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a comprehensive list of every harry potter character i want to know more about
  • hannah abbott - is she doing okay? how’s her and neville’s relationship going? do they have any kids? does she make like the best butterbeer ever? i want to know
  • bathsheda babbling - apparently she was the ancient runes teacher at hogwarts and truly i just want to know more about her because look at that fucking name
  • katie bell - how’s my girl katie doing? hopefully not too affected by that whole dark curse thing she had to deal with? also i just want to know more about her like how’d she get into quidditch what were her stats like when did her and oliver wood get married
  • phineas negillus black - truly it’s tragic that whenever i picture him in my mind i see phineas from phineas and ferb with black hair and a very large black wizarding cloak on but like besides that how was he as a headmaster? what was he like? does he take joy in being a little dick head? i truly want to know
  • susan bones - how is she after her aunt’s death? what’s she doing with her life? susan bones sounds like the type of girl who’d be really really good at braiding hair. is she really really good at braiding hair?
  • lavender brown - i hope she’s doing okay and that she’s learning to live with the scars greyback gave her and hopefully she’s not a werewolf and listen she just liked ron is that really such a crime jk rowling did her so dirty!!! also i want to know everything about her and parvati’s relationship “friendship” and all the crazy make-outs shenanigans they got into
  • charity burbage - how’d she get into teaching muggle studies? was she scared those last few moments of her life? was she a good teacher? why the hell did jk rowling never let us witness a muggle studies class
  • alecto & amycus carrow - damn tell me everything about these two what was their childhood how’d they get into the dark arts literally how far were they willing to go because like torturing children is just fucking evil
  • the cattermoles - did they actually grab their family and get out of britain?? i sure hope so
  • penelope clearwater - how’s she doing??? did she get like fucking awesome grades?? how’d she react when percy was being a Dick? important questions
  • dennis creevey - legit how many times did collin write to him about harry? i bet dennis was like “jesus fuck mate shut up”. is he doing okay? i sure hope so. i hope he got into photography too
  • fleur delacour - listen i just want to know MORE what kind of student was she??? how many friends did she have??? i want more elaboration on her relationship with her sister. i want a whole god damn book just about fleur’s life. god damn it
  • dedalus diggle - how did anyone let him become an auror with a name like that
  • the dumbledores - please, for the love of god, i’d die if jk rowling gave us a book on the dumbledores. think about all that information. wow.
  • arabella figg - how did a squib get in contact with dumbledore? how was her life growing up being a squib? what were all her cat’s names? did she go play bridge every night with her friends? these are questions i need answers to
  • seamus finnigan - “me mam” oh you sweet boy how i love you. when was the first time he and dean kissed and was it as magical as he thought?? i won’t rest until i am answered
  • mundungnus fletcher - so like did he become like he is because of his name or did he change his name to reflect the fact that he was an utter piece of shit
  • filius flitwick - how’d he get into charms!!! what were his favorite teaching methods!!! favorite students!!! literally anything!!!
  • florean fortescue - i want to know every single damn flavor of ice cream he had in his shop. also, did he ever reopen it??
  • astoria greengrass - how’d she and draco meet? what are her political views?? her family life??? what kind of mother was she to scorpius?? i bet she was a damn elegant one
  • rubeus hagrid - like i want DETAILS about his life at hogwarts. every damn one. and about his life afterwards. i want a tour of his cottage. transcripts of every date he went on with madame maxime or whatever. a list of every single pet he ever owned. i want stories about him going to romania and visiting charlie. i want EVERYTHING
  • angelina johnson - my BITCH how’s she doing???? how’s life after hogwarts for her?? is she kicking ass and taking names?? i sure hope so. is she playing quidditch? or maybe she’s like a wizarding lawyer or something like stone cold bitch!!!! love that girl. what kind of mother is she? when did she and george fall in love?? does she still meet up with alicia spinnet and katie bell every once in a while for tea and biscuits and a chat?
  • bellatrix lestrange - i honestly just want to know everything about her. how was she growing up? her relationship with her sisters? when did she like fall in love or infatuation or lust or whatever with voldemort??? is like the no nose thing a kink? when’d she lose her mind? important questions
  • frank and alice longbottom - how’d they meet? how’d they fall in love? how’d they get married? they deserved better
  • ernie macmillan - did he ever stop being such a little bitch?
  • minerva mcgonagall - LEGITIMATELY EVERYTHING I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING i want a 1000 page essay detailing her time at hogwarts
  • cormac mclaggen - did he ever stop being such a big dick?
  • the patil sisters - listen tell me about like hinduism and magic and indian culture and hindu mythology and magic and also just everything about these sisters and their sisterly bond and how they were both underestimated and taken for giggling girls even though they were smart as fuck i love them
  • kingsley shacklebolt - okay i wanna hear how awesome he was at school and about how everyone loved him and i wanna hear about his adventures in the ministry and him talking to the muggle prime minister and basically how fucking awesome he was
  • dean thomas - his love for soccer!!!! tell me all about it!!!! his love for seamus!!!!! tell me all about it!!!!
  • ted tonks - how did he and andromeda fall in love??? did he try to convince her he was worth it???? was he Smooth As Fuck??? important questions
  • the weasleys - like i KNOW we know a ton about them but i just want MORE. i want more charlie and bill and bill and ginny’s relationship and all the siblings hanging out and i just want MORE of the dynamic
A million movies to get you in the school spirit

Obviously the school life portrayed in movies is nothing like the reality. Try more disorganisation, mounting stress and constantly messy hair. Nevertheless, we can attempt to forget the reality! I’ve put together this list of high school and college related movies to get you maybe just a little more motivated for school. I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to some of my favourites. Happy watching!

