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Mine. Only Mine.

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Request: Your blog has been added to my list of guilty pleasures. Newt smut please? Newt getting jealous of the reader checking out the shirtless bulky gladers, so he shows her just how manly he is:P

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Smut lots of smut

Being the only girl in the Glade had its perks. For one every single one of the guys were nice to me and two, I got to watch them walk around shirtless all day. I was a Med jack so I really didn’t have much to do since no one really got hurt around here and if they did it was usually something minor. I got a lot of attention from the guys here but I honestly only cared about attention from Newt. I know he likes me but he won’t say it. I’m pretty sure everyone knows we have a thing for each other and the guys thought it was hilarious to tease me about it.  I currently sat with Chuck, Newt and Frypan we decided to take a break and just relax a little we’ve been working all day. Newt and Frypan were in some deep conversation I couldn’t care to join and Chuck was rambling on about something I wasn’t paying attention to. I was lost in my own world. Being the only girl was great but it got lonely at times. I didn’t have anyone to talk to when I got my period and sometimes you just need another girl.

“Hey Guys.” I looked up to see a shirtless Thomas, Minho and Zart. Holy shuck. Thomas must’ve noticed me staring because he winked at me. I blushed and looked down, and I swear I saw Newt glaring at him. Thomas and the guys sat down with us and I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I knew Thomas was built but not hat built.

“So where did your shucking clothes disappear to” Newt asked glaring at Thomas more. I giggled internally because Newt was definitely overreacting. “It’s extra hot today Newt, you should try and strip once in a while” Minho joked. After that all I could think about was Newt shirtless. Please, God let him take Minho’s advice. But sadly he just shook his head, laughing. “I’ll pass shank”. Thomas, Zart and Minho were sat across from me. Newt and Frypan on either side of me. “You know (Y/N) ….” Thomas started, “Maybe you should try stripping for once” Zart finished for him. My eyes widened and my cheeks went red making them laugh “Slim it Slintheads” I muttered. I won’t lie, I have a thing for Newt but Thomas or Zart, hell even Minho could definitely get it. I didn’t even realize I was staring at them again until I felt a hand on my thigh? What?

I looked down to see Newts fingers slowly making circles on my inner thigh. Fuck. Everyone was engaged in their own conversation by now so I leaned over and whispered to him.

“What are you even doing?!”  He just chuckled and slowly moved his hands up and down. I didn’t understand where this came from but I wasn’t going to stop him. We always flirted with each other. He would playfully slap my ass or wink at me but nothing like this. Never like this.

“I saw you staring at Thomas…… and Zart…… and even Minho” I sucked in a breath when his hand pressed to my jean covered crotch. “Really (Y/N), Even my best friends. I thought we had something special” He whispered kissing my shoulder blade. I smirked slightly “Mhmmm, Was someone jealous?” He chuckled and shook his head, leaning in real close to me ear. “I have nothing to be jealous about, just look at how you’re reacting to me” He gently nibbled on my ear and I became aware that we were in fact still surrounded by people. I glanced around only to see everyone still engaged in conversation, this entire glade can be so oblivious sometimes. An idea popped into my head and I smirked getting up. I looked back to see a very confused Newt and a giggle made its way past my lips. I went and squeezed myself in-between Thomas and Zart. If this doesn’t get him jealous enough, then nothing will. Thomas looked over and smiled putting his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on his shoulder and listened to their conversation, laughing every time Minho said something stupid. I was probably there for five minutes before a very angry looking Newt stomped over and literally dragged me over to the Med-Jack hut. You could hear all of the guys cheering and hollering causing me to smirk to myself. Once we got to the hut he pulled my inside and locked the door. I huffed and opened my mouth to speak but he clamped his hand over it before I could. My eyes widened and he smirked. “Not feeling so brave now eh?” before I could respond I was pushed up against a wall. “You thought that was funny? Sitting there flirting with those shanks?” He removed his hand from over my mouth only to use it to pull off my top. “You don’t think I’m manly enough for you?” His lips found their way to my neck and he kneaded my breasts one at a time. A low moan emitted from my mouth and my eyes fluttered shut. Finally, I’ve been wanting this forever. His lips ghosted over my ear “I’m gonna show you who you belong to.” If I’m being honest those words were enough to drive me crazy. My bra was ripped off of my body and his hand was replaced with his mouth. I moaned and tangled my fingers into his hair. “Fuck…” I hissed. His hands moved down to knead my ass. I moaned louder this time and he smirked against me. Fuck, who knew he could be like this?

