believe that he’s more of a villain than he, himself, might know. Tears still spilling from their eyes, they will tell him that it’s over and he shouldn’t dare to face them ever again
  • Seeing his s/o walking away and fading into the horizon he realizes what big of a mistake he made. Falling to his knees, clutching his hand onto the ground he, for the first time in his life, thinks that all the voices calling him a villain were right. Considering his actions, he feels like he has no right to call himself a hero any longer
Karamel Fanfic Prompt

Mon-El never got sucked into the worm hole. Instead he ended up traveling between planets busting intergalactic drug and slave rings. when Superman is taking care of a matter off world and catches wind about the mysterious Valor that’s traveling the galaxy fighting organized crime he enlisted the help of the DEO and Supergirl to try and find him and assess whether or not this Valor person doesn’t have alterior motive.

Takes place 3 years after Mon-El had to leave. Karas never really been the same although she is very close to her old self by now. Sometimes she turns her eyes to the stars and lets a single tear fall… but only when she thinks no one is watching. But they are. They always are because they know that she’s still hurting. And probably always will be.

Mon-El has been traveling from planet to planet looking for a cure for his lead allergy from the moment that he left Earths atmosphere… and he may or may not be fighting some crime along the way…

He hears a legend that the golden ring with the comet could possibly cure him and goes searching for it. That’s when the team finds him.

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I just found ur blog and followed it and as i looked thru it i... I realized that i once had a dream that i followed ur blog...

my love for lukas is so strong that it reached you in your dreams //single tear


Episode Prompto thoughts (no spoilers)

I finished episode Prompto and didn’t even shed a single tear (tho I ugly cried when I beat the game), when did my heart shrivel up like this? 💀 I mean it still made me sad but whew Prompto was being so manly by the end… and I wanted to comfort him/warm him up in the beginning. Great to see a gentler side of Aranea too, she’s such a bad bitch 😭💖

*looks off into the distance as a single tear escapes my eye*

When will my father stop putting my button ups in the dryer? They all shrink and he’s throwing my money down a hole.

*closes eyes and clenches fist as I visibly fight off more tears and my voice breaks*

They cost twenty to fifty bucks apiece and I don’t feel comfortable going out in public without one on sometimes. Why must he keep putting them in the dryer? Why won’t he accept I’m capable of doing my own damn laundry?

*falls on my knees and starts screaming to the sky*

I’m a full time student that only works six hours a week during school months! I can barely afford boooooks! Why do I have to keep buying new clothes too, God? Whyyyy????? Why doesn’t he listen!?!?!?

*falls forward onto my elbows and starts sobbing as I mourn yet another fallen shirt*

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Ugh, why Cole why? Why must he continue to give crabmeat attention? I'm seriously really starting to dislike Cami. I was indifferent towards her. Now I can't stand her attention whoring ass. Everything with her is me me me. Look at me with Cole Sprouse. It wouldn't surprise me if she has a vudoo doll of Lili at home so she can plan on stealing her man. God I hope they kill Veronica off. I for one wouldn't shed a single tear.

Wait, did I miss something? I haven’t noticed Cole giving her attention—-quite the opposite actually. It isn’t his fault his girlfriend has to fake the bromance with Crabmeat so he’s forced to be civil when he’d like to smack her….

Minerva Mcgongall pulled out her notebook and turned to the page that listed the names and details of that years Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her heart swelling with pride she jotted down the name “Harry Potter” next to the position “Seeker” before closing the book and opening a second drawer. She took out a small, wooden box and rummaged in it for a few seconds before withdrawing a worn out envelope, inside of which was a short letter and a photograph.

“Dearest Minnie,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m the same of course, driving Lily up the wall as usual, she sends you her love by the way!

Now I know I told you that you’ll never find a chaser as good as me ever again, but it just goes to show that even the brilliant are sometimes mistaken. I’ve found you (made you!) a replacement who will one day outshine his old man by leagues! Enclosed is a photograph of your new Quidditch prodigy so that you may assess his skills for yourself. We have him chasing the cat for practice. He’ll be unbeatable by the time he starts at Hogwarts! The youngest Quidditch player in a century!

I guarantee it, Minnie. And you know I’m never wrong, though you’ll never admit it!

Missing you and Hogwarts terribly,

Lots of love,


P.S. Sirius says his marriage proposal still stands.”

Wiping away a single tear that ran down her cheek and chuckling to herself, she smiled down at the photograph of a small, gleeful, black haired boy zooming along on a toy broom, a pair of legs chasing after him and a young woman laughing hysterically in a corner.

“Right again, Mr. Potter.”

Katsuki Bakugou's character development so far
  • Chapter 1
  • Izuku: *breaths*
  • Bakugou: YOU WEAK ASS PEICE OF SHIT DIEEEEEE!!!! *explosions*
  • Now
  • Izuku: *breathes*
  • Bakugou: YOU- wait, calm down, katsuki. I know he's a lil shit, but all might chose him, so you have to respect his dumb ass decision and prove him wrong. I will rise above deku, and I will be number one. That stupid weakling will have no choice but to bow at my feet like the dirt he is-
  • Izuku: Hey Kacchan!
  • Bakugou: *holds back explosions* whatever *walks away*

hey korra fans,

i’m a huge sap and i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you and i love y’all for all the kind messages you’ve sent me, the reblogs, the retweets, the crying, the hilarious tags, the support, everything. it’s been very uplifting and makes all the sweat and tears more than worth it. so thank you.