High school related movies:

  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)*
  • 17 Again (2009)
  • 21 Jump Street (2012)*
  • A Cinderella Story (2004)
  • A Girl Like Her (2015)*
  • Accepted (2006)
  • American Beauty (1999)*
  • An Education (2009)*
  • Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)*
  • Bad Hair Day (2015)
  • Beastly (2011)
  • Bratz: The Movie (2007)
  • Bring It On (2000)
  • Bring It On Again (2004)
  • Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
  • Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)
  • Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)
  • Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)
  • Carrie (2013)
  • Chronicle (2012)
  • Clueless (1995)*
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)
  • Cyberbully (2011)
  • Dazed and Confused (1993)
  • Dead Poets Society (1989)
  • Dirty Deeds (2005)
  • Easy A (2010)*
  • Election (1999)
  • Endless Love (2014)*
  • Expelled (2014)
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
  • Fired Up! (2009)
  • Flipped (2010)*
  • Freaky Friday (2003)
  • G.B.F. (2013)
  • Geek Charming (2011)
  • Geography Club (2013)
  • Get a Clue (2002)
  • Girl in Progress (2012)
  • Grease (1978)*
  • Hairspray (2007)
  • Heathers (1988)
  • High School Musical (2006)
  • High School Musical 2 (2007)
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
  • Ice Princess (2005)
  • Into the Storm (2014)
  • It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)*
  • Jennifer’s Body (2009)
  • John Tucker Must Die (2006)*
  • Juno (2007)
  • Just One of the Guys (1985)
  • Keith (2008)
  • LOL (2012)
  • Mean Girls (2004)*
  • Mean Girls 2 (2011)
  • Mono (2016)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • Never Been Kissed (1999)
  • New York Minute (2004)
  • Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
  • Paper Towns (2015)
  • Picture This (2009)
  • Pink in Pink (1986)
  • Project X (2012)*
  • Prom (2011)
  • Raise Your Voice (2004)
  • Read It and Weep (2006)
  • Remember the Titans (2000)
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
  • Save the Last Dance (2001)
  • School of Rock (2003)
  • She’s All That (1999)
  • She’s The Man (2006)
  • Sixteen Candles (1984)
  • Sleepover (2004)
  • St. Trinian’s (2007)
  • Step Up (2006)
  • Struck by Lightning (2012)
  • Submarine (2010)
  • Superbad (2007)*
  • The Bling Ring (2013)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • The Clique (2008)
  • The DUFF (2015)*
  • The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
  • The First Time (2012)*
  • The Girl Next Door (2004)*
  • The History Boys (2006)
  • The Hot Chick (2002)
  • The Jerk Theory (2009)
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)
  • The Perfect Score (2004)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)*
  • The Spectacular Now (2013)
  • The To Do List (2013)*
  • The Virgin Suicides (1999)*
  • Trojan War (1997)
  • Twilight (2008)
  • Wild Child (2008)*

College/university related movies:

  • 21 (2008)
  • 21 and Over (2013)*
  • 22 Jump Street (2014)*
  • After the Dark (2013)*
  • Bad Neighbours (2014)*
  • College (2008)
  • Good Will Hunting (1997)
  • Legally Blonde (2001)*
  • Liberal Arts (2012)
  • Like Crazy (2011)
  • Monsters University (2013)
  • Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)
  • Pitch Perfect (2012)*
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
  • So Undercover (2012)
  • Sorority Wars (2009)
  • Sydney White (2007)
  • The House Bunny (2008)
  • The Social Network (2010)

High school and college/university related TV shows:

  • Awkward (2011 - 2016)
  • Bad Education (2012 - 2014)
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 - 2000)
  • Community (2009 - 2015)
  • Daria (1997 - 2001)
  • Educating Essex (2011)
  • Educating Yorkshire (2013)
  • Faking It (2014 - 2016)
  • Freaks and Geeks (1999 - 2000)
  • Friday Night Lights (2006 - 2011)
  • Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)
  • Glee (2009 - 2015)
  • Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)
  • How to Get Away with Murder (2014 - present)
  • Ja’mie Private School Girl (2013)
  • Pretty Little Liars (2010 - present)
  • Puberty Blues (2012 - 2014)*
  • Riverdale (2017 - present)*
  • Saved by the Bell (1989 - 1992)
  • Scream Queens (2015 - present)
  • Skins (2007 - 2013)
  • Summer Heights High (2008)
  • Teen Wolf (2011 - present)
  • The Carrie Diaries (2013 - 2014)
  • The Inbetweeners (2008 - 2010)
  • The O.C. (2003 - 2007)
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2011 - 2013)
  • The Vampire Diaries (2010 - present)
  • Waterloo Road (2006 - 2015)

I’ve not seen every single one of this list, so if it doesn’t really have much to do with education, that is why! Please feel free to add you own or message me so I can add more. 

Karamel/Supergirl Rant.

A few weeks ago I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t respond to Karamel hate on Tumblr, but I’ve had enough. I’ve seen so many posts about Mon-El being a misogynist, abusive, and toxic (like, WHAT THE HELL???), and recently I’ve seen people pop up here and there and saying that Kara being with Mon-El somehow went against the show’s “feminism”. This even goes to the point of saying that Kara shouldn’t be with Mon-El, a guy she seems to genuinely like, and instead be with Lena when she is obviously straight.