His face leveled up to mine “Your mine” He growled before crashing his lips onto mine. The kiss quickly escalated and he slapped my ass causing me to gasp. Of course he took this to his advantage and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and tugged on the ends of his shirt. He was wearing way too many clothes right now. He pulled back and tugged the shirt over his head. His lips wasted no time in finding mine again, I let my hands run up and down his chest. He had the best body by far. His lips made their way back to my neck and he sucked on any skin he could find. I was surely going to have some marks tomorrow. I softly tugged onto his hair and tilted my head so he could get better access.

I glanced down and his bulge was most definitely evident through his thin pants. He was huge, sucking in a breath I slowly slid my hand down and started palming him. His head shot up to look at me, his eyes now much darker than before. I bit my lip and applied more pressure as I palmed him.

A growl left his throat and it was literally the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I felt myself get even more wet than I already was. He smirks and unbuttoned my jeans quickly sliding them down my legs. “Lace…? Remind me to thank the creators later” I blushed and he started rubbing me teasingly slow. “Newt…. I need you.” It was like words set something off in him “Beg.”

“God Newt I need you to fuck me right now” He smirked “As you wish kitten.” He pulled off his pants and I slipped off my underwear. Kitten? I could get used to that. Without any kind of warning he pushed into me. A loud moan left my mouth and I arched my back. He was thrusting in and out of me at a pace that I couldn’t handle. “Oh Fuck Newt.” I raked my nails up and down his back and he left some very visible hickeys across my chest.

“Mhmm, Who’s making you feel this good baby? I bet Thomas can’t fuck you like me.” More moans left my lips and He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. He kept thrusting into, reaching spots I didn’t think were possible. “Fuck Newt. You! Only you can make me feel like this.” He smirked and his mouth latched back onto my left breast. I tugged on his hair and he groaned. “Do that again.” His voice was raspy and deep. I tugged on his hair harder and soon his thrusts got sloppy. “Baby, I’m close” He growled and soon after he came undone inside of me.  Sweat glistened on his forehead and he looked up at me. “You didn’t finish” I blushed and shook my head “That’s okay.” I pressed a kiss to his forehead and he gently stood me up.

“Bloody Nonsense…. Let me take care of you baby girl” He picked me up and carried me over to the bed laying me down. “Spread your legs” He got down on his knees at the side of the bed and pulled me towards him. “Fuck you’re so pretty” I had a feeling he wasn’t talking about all of me this time. He wasted no time and licked straight up my slit. He used his forearm to hold my hips in place and started lapping away. It wasn’t long before I was a writhing mess under him. His nibbling, biting, and sucking was driving me crazy. I don’t know how he was so good at this but I wasn’t going to question it. He used his free hand to push two fingers into me and I bucked my hips viciously at the action. I could feel his smirk against me as he paid extra close attention to my bundle of nerves and he pumped his fingers at a fast pace. I felt that familiar feeling raising in my stomach and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had me coming. “Oh Fuck Newt!!! Right there! Just like that!” He sucked on my clit harshly and I felt my orgasm wash over me. All I saw was white and I’m pretty sure the sound that left my throat wasn’t human but I didn’t care. Newt came and laid next to me, giving me time to calm down. After a few minutes I rolled onto my side and looked at him.

