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imagine the progression of that boyfriend arm though?? one day they’re in public and even reaches out to touch isak’s shoulder. it’s nothing drastic, nothing that can be interpreted as more than platonic, but even’s hand lingers there a minute more than necessary, trails to the back of isak’s neck so he can stroke the skin there. isak can’t do much more than melt into his touch.

the next time, it’s in front of the boys. they’re all pre-gaming together for a bakka party. even’s a little nervous because he hasn’t seen his friends in a while, but he knows he can do it with isak at his side. besides, the rest of these boys are probably ready to fight anyone for him, and shit, he’s kind of forgotten what it feels like to have a group of friends he can depend on for anything in the world. isak sees how he’s tapping his foot nervously against the floor, his fingers drumming on the table, and this time, it’s isak who leans into even first. “baby, you’ll be fine. they’ll love you. and if not, i love you, and that’s all that matters anyway, obviously, because i’m the most important.” even’s eyes go soft, and he whispers “yeah” and of course he has to wrap his arm around isak’s shoulders then. there isn’t a single universe where even would be able to stop himself from touching isak, from pulling him closer, after he says something like that.

the first time he does it in public, isak’s jittery. they’re on their way to meet isak’s parents, and there’s a difference between his mom telling him she’ll love him unconditionally and her actually meeting his new boyfriend. he’s been fidgeting with the collar of his shirt, and his breathing has grown more ragged with every minute they step closer to isak’s old place. even reminds him to breathe, tells him, “you have no obligation to make nice with them if you don’t want to. you have a new family now, which doesn’t make up for your parents, but we’ll be here for you through the good and the bad.” isak’s verging on tears now honestly because he’s so overwhelmed, so even wraps an arm around his shoulders and presses a kiss to his forehead. soft and sweet, just like isak.

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This timeline helps and harms Louis' image. It makes him look better about not getting a DNA test and it looks like he didn't just have a one night stand to conceive his child. On the other hand louis looks like a cheater. He looks like he cheated on eleanor and briana for a long time, with girls at clubs and the one in the swimming pool. He also looks like a dick by allowing his long term girlfriend and child to be harassed and made a joke out of, and we all know Louis protects his loved ones.

Sigh. I don’t know how many different ways I can explain this. It does both help and harm his image, sure, but to different groups of people - and the most important group of people when it comes to a denial is the general public. This fake timeline does not hurt his image to the general public at all.

1) The cheating stuff only hurts Louis in the fandom. The general public does not remember Eleanor, or Tamara, or Thailand pool girl, or the club girls. They just don’t. Do you know how many male celebrities are hooking up with various women at various times? There are articles about that shit every single day in tabloids. People do not remember the stuff about Louis specifically when that stuff is so common and boring. They just don’t.

2) The harassment/ignoring Briana stuff only hurts Louis in the fandom. Even if people in the general public remember the deadbeat articles, they’ve been bombarded with committed-dad-Louis-Tomlinson articles for the past few weeks. They’ve received the message that he’s moving to LA to be close to the child and the child’s mother, that he’s renting or buying Briana a house even though he isn’t with her anymore, that he’s committed to being a great dad, that he was there for the birth, that he’s building a $1 million nursery for the baby, and now, that he DOESN’T EVEN WANT A PATERNITY TEST because he trusts his supposed ex and because he is just SO excited to be a father to little Freddie Reign. That is the information that is salient in the minds of the general public, not the deadbeat stuff that was floating around.

Louis looks fine to the general public. He may look misguided and foolish for blindly believing this girl, even if they did supposedly date for a long time, but he doesn’t look like a total and complete idiot anymore and he certainly doesn’t look like an asshole. To the fandom, well…that’s a different story.