But we’ll come to that later. First, let’s look at what feminism is. Here are the couple of definitions I’ve found online:

the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
-Merriam Webster

a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

any ideology that seeks total equality in rights for women and people who self-identify as women, usually through improving the status of females. Feminism is rooted in ending men’s historical power over women
-Rational Wiki

As you see, feminism isn’t about demonizing men, it is about getting men and women to the same level in terms of rights. Men and women, and all other genders, should be equal in what they are and they aren’t allowed to do/feel/say etc. That in no way means women can’t be with men, that they need to be single if they want to be strong and independent (or be with other women) or being with a man undermines their strength and makes them weak. No. Just no. And that is a really, really unhealthy message to the young girls of the generation.

So, let me make a list of misconceptions about feminism, and let’s go through why it’s wrong to think that:

Women should be single in order to be strong and independent. 
Um, no. Just no. I don’t know what you think strength means, but it certainly doesn’t mean not ever loving someone and being in a relationship. You can still be with a man and be strong and independent. One doesn’t exclude the other. This is such a wrong message to give to girls, making them feel bad for loving someone, making them think that somehow that love is wrong and makes them weak. It doesn’t. Being with a man doesn’t make you dependent on them. You choose to be dependent on them or not. As long as you’re treated equally, as long as you have the say in the relationship as much as your boyfriend/husband does, as long as you want the relationship and you’re happy, it’s more than okay, it’s great

Now how does this ties to Karamel? Well, as far as I can see, Kara is more than happy with Mon-El. I haven’t watched season 1 in a very long time, but I can assure you that I haven’t seen her laugh this much around anyone. It’s seen in her face, you can see it in the way she smiles at/around him. Now how is that a bad thing? Would you really rather Kara feel sad instead of being with Mon-El? HOW IS THAT FEMINISM??? Women have the right to do the things that make them happy, be with people that make them happy, and if Mon-El is that person for her then WHY THE HELL SHOULD SHE NOT BE WITH HIM??? She chose him, right? We saw it in the last two episodes. She wanted to be with him. If she didn’t want Mon-El, the poor boy given her a lot of chances to back down, from accepting just being partners with her to stepping back when he thought she didn’t think they would be a good match. If she truly wanted that, you can bet that Kara would back down, just like she did with Winn, just like she did with James. Are you really so blind to realize that saying that Mon-El forced the relationship on Kara actually UNDERMINES HER CHARACTER? HER CHOICES? You are all obsessed on Kara being a feminism icon, how is her doing WHAT SHE WANTS is going against that? Her actions actually teach girls to be brave about their feelings, to go for what they want. 

Women shouldn’t be with men, they’re bad (but that only extends to white and straight men and not POC/LGBT+, because somehow those things exclude you from that “men” category).
Okay, why? Why shouldn’t women be with men if they want to be with men? Isn’t that, I don’t know, taking away their right? Isn’t feminism about giving women right, allowing them to do what they want? What if I’m straight? What if I want to be with men? Am I not allowed? I just don’t understand this, because as far as I can see, not all men are bad. There are some bad men that you should stay away, that’s true, but that doesn’t extend to everyone. I have many guy friends that respect me, support me, love me for who I am. I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but that’s merely because I don’t really like someone right now (that’s a choice as well. If I liked someone, I’d definitely want to be with them). So if Kara likes Mon-El, why shouldn’t she be with her? Just because he’s white and straight? How does that equal to bad? I’m a very pragmatic person, and I can’t really see the logic there. Racism was bad because all humans should be equal, regardless of their skin color, beliefs, etc. Saying that Mon-El is abusive and toxic just because he’s white is also racism. It’s a different kind, but it’s still a prejudice against a certain race. That’s what racism is, right? Here’s the definition:

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior

Now that doesn’t mean that I think Mon-El is perfect. He’s not, not by far. But again, which one of us is perfect? Think about your best friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/family. Are all of them perfect? I’m gonna bet that they’re not. I love my best friend to the moon and back and do anything for her, yet that doesn’t mean I think her every action is right, that she can’t make a mistake. She does make mistakes. But I forgive her, because at the end of the day anyone can make mistakes. I might be angry at what she did, I might not approve it, but that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna leave her for it. I’ll point out that maybe she should’ve done it differently, and she’ll listen to me because she’ll know I want the best with her. Same happens when I make a mistake. I’m saying this because, as I’ve said, Mon-El isn’t perfect. He wasn’t a good person in the past, that is true. He even said it several times. That doesn’t mean he can’t change for good. M’gann had fought for White Martians, slaughtered Green Martians, yet I don’t see anyone accusing her for that, because she’s changed. Why can’t we extend the same courtesy to Mon-El? Why can’t we forgive him as well? It doesn’t make sense. Yes, he’s made mistakes. Yes, I don’t approve all of his actions. I was pretty mad at him when Kara found out he was beating people up for money. I was mad at him when he went after Mxy to fight and kill him. But I forgave him, because he was only human. Had feelings like a human, at least. He was jealous of Mxy. Can you blame him? If you were dating someone, and suddenly this beautiful, talented, and generally perfect person showed up and claimed they wanted to be with your lover, wouldn’t you be jealous? I would be. And it was pretty big of Mon-El to admit that he was jealous because he thought he couldn’t give Kara what Mxy could give her. 