He smiled and leaned up kissing me softly “Mine. Only Mine.” And with that we fell asleep in the Med-Jack hut. I’d have to heard a lot of klunk about this tomorrow.

you know that craigslist “alone for thanksgiving? mad at your dad?” listing that’s basically like “i will be your terrible fake boyfriend so your family will be happy when you show up single next time.”

imagine ross doing it and prefacing it with “i’m australian and don’t really care about timeless american traditions anyway, just give me a free meal. i can hit on your sister, be rude to your parents, whatever you need me to do.”

and barry replies to it, figuring he can get his parents to stop asking when he’s going to settle down with a nice girl if he brings a boy that’s also not jewish. like telling ross “you don’t need to hit on anyone or be rude, the fact that you’re not jewish is plenty enough.”

and lo behold barry’s babcia looks so aghast when barry introduces ross and like turns to barry and goes “you bring a goy into my home?”

and barry gets to be like “BABCIA, PLEASE BE NICE TO ROSS.” and looking at his family member’s pinched faces of disapproval and continuing “I REALLY CARE ABOUT HIM, OKAY.”

and like ross 100% goes into it like “hell yeah, hell yeahhhhhh, free meal.” and that slowly transitions into “oh my god, i can see why he wanted me here,” to “i will protect barry from his family, i will literally fight them if i need to.”

You think a man is thoughtful enough to give presents to everyone in the world? Do you think a man is organized enough to make a list of the behavior of every single boy and girl? You know those street signs that say ‘men at work’? Women don’t need those, because it is understood.

Jessica, “Fresh Off the Boat,” S02 E10

Santa *is* Chinese! But you’re a woman.

Round up of AOMG’s 2015 Music Releases

Here’s a round-up list to refresh all of AOMG’s 2015 releases since it’s almost the end of the year. This compilation is to help out anyone who may have recently taken interest in AOMG or missed any of the music releases during the year for some reason. Lots of times there’s talk about the output of companies or labels and many people may be more or less aware of certain artists and their releases or songs they participated in, so here’s a list which shows just how musically active AOMG has been as a label this year. 

28 January: ELO - Your Love ft. The Quiett (Digital Single)
 - iTunes, ELO’s 1st Interview

7 April: GRAY - Just Do It ft. LOCO (Single from grayground. 01)
 - iTunes

8 April: LOCO & GFriend’s Yuju - Spring Is Gone By Chance (The Girl Who Sees Smell OST)
 - iTunes, MV
 - Awarded Best OST at Melon Music Awards 2015

8 May: Jay Park - Sex Trip (Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

22 May: Jay Park - Mommae ft. Ugly Duck (Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

29 May: Loco - High ft. Konsoul (Locomotive)
 - iTunes, MV

26 June: Ugly Duck - Whatever ft. Mayson The Soul & U-Tune (Digital Single)
 - iTunes

14 July: LOCO - Respect ft. GRAY & DJ Pumkin (Digital Single)
- iTunes, MV

17 July: Jay Park - My Last ft. LOCO & GRAY (Digital Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

28 July: LOCO - Awesome ft. Jay Park & GRAY (Digital Single; + High 2 ft. C Jamm & Jay Park)
 - iTunes, Special Clip

12 August: Simon D - Simon Dominic (Digital Single)
 - MV

14 August: Jay Park - Eyes (Oh My Ghostess OST)
 - iTunes, Spotify

17 August: DJ Wegun - Coolest Heat Mix
 - SoundCloud

21 August: Simon D - ₩ & Only (Maxi Single; 3 tracks)
 - iTunes, MV, Making Film 

24 September: Jay Park - Solo ft. Hoody
 - iTunes, MV, Choreography Version, Spotify

27 October: Ugly Duck - Asia ft. Reddy & JJJ
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

5 November: Jay Park - Worldwide (Album; 18 tracks)
 - iTunes, You Know MV, BO$$ MV, Worldwide Choreography Teaser, Spotify


12 March: Gain - Apple ft. Jay Park (Title of Hawwah)
 - iTunes, MV, Music Core performance

15 April: Yoo Sae Yoon - Middle School Sick ft. Jay Park & Niihwa
- iTunes, MV

21 September: Gary - JOA ft. Jay Park (Title of 2002)
 - iTunes, MV

TV Shows

Mnet Show Me The Money 4
  ★ Respect
(Sik-K, Geegooin, Lil Boi, David Kim ft. LOCO, GRAY, DJ Pumkin) -  iTunesYouTubeLive Performance
  ★ On It + BO$$ (Lil Boi ft. LOCO & Jay Park - iTunesLive Performance, MV