All in all, yes, Mon-El made mistakes. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, just like the mistakes Kara made, the mistakes Barry made or Oliver made doesn’t make them bad people. Barry went back in time and really messed history up, yet I’m sure many people that hate on Mon-El forgave him. Oliver killed many people in the past, yet no one judges him for that. Why is Mon-El so different? 

And also, related to this point about not being with men, should I remind you that in the show Kara is straight? Is that too hard to understand? She never once showed interest to any women, not in a sexual way, except in some people’s dreams maybe? As a bisexual I know what it looks like to be attracted to women. I don’t see that in Kara. Is that a wrong thing? HELL NO! Why the hell being straight the wrong thing? Why the hell is that when people yell “WE SHOULD RESPECT LGBT+ PEOPLE” it’s right & honorable, but when us Karamel shippers point out that Kara is straight (so far) and we should respect her choices as well that we get roasted? Or branded homophobics? Do you people know what you’re talking about? I’m all for LGBT+ couples being represented in TV shows, but not by making an obviously straight character suddenly homosexual, or bisexual. No. Just no. That’s beyond forced. If you want to have a LGBT+ character on your show, then build up to it. Don’t force it down our throats. I don’t see writers taking that road with Kara. And frankly, that’s okay. Being straight is okay, it doesn’t make you a devil incarnate. It’s normal, just as being LGBT+ is normal. It’s not so different.

As a last point, I want to say to all of the people spreading hate and saying that Karamel is racist/homophobic, why are you doing that instead of supporting couples that are LGBT+ or POC? Spreading hate to straight white couples doesn’t earn you anything. Aren’t Iris&Barry dating in the Flash? Isn’t Sara bisexual? Isn’t Alex lesbian? And there’s also the thing between Nate and Amaya in LoT. Why don’t you go support those couples to show your love? Is it so hard to understand that hating on white&straight people actually undermine your cause? We should not promote LGBT+ and POC couples by hating straight and white couples, we should do that by supporting LGBT+ and POC couples. We shouldn’t promote feminism by hating men, we should promote it by supporting strong, independent women. Kara is a strong, independent woman, just like Alex, just like Maggie, just like Sara and Amaya and Caitlin and Iris and Felicity and Thea and more and more people in the DCTV universe. These are women that decide for themselves, that don’t take shit from anyone, that is open to love and relationships but don’t let men control them, that aren’t afraid to say no to the things they don’t want and pursue the things they want… We should support that. 

100 Reasons Why I Love You – Theo Imagine

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Theo imagine where you are his gf and you always had been there for him, supporting him, defending him, and he never understood why you are still with him after everything he had done. And one night he asks you why love him and you give him like a hundredreason why you love him? i just need something fluff and cute w theo!!

Word Count: 1,293

Warnings: Mentions of sex but no descriptions. one curse word, and FLUFF!!!!!

Author’s Note: Feedback is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by hugwithsleep

Y/N sighed in contentment as she snuggled closer to Theo in their shared bed. He had his arms loosely wrapped around her figure, which she found a bit odd. He always held her tight against him, with the intentions of never letting her go and holding on to her for every second possible. Wanting for his affection, she buried her face at the crook of his neck, but got no reaction from him. In fact he was tense. Something was bothering him and she didn’t know how to approach it. Theo had never been good at talking about his feelings.

She slowly and carefully started tracing random shapes on his chest as she peppered his neck with small kisses. “Babe?” Theo hummed in response. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he sighed deeply.

She looked up and quirked an eyebrow at him. “Liar.”

Theo just gave her a small smile, which surprised her even more. She expected him to chuckle, maybe even defend himself, but he didn’t. She knew this was serious.

She gently pulled his chin down, making him look at her. “Talk to me, babe,” she said softly.

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you know what I love more than college aus?  fake relationship/dating.  slow burn.  this is being broken up into multiple parts so i can satisfy the need for slow burn.

title: homecoming, pt. 1 (or, how my latte-stealing coworker became my boyfriend for the weekend)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 2975

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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I Was Made For Loving You

Happy early Birthday @levins18 this Bartender!James AU is for you after all our talks about boy problems. I adore you! 

(Please note this is NSFW at the end because my fingers slipped.)

Read on FF Net 

He was over the one-time shags and loveless relationships the town offered. He was happy with his life and content with his success but she was sharper than tequila, sweeter than wine, and had more of a kick than a shot of fireball. 

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LGBT movies I recommend!

Brokeback Mountain 

(I really hope you have already seen this tho, its a classic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger plays two shepherds falling in love in 1960 Wyoming)


(Dutch, two teenage boys fall in love and deals with it) 

Freier Fall 
(German, two police officers, one with a baby on the way, develops feelings for one another. One of my favourite movies of all time) 

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soul x maka week 2017, day 2: family

i blame @redphlox for reminding me that 会いました、愛 is a thing that i did.

You do not go to your daughter’s wedding. You receive no card, no letter, no note to inform you that the girl who shares your blood is passing such a point in her life. Your name appears only on guest lists tucked into binders upon binders of wedding plans and a single, unsent wedding invitation.

This is not by lack of effort on her part, but by careful work of your own. Maka Albarn hates quitting, but you are her mother, and you hate that even more.

(Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if your partner had been different. Maybe you wouldn’t have grown to resent your daughter the way you do. Maybe she wouldn’t have been reduced to little more than the ball and shackle that had kept you chained to Spirit Albarn for far too many years.)

She is beautiful, you think, carefully adjusting the lens of your camera (Nikon-serial-code-number, excessively expensive for a device you will throw away after today). She is beautiful, and if she was upset that she couldn’t find you, it doesn’t show now, not when her eyes are fixed upon her partner, not when her smile is nearly wide enough to swallow her cheeks, not when she is so in love that your own chest tightens with bitterness.

Her soon-to-be husband plays the piano scythe jutting out of his leg, but he has eyes only for the woman striding toward him. You remember how Spirit had looked when he was at the altar, and you marvel at how similar the two scythes look, and how different. You know next to nothing about Soul Eater Evans, but what you do know convinces you of this much:

History has not repeated itself here. Maka Albarn has not made her parents’ mistakes.

New To Do List.

Hi lovelies! Finally it is here, the new To Do List. This is the one in which we will be working on from now on, we have to remind you that you will have to wait quite a bit for these scenarios since first the current to do list (that is already written) must be posted entirely and that will take some time.

Congratulation to everyone that made it! This is so exciting, we got so many good ideas, thank you very much for sending them in, we will do our best to write something worth reading. To everyone whose request didn’t make it we are truly sorry, we wish we could write more, but there will be other times in which you can come back and try again if you wish of course.

Check this out!


  • Time Traveler AU.
  • Hogwarts AU. You are playing truth or dare and have to put the potion Amortentia to Jungkook’s drink who actually has a crush on you.
  • Zombie AU.
  • He was mean to you when you were younger because he liked you and didn’t know how to act, but now you are older and he feels really bad about it and wants to make it up to you + Inspired by the song Incomparable by Monsta X
  • Jungkook is sick and has to see a doctor to take a shot but he’s afraid of needles, you go to support him and he asks not to tell his hyungs.
  • Jungkook is going to be the father of your child so he proposes to you but you decline because you don’t want to marry just for the pregnancy.
  • You go to the amusement park together but you hate rollercoasters yet he forces you to try it, later you have your revenge making him put on cute masks and matching clothes.
  • Jungkook and you are in an un healthy relationship the is rocky from the start and your family and friends don’t support it.


  • You meet after two years of your break up and none of you has moved on.
  • You are a makeup artist who is always playing around with Taehyung and Jungkook, Tae likes to flirt with you and gets jealous of your relationship with Jungkook all the time.
  • Taehyung proposes to you onstage after they finish their concert.
  • Royal Vampires AU, Taehyung and you are vampires and he always gets jealous of your best friend, werewolf Hoseok.
  • You two get in a fight but when you go away to cool down Taehyung thinks you left him for good and breaks down.


  • Songfic of You Were Beautiful by Day6.
  • Teacher AU, Jimin is a literature teacher in high school and his wife gets jealous when Jimin starts talking about a good student even if she knows nothing is happening.
  • Jimin’s daughter has a crush on Jungkook, everybody finds it cute but Jimin is jealous.
  • After your breakup you meet at a high school reunion.
  • You have a Jimin fan club and get invited to spend an entire day with him.
  • You are a ceramics student and you teach your boyfriend Jimin how to make a pot, the closeness makes the experience the best.


  • Prince AU in which Y/N tries to stop his arranged marriage.
  • Teacher AU. Namjoon is your teacher and you like each other but he doesn’t want you two getting in trouble, you are willing to wait until graduation if he’s willing to wait for you.
  • After a party night out you go to the swings to feel like kids again.
  • In which Namjoon brings bad luck with his clumsiness and you bring good luck, when you meet everything balances out.
  • You two are dating, Namjoon is halfway across the world when he gets a call from you because you had a really bad nightmare. 
  • Namjoon and you have a big fight because he’s jealous of your best friend who used to be your boyfriend in high school.


  • Biker Hoseok has a crush on Shy Reader.
  • You are best friends and one night you get drunk and one of you confesses, the other doesn’t say anything about it until a few days later.
  • Astronaut/Alien AU. Hoseok is an astronaut and you are an alien who end up on his spaceship.
  • You are at work and Hoseok has to take care of your 2 year old daughter on his day off.
  • Scenario inspired in the song Armor by Landon Austin. You are in a relationship and Hoseok is very protective.
  • Hoseok meets you, an amazing dancer at a party and can’t stop thinking about you.Then you meet again.


  • Ghost AU. You can see spirits and when you encounter with ghost Yoongi when you move to a new house.
  • Your ex wants you back, when you reject him he ends up hurting you. When Yoongi finds out he gets jealous, angry and protective.
  • Scenario based on Wrapped Around Your Finger By 5 Seconds of Summer.
  • Angst based on Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and The Machine.
  • Yoongi comes back from the army and meets his newborn baby for the first time + Yoongi and you reunite after he finishes his time of enlistment.
  • College AU. Yoongi is a bad boy and you are a good girl, but he’s a softy for you.
  • Royal AU of Yoongi based on The Beauty and the Beast.
  • You fight with your boyfriend Yoongi and end up meeting your ex Taehyung, you end up getting having sex and ending things with Yoongi. You decide to stick to Taehyung when you find out our are pregnant but you love Yoongi and Yoongi still misses you and is jealous of Taehyung.
  • You get jealous after you see a MV where Yoongi is rapping to a girl.
  • Prince AU. He’s a prince and you a princess under his father’s care, when a suitor comes for your hand Yoongi doesn’t allow it.
  • Scenario based on Calling In Love by Suran.