Mnet Unpretty Rapstar 2
  ★ Solo Remix (Yezi ft. Loco & Jay Park) - iTunes, YouTube, Spotify
  ★ Money (Hyorin ft. Geegooin & Jay Park) - iTunes, YouTube, Spotify

MBC King of Mask Singer
  ★ Because It’s You (Simon Dominic) - Duet, Identity Reveal 

MBC Catch Music If You Can
  ★ S.O.L.O (Vasco ft. LOCO & Skull) - iTunes

JTBC TwoYoo Project - Sugar Man
  ★ Perhaps That (LOCO & Crush) - Live Performance

ELO’s first EP (speculated title “Eloquence”) is also expected to release before the year ends.

anonymous asked:

What type of music do you listen to ? Like who are your favorite singers?

i dont rly have a favorite singer (well ye i do its beyonce) but im more into ~songs~ like theres not 1 single artist id say i enjoy… but here’s some of my favorites:

  • alt-j
  • amy winehouse
  • balam acab
  • björk
  • bon iver
  • chet faker
  • crystal castles
  • daft punk
  • devendra banhart (i rly like “bad girl”)
  • fka twigs
  • flobots
  • flume
  • gorillaz
  • grimes
  • joanna newsom
  • laura marling
  • marilyn manson (i love him since i was 9)
  • massive attack
  • morcheeba
  • michael jackson
  • queen
  • porthead
  • red hot chili peppers
  • santigold
  • sia
  • stevie wonder
  • stromae
  • the bug
  • yeah yeah yeahs
Tag game

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tagging: @percycalypso @wickeryburning @probably-tryingtoohard @isadorkables @scotts @hermionesmenacinglook @ginnsweasely @mollythereader @elizabettycooper

rules: tag 9 people you would like to get to know better

disclaimer: sometimes my phone does a thing™ where it jumbles all the sentences I put in a list together, so sorry if it does that… I don’t do it on purpose I can assure you :)

•relationship status: single

•lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

•last movie i watched: 10 Things I Hate About You

•last song i listened to: I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young

•top 3 shows: the originals, gossip girl, this is us

•top 3 ships: ricky x amy (the secret life of an american teenager), tessa x will (the infernal devices), hayley x klaus (the originals)

Only Big Bang and SHINee are the only ones left standing.

I think from all the really big/well promoted 2nd generation Kpop groups, only Big Bang and SHINee are the only ones left untouched and standing unharmed. Never did I EVER think that 2NE1 would not be on this list. I’m so heartbroken because they’re my ultimate group (along with SHINee) and I love each and every single member with all my heart. I will continue to do so but I don’t know, it won’t be the same. 

But anyway, it’s like slowly the base of Kpop is falling apart. The groups that brought everyone in are breaking apart and it’s so depressing. SJ went through this from the beginning, DBSK into TVXQ broke the nation, SNSD kicking out Jessica, F(x) moving on without Sulli, 2PM moving on for a while without Jay Park and they just haven’t been the same since tbh, KARA disbanding, Wonder Girls going on without Sunye and Sohee, 4MINUTE being iffy, BEAST and their multiple scandals with Hyunseung, MBLAQ losing two members and being left unstable and finally the worst one of all (for me) Minzy leaving 2NE1. Nothing seems to be going right and everyone is falling as a victim to this weird curse. The only ones left without any member changes and scandals (that aren’t too detrimental) are Big Bang and SHINee. And as a hardcore SHAWOL and VIP I pray that they stay standing. I can’t take anymore heartbreak. 

I know none of these artists will do music forever but I want to keep the delusion that maybe they will. Despite all the suffering they go through. I know its selfish but right now I don’t care. I’m going to wish with all my heart that no other group goes through this because Kpop is changing, it doesn’t feel the same anymore. 

well i don’t know what you’re personally into in terms of genres so i’ll just list stuff i liked??