  • Modern Royal AU. Jin is a prince who secretly enrolled at your college, you find out about his secret by accident.
  • Jin “accidentally” flirts with other girls and makes you jealous, you flirt with other guys to make him jealous too.
  • Songfic based on Lights Down Low by MAX.
  • Waiting On Your Love Part 2.
  • You are very quiet and don’t open up to others, Jin learns about your past and decided he needs to protect you.
  • You are former college sweethearts that broke up because you thought he was cheating, years later you meet again at a college reunion.
  • Coordi noona x Jin, where you get extremely jealous of the girl Jin is having a photoshoot and drama with.
  • Reminiscence Part 3.
  • Soulmate AU.
  • Jin is a single dad and one day he looses his 2 years old child and eventually sees him in a small cafe Y/N runs.
  • A beach date with Seokjin where he gets overprotective of you when you wanted to wear a two piece.
  • Scenario based on Stay, Stay,Stay by Taylor Swift.

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9. things you said when i was crying, narry

a whopping 4.8k of ever-so-slightly future fic where the boys assemble to meet liam’s baby, and harry grapples with how things change

Harry slides into the backseat, buckles his seat belt, and pops his earbuds in to listen to the mix Jeff (Bhasker, not Azoff) emailed him this morning. He waves to his driver and offers him a smile, as well as an apologetic little gesture to the glinting pink phone in his hand. He nods at him in the rearview mirror, smiles back, and reverses them out of the pilates studio parking lot.

Sweat sticks Harry’s shirt to the small of his back and his underarms and the inner curve of his knees, his back positively singing in relief. He’d been feeling sore and rundown, and he couldn’t tell whether his back aches from the strain of a good workout or whether he’s been sleeping curled up in a tight little ball again, his joints locked up by the end of the night. Maybe he’s coming down with a cold. He jots down a little note in his notes app to pick up some more cold medicine and herbal tea.

His notes are absolutely bursting with things he has to do. Really he’d be better off asking his personal assistant, Eloise, to pick up the tea for him, but last time he saw her, she was juggling three phones and the fattest appointment book he’s ever seen. The circles under her eyes were so dark they didn’t even look real; Harry’d been halfway to asking if they weren’t, if there was a new trend afoot in the fashion world?

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Characters: daughter!reader, daddy!sam

Warnings: bullying, angst, fluff

Word count: 2077

Summary: you accidentally reveal to your father, Sam, that you’re being bullied at school when you ask him if he believes you are a freak.

You didn’t mind they way you lived, there were the ups and downs but you mostly enjoyed it. It was nice to travel around a lot with your family, your only family being Sam and Dean. You would hunt together, you were all protective of each other and you kept close tabs on each other.

You also loved the time you spent together when you weren’t hunting. You and Dean had a prank war, you asked Sam to join to but he was still pissed about the hair removal cream Dean had put in his shampoo before so he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Then there was when you would all stop off at diners and grab dinner together, sometimes talking about the big problems going on at that time or just about the monster you were hunting that week.

However, on a random occasion there would be times where you would just talk like a family. They would tell you embarrassing stories of each other when they were little and make you laugh, Sam would tell you about his memories with Jess because you never got to meet her and you only knew your mother through your fathers memories.

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This is Part II of the “Take No L’s Just A’s” playlist for good vibes and positivity during the rough finals week for college students. Stay motivated, you can do this! Take no L’s just A’s!

Track List:

  1. 8TEEN - Khalid
  2. C’est la vie - Maurice Moore
  3. Slide - Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos
  4. iSpy - Kyle ft. Lil Yachty
  5. Just Hold On - Steve Aoki x Louis Tomlinson
  6. Wicked - mansionz ft. G-Eazy
  7. Now or Never - Halsey
  8. Stay - Zedd x Alessia Cara
  9. Lost in Paradise - Common Kings
  10. New Bish - Tobi Lou
  11. Living Single - Big Sean ft. Chance The Rapper and Jeremih
  12. What They Want - Russ
  13. Good Girls - LANY
  14. Fall in Love - GoldLink ft. Cisero
  15. Chunky - Bruno Mars
  16. Heatstroke - Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Pharrell, and Ariana Grande
  17. Can’t Bring This Down - Bridgit Mendler x Pell
  18. Left Field - Pryde
  19. Congratulations - Post Malone ft. Quavo
  20. Thief - Ansel Elgort

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Twice.... is not.... a national girl group yet. They haven't done anything to deserve that title???? Ya'll need to stop throwing that around like anyone can have it jfc

1. Using ‘national girl group’ in a meme text post means it’s kinda meant to be taken as not too-too seriously

2. ‘National girl group’ and ‘the Nation’s Girl Group’ are two separate concepts; just look at the actual Korean/Hangul and you can tell. Many groups are national girl groups because they are fairly well-known and hence, represent the nation. But only one can be the Nation’s Girl Group. (Twice have been called both though, just fyi~)

3. Whether we personally agree with it or not, Twice is already considered by MANY to be the Nation’s Girl Group both inside and outside Korea. (To deny this would be like saying that Koreans don’t know more about their own pop culture than foreigners do.) Twice has become a household name with many iconic songs and dances, have a huge fan base, shattered countless records, are already recognized overseas, are the first girl group after SNSD to beat out countless boy bands in many different categories, have HUGE potential, etc. etc. etc.

The list goes on and on and on but I’ll let you see for yourself….

I rest my case.

Tea? Tea.

P.S. I won’t list out every single record they’ve shattered and all of the many awards they’ve won, but this should give you a good idea:

Twice’s 1st year of debut achievements and major awards 

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Pairing: Fuckboy!Josh Diaz x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Shitty Writing

Request: Can you do a josh Diaz x reader bc I acc love him. Could you base it on the song fools by trove Sivan. Maybe like she falls for him but she knows she shouldn’t cuz he’s like a fuckboy n but he likes her n shit idk thank you xx

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hi i’m kayla. i would love to have someone to send letters back and forth with or even just an internet friend idk. im not really sure how to start this other than i’m a 16 year old girl who has a deep rooted love for simple things. i love photography, writing, music, road trips, nature, sunsets, adventures, you get it. im also an avid fan of procrastinating and being sarcastic.

my favorite bands right now are sticky fingers, the 1975, cigarettes after sex, the xx, oh wonder, the neighborhood, zayn, and milky chance but my music taste is so broad that i could never stick to a single list.

i’m a really open person, especially if you are open with me first so do not hesitate to be yourself so message me !!
tumblr- kaylakaluzny
snapchat- kaylakaluzny
instagram- k.e.k

The Lost Memories - Part 3

Originally posted by nochuie

Genre : Angst/Romance

Summary : Y/N’s life turned upside down, the moment you wake up next to a guy claiming you are his wife. The worse things is he is Jeon Jungkook, the guy that you dislike since you are in the middle school.

Words : 3.1k

a/n : the past 3 weeks hd been a tough week for me and I’m trying my best to update this. sorry for mistake and i’ll edt asap.Thanks for reading, xoxo

《previous | next》(coming soon)

You can’t help yourself from staring at Jungkook who seems too immersed on the paper that he have been listing out list of the things that both of you often doing together as well as the frequent places that you have been visiting with him in the past days. It is already been one hour and half since both of you back from the hospital and from that on, he keeping gluing his face onto the paper leaving you all alone, sitting on a dining chair across from him. You began to feel bored as your fingers started tapping on the dining table while humming to yourself in order to kill your boredom. Instead, it only takes a while before you averted your eyes towards Jungkook.

You don’t know why, you kind of enjoyed viewing this look that Jungkook had now on his face; his doe eyes slightly widen as his brows furrowed together, seriousness splattering all over his face showing that he is thinking deeply so that he would not miss even a single thing that need to be jot down on the list. His aura did a great job as it managed to attract your attention towards him, making you began to doze off while staring at him. You have to admit that your husband do have a good-looking face and no wonder back then there are so many girls like to linger around him.

You are too deep in your thought as well as too busy staring at a masterpiece until you did not noticed that Jungkook is already standing in front of you while waving his hands hoping that it would break your delusion and getting you back to the reality. “Y/n? Y/n?” A soft voice hit your eardrums and that’s when you realized that he is already there, continuously calling for your name to get your attention towards him. Without him knows, your attention is already fully on him.

He continuously flicked his slender fingers right in front of your face, snapping away your mind from delusion back to the reality. You shook your head vigorously; finally realize that you have been staring at him for a while. Blood started to rush up to your cheeks, making it flushed in a shade of pink as you felt slightly embarrassed after he caught you secretly staring at him.

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips as his heart skipped a beat with content when he catches a glimpse of your face with a glint of anxious plastered on it. Your eyes slightly widened when you met him as you tried to look away to lessen the awkwardness. He still not used of seeing that looks even it usually happened in the past times when you are still you, when you are still Y/n who loves him wholeheartedly.

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Hirst has a woman problem.

If you want to avoid spoilers, then leave!


Aslaug was not a favorite. I get that. She was not a good mother after Harbard came to the picture. She negletcted her foster kid, Siggy, was distant to her other sons and overlooked Ivar´s sadistic tendencies. HOWEVER, Ragnar left for a number of years after he became a fucking drug addict, and before that he was distant, at best.

When he dies their sons go to great lenghts to “avenge” his death:

Originally posted by saettrenoora

Aslaug´s death is all but forgiven by Sigurd and Hvtserk…


Okay, Porunn was also not a favorite. Vikings are harsh and her post partum depression obviously was something unheard. But Bjorn shuns his daughter afterwards, even though he could have arranged proper fostering and HE gets the chance of starting a new family with Torvi.

Not convinced?

Floki is a mentally and emotionally instable man, but, after the death of his daughter, he gets a chance to raise Ivar and develop a bond with him.

Helga? No, Helga is destined to be a loser, so she goes crazy, adopts an orphan GIRL, who will…well…be the end of everything for poor Helga.


I will not make a list, but go ahead and name me a single girl in this series that was shown to be born and survive? You will not find her, because she does not exist.


Kwentrith and Siggy senior were killed off because the actresses had other projects, I do understand that. However, Hirst has been writing female characters as either warriors or lapsed mothers for a long time now. Gisla was an example of politically active woman , but her development stopped the moment she became Rollo´s wife- from that moment on, she is being portrayed as either loving or nagging, but always in relation to Rollo.


I said it before, but I will say it again: the first 2 and half seasons of Vikings were incredible efficient in portraying strong women building positive relationships with one another, having agency and a sense of community. No cat fights, no bitching around, no jealousy.

But also the deaths of women are events that leave no impact in the story.

Siggy gave her life to save two of Ragnar´s sons. Her death only served one purpose: to freed Rollo. Not even Hvitserk or Ubbe were able to remind the viewers that they are only alive because of that woman´s sacrifice. Hvitserk only said “ we almost died following Aslaug on that frozen lake”

Sigurd is shown to be traumatized by being left behind in Kattegat. He goes on and on about Harbard, about Ivar´s being breastfed. He never mentions finding little Siggy corpse.