Amaama to inazuma - the cutest show about single father(who’s a teacher at school) and his little daughter(voiced by a real kid not a squeaky girl, super cute) and it’s gonna be about food so heck yeah i’m watching it

Cheer Danshi - A SHOW ABOUT ALL-MEN CHEERLEADING TEAM what else do you need to know

Fukigen na Mononokean - yay uh supernatural youkai stuff?? a boy meets an exorcist or smth, it was cute

DAYS - what can i say, i’m a sucker for soccer : ^ )))))))))))

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan - your crazy comedy of this season, this one is about a psychic

there’s definitely more good stuff to come but these are what i watched today

Living with Ashton like...

- “it’s a sleepover every single day, baby girl!”

- “wait, do you think you’ll get bored of me?”

- morning sex

- sundays where you both lay on the sofa all day in your underwear 

- after lunch sex

- “baby, i used your toothbrush again, sorry! i keep forgetting the blue one is yours!”

- before dinner sex

- “let’s make a grocery list like real adults!”

- after dinner sex

- “ashton, why is there a cake on the grocery list?”

- before bed sex

- “i don’t know, i want cake. let’s celebrate one month of living together or something. i just want a cake.”

- “honey i’m home!” followed by him giggling for an hour because he has always wanted to do that

- “baby, the sink was leaking but i fixed it all by myself! are you proud of me?”

- “look we have bills to pay!”

- “ashton, why are you happy about having to pay bills?”

- him bringing you a cup of tea after you had a long day at work

- “let’s have breakfast for dinner! i want pancakes!”

- ashton kissing your cheek anytime he entered or left a room

- “is baking soda & baking powder the same thing, sweetheart?”

- “just wait until we have little ones running around the house. imagine a mini-me babe, he’d be so cute!”

- him putting a blanket in the dryer to make it warm for you when you’re stressed & then he rubs your back until you fall asleep 

- “can i borrow a hair tie? i lost all of mine.”

- “baby, you make me so happy. you’re my sun, you’re the light in my life. i am so lucky i fell in love with my best friend.”

ok listen its not that i dont ship het ships, i dont really take gender or anything else into account when deciding what i ship it just happens. thats why i got some weird ships and my otp is hetero (or…are they…)

but i am so tired of the ship Strong Female Character, sometimes she’s really snarky and badass, sometimes she’s aloof and mysterious, but always So Awesome but has…..a soft side…. and Sadboy, even though maybe he’s got a terrible personality and he fucks up, he’s just trying his best. like there’s nothing wrong with that but i was just listing off the most popular het ships in mtg and every single one of them was that

listen. no more StronG Female and sadboy. why not, two strong girls? 2 strongsads? a sadstrong and a strongsad? a sadstrong, a strongsad, and someone who is neither strong nor sad and has no gender? we can do other things. thers so much more in this world besides the same tired trope

tbh i love jesy nelson so fcking much i can do a list:

  • the funniest face expressions you’ll ever see
  • best accent imitation ever
  • BAHLEGDE!!!!!!!
  • you’ll die of laughter im serious
  • such a caring and sweet girl
  • but can fuck u up in a matter of second if u talk shit 
  • snarky af
  • voluptous curves (amazing boobs and booty)
  • beautiful big hair!!!
  • SO FUCKING STUNNING??????????????
  • inspires girls who go through bullying every single day of her life
  • is honest and not afraid of taking risks
  • TATTOOS???????????????????????
  • my favorite: “ a tiger never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep
  • has the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world
  • CAN SING LIKE AN ANGEL (including high notes)
  • HAS FRECKLES??????????????????????!!!!!?????

In the Woodwork.

Today was one of those easy going, have lunch-and-catch-up-with-your-girlfriends type of days. I spent majority of my day sitting in chapters with a cup of luke warm coffee in hand, sitting around a mound of books with my notebook in arms reach. I’m constantly inspired whenever I step foot into a Chapter’s book store. The ambiance is soothing and always stimulates my creative juices. I huddled in a corner with a brand new notepad, and a stack of writing inspiration books.