Kwentrith was killed by Judith, who knew she was pregnant and who had previously betrayed her already. We don´t get any scene of Aethelwulf lamenting her death. Magnus, her son, is sent away after being discovered that he WAS NOT RAGNAR´S- but he is still Kwentrith. I see that Aethelwulf was actually saving this child life, because he has a claim to Mercia and Ecbert would definitely kill him now, but the way the scene played was telling “ Tell them that you are Ragnar´s son”. NO MENTION OF HIS MOTHER.

Aethelstan, on the other hand, dead since season 3, is still there. His death led Ragnar to drugs , he is mentioned by Ecbert all the time, to the point of exhaustion. To be honest, Aethelstan was not even that interesting, but hey, Hirst thinks he was, so we should all agree.

The problem is, in my view, Hirst cannot write 20 episodes. He caters to the “ kick ass” male fans and he has hinted that History presses him to write “ less Saxons, more Vikings” , but even part of the male audience is getting restless. Ragnar, Aethesltan and soon Ecbert are dead. We should move on to Ivar and Alfred, but if the series wants to go forward, Hirst has to do better. The way things are now, we will not see Aethelflaed, the Lady of Mercians, daughter of Alfred, woman of great intelligence that was responsible for reclaiming a big part of England from the Viking invaders.

Throne, Usnavi de la Vega x Reader

Prompt: 30. “Do it. I dare you.” + Usnavi de la Vega

Words: 743 (why are all my fics so short???)

Author’s Note: I’m officially in love with Usnavi now? I’m okay with this. Honestly I’m probably in love with Lin. Speaking of…I may have a RPF out soon…

Warnings: Like 1 curse word?

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

If he stood at this exact spot in front of his bodega, he could pretend to be admiring the views from the street - the piragua man on his daily rounds, the kids playing in the street, his neighbors hanging their laundry.

Really, he stood there after his morning rush because it gave him a very nice view into Daniela’s salon, where you would be starting your day at work.

He’d stand there hopelessly as you tied your apron around your waist. Sometimes you would spot him and wave through the glass, which he would gladly return. It was never more than that, though.

Sonny would make his way in, and Usnavi would have to find something to divert his attention to before he became suspicious.

“Sonny, you’re late.” Was his usual greeting, which was usually met with something along the lines of, ‘Chillax, you know you love me!’ but this morning, Sonny didn’t say his usual greeting back.

“At least I’m not ogling Y/N from the streets like a creep.” Sonny smirked at Usnavi’s shocked expression as he moved past him into the bodega.

“I was not ogling her! Was I?” Usnavi was hot on his tail.

“You were.”

You waved at Usnavi through the window, tying the knot on your apron.

“Word on the street is that poor boy loves you.” Daniela coo’d from behind you, as Usnavi diverted his eyes as Sonny approached him.

“Is this word also from the person who said Vanessa was a stripper at night?” You teased, brushing past her.

“That was an unfortunate miscommunication! This one is a solid fact. Everyone within blocks can see how that boy feels for you.” You hummed in acknowledgement as you looked through the list of appointments you had for the day.

“If he loved me, he would tell me.”

“Oh, please! He’s hopeless. You can’t expect him just waltz up and tell you that!”

I can’t just waltz up and tell her that!” Usnavi croaked, glaring at Sonny as if he was the single stupidest person in the world.

“Why not? Nothing will ever happen if you don’t! Do you want to spend the next lifetime staring at the pretty girl through a window?” He didn’t, that’s for sure, “Do it. I dare you.”

Shit. He couldn’t back down from that.

“Who’s in love with Y/N?” Carla asked, making her way in for the day.


“Oh, yeah. Any person with eyes can see it. Even blind Mr. Ramirez across the street can see it. And he’s blind.” Carla insisted, which was met by laughter from Daniela and a groan from you.

“Do you love him?”

Before you could open your mouth, the door slammed open. The bell rang obnoxiously as Usnavi stood at the entrance, Sonny watching from behind him with wide eyes.

He stood there for a moment, un-speaking, stunned quiet.

“Do it!” Sonny called out.

“I love you, Y/N!” Usnavi answered, turning back to send a glare to his younger cousin.

The girls gasped around you, Daniela even went as far to get a high-five from Carla. Usnavi retreated just as fast as he appeared, leaving you no time to answer.

I can’t believe that boy just waltzed in here and said it!” Daniela shrieked, ushering you out the door, “Talk to him!”

You rushed out the salon and to the stoop in front of Abuela’s home. He looked completely and utterly helpless, with his head hanging low. Sonny was trying to comfort him when he noticed you approaching. He silently made his way into the bodega, leaving the two of you alone.

“Did I just tell you that I loved you?” He asked, incredulously. You nodded. He groaned.

“Hey, it’s fine.” You took a seat next to him, “I kinda have these feelings for a bodega owner. He’s really goofy and kind of insane.” You giggled when he rolled his eyes, “But, he is cute, and nice, and I think he likes me back.” 

He finally met your eyes, genuinely smiling with something new shining in his eyes. He kissed you with something you had never experienced before - something that can only be experienced when you’re young and in love and sitting on a house stoop in the blistering heat.

You could tell her felt it too. You felt it every time you kissed after that day, no matter how old you were or whether you were sitting on Abuela Claudia’s throne.