For the past few months I’d been very unmotivated to write, keep up with my blog, or even lift a pen to paper for that matter. The thought of thinking and weaving those thoughts into clever words and forming sentences haunted me. I dreaded something that I had loved for so long and I just couldn’t figure out why. But for some reason today, of all the days, I found that spark that I had been searching for. I sat and wrote for hours, jotting down notes, and skimming through books upon books. I wandered from aisle to aisle, searching aimlessly for something, anything that would jump out at me and give me life! “Writing is my Drink” was the book that started it all. It gave me a new perspective on writing and finding inspiration in a creative and original way. It allowed me to evaluate my experiences and find writing inspiration through the rawness and honesty of my everyday life. It forced me to tap into parts of my mind that I rarely use to write, taking me on a walk down memory lane to uncover childhood dreams and thoughts. I wrote. And when I got tired, I flipped the page and wrote some more. 

The thing with me is that I’ve always known that one day, I wanted to make writing a big part of my life but fear of failure and rejection always brought me back to reality. Reality. That’s the problem right there. I need to step outside of my comfort zone and get my feet wet. I’m tired of wading in the shallow end of the pool, afraid to see what lies in the deep end. I want to be in the deep end. I want to feel the rush of adrenaline as my feet search for the bottom of the pool, and my arms flailing to keep afloat. Today is the day I dive in. 

After I digested this crazy day and all the signs that lead me down this path, I now know what I have to do. In the midst of wandering I found these three great books that I’ll be reading over the next few weeks/months. 


OKAY, before I list off, like, every single cliché thing that a girl in front of a microphone could possibly do to draw attention to the world, I’m going to stop myself because nobody (and I do mean nobody, actually zero people) want to hear me ramble longer than they have to.


1) THERE’S A BAKE SALE ON FRIDAY?  I don’t know why I put the question mark there, BUT it’s going to be equal parts delicious and fun.

2) I have decided that weighted quilts are my new obsession, and my apartment is pretty much filled to the brim with poly beads at this point.  Yikes.

3) I just wanted to say hi!  To those who don’t know me, I’m Teddy, and you should all know that between spending my whole life in San Diego and Orlando, I am very, very ready for winter to call it a day and make way for spring.

…aaaaand I still wound up rambling.  #YIKES.

But hi.  Again.

April Challenge: The month about YOU

Hey it’s April! Yes! Let’s do magnificent things this month, with the help of our Heavenly Father of course. 

This challenge is all about you. We are now four months into 2015 and I have noticed that a majority of girls are still dealing with self hate, low self esteem, past mistakes, terrible friends, terrible relationships, and the list is endless.

This month, I want to challenge every single one of us to make a change - to make this month about us. You are allowed to be absolutely selfish with yourself, with your body, with your mind, with your soul. Seriously, not everyone deserves a part of you. Trust me I know. 

So I have come up with five topics for first five days of this month.

April 1st (today): Love yourself

April 2nd: Celebrate yourself

April 3rd: Forgive yourself

April 4th: Cut it off

April 5th: Start over

You can journal, make posts, tweet about it (I know I will be sharing my thoughts and verses on my account @QueenKoroye), get a group of girls together and discuss the topics. Do whatever you want to do. This challenge does not have stringent rules. I just want us to build a stronger community of like minded Christian girls. 

Good luck and I hope after the month is over, we all grow out of our bad habits and grow more into Christ.


National Book Award Winners Jacqueline Woodson and Phil Klay know what they’ll be reading tomorrow for National Readathon Day. Do you?

If you’re looking to finish a book in a single sitting, here are lists of short books recommended by The Huffington Post, Publisher’s Weekly, Electric Literature, and National Readathon Day sponsor GoodReads. And we’ve also collected some of our reading lists of National Book Award Winning books here.

Please support our education programs by donating and pledging to read for tomorrow’s Readathon, and share your experiences on social media with the #TimeToRead hashtag!


Judge me all you want for noticing, but I’m pretty sure Bobbi got a double bed and Jemma got a single. I politely call mild ship inequality and I quietly (but desperately) want this fixed. Unless Fitz got a double. Just in case, you know? I’m not in a rush or anything, I just want us to keep all our options open. I know she’s got this other-planet related to-do list and some serious PTSD to get through first and I’m totes ok with that. I can be patient. Take all the time you need, Jemma. We’re on your side, girl. But for after that, ok? Just in case…