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Johnny: We really don’t curse… *talking about NCT members*
Jaehyun: That’s right! *pause* *long giggles* Then…Is that ok? (to mention it) *more giggles*
Johnny: No, but we really don’t curse, that’s why it’s fine (to say this)… 
Jaehyun: *more suspicious giggles*
Johnny: Ah…it’s funny! (audio source

>>>meanwhile, Taeyong some months ago<<<

Elsewhere University- Feathers

Like a whole bunch of other people, I saw @charminglyantiquated ’s Elsewhere University Comic and got SUPER INSPIRED. And since she’s so generously encouraging other people to play in her sandbox, I present ‘Feathers’.  EDIT : PART 2 HERE

You go to Elsewhere University. You’ve been going to Elsewhere University for (years and years and years and years) for three years now. You know how things are. You’re not an RA, but… Mm, you could have been.

Might still be. Aren’t yet.

This is your junior year (you think). You know how things are. You carry salt in one pocket, iron in another, trinkets to bargain away in your book bag, offerings in your purse, pearls around your neck.

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I think what makes people hostile about La La Land isn’t the movie itself. Standing alone, it’s a lovely movie. But when you get down to the principle of the matter of its popularity, it makes people who actually love musicals really angry. I guess it’s taken as a compliment when people say, “I normally don’t like musicals, but I loved La La Land!” But it’s really not. It just means you don’t watch musicals and most likely only watched that movie because it was the trendy thing to do and wow, it was great. And you attack the people who say they didn’t like it by saying, “You guys are talking shit about it for no reason.”

No. Not at all.

People who didn’t like La La Land actually regularly watch (AND LOVE!!!) musicals. And it’s astonishing to us that people are losing their shit over a movie that has been done a million times, and done better. It’s not a brand new thing just discovered and executed perfectly. What’s annoying is you all acting like it’s new.

White people falling in love in Hollywood? Fred and Ginger. That was their whole shtick. DECADES worth of movies. A musical about Hollywood? “Singing In The Rain.” And you don’t even have to go back to the older movies. A modern musical? A modern musical with a much more realistic ending? “Once.” And it’s like nobody praising “La La Land” knows what “Sing Street” is.

Anyone who claims La La Land is the best musical they’ve ever seen is either 1.) A liar, who didn’t watch musicals in the first place and probably doesn’t even like them, or 2.) Has really bad taste in musicals. Like this is coming from somebody who loved the film, but can see the faults in it. Faults that would be nitpicking from a musical watcher, but are ignored by the people who, before La La Land came out, had no interest in musical movies and honestly probably don’t want to see anymore unless they’re like La La Land.

Which means that you’re not going to see the SAME STORY done SO MUCH BETTER that La La Land was based on and inspired by.

I’m bitter. It seems like everyone fiercely defending La La Land were the people who ridiculed theater kids and scoffed at Broadway and only took part in viewing a musical in the first place was so they would be in the loop, and now since they were exposed to a musical, they see how great they are and can’t take people saying negative things about it. And they won’t consider going to look at the movies that started it all. It’s hypocritical and insulting.

La La Land was nice, but it isn’t a special movie. The way I see it, it’s just getting the awards that Whiplash deserved.

Imagine waking up next to Clint

This happened because someone asked me how hot Clint was. And I answered with: I want to be his best friend, drink beers with him and then the two of us would have drunk sex and be like,“OH SHIT,” in the morning.

Originally posted by elly-hiddlesherloki

Your head was pounding, throat dried and your body was sore.

Damn sore. 

What the hell happened last night?

You tried to recall the events that led to this massive hangover, but all you could really remember was staying late at the bar with your best friend, Clint. The others had left around 11, but the two of you stuck around drinking well into two in the morning.

“Fuck,” a low voice came from underneath the covers next to you. “My head is pounding.”

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«I write exactly how i`m feeling and hope that connect to other people.»
                                                      —  Troye Sivan|  4Music

So last night was a mess, I danced and sang in front of the camera until I puked but otherwise it was fine and dandy and fun, so thank you my friends for hanging out with me while i was drinking alone! <3

BTS Reaction Masterlist

1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight

2) You Fangirling Over EXO

3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper

4) When You Do Aegyo

5) When You Laugh At Them Saying Something Sexual In Front Of The Others

6) You Being Their Date To The Mamas

7) Their Gf Telling Them Their Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

8) Walking In On You Killing Their Songs For The First Time

9) When Their Crush (You) Spills Coffee Over Them

10)  When Their Gf (You) Wants To Cuddle

11)  When You Kiss them In The Rain

12)  Their Gf Being Their Usual Self

13)  Kissing Them to Get Their Attention

14)  Attempting To Get their Attention In A Sexual Way

15)  When You Freak After Seeing A Rat

16)  When Your Stomach Is Hurting

17) You Being In An Accident

18)  Wanting To Share A Bed With You

19) Catching You Kiss A Pillow

20) When You Cheat On Them

21) Going To A Haunted House With Them

22) Wearing Their Shirt

23) You sleeping Bra-less And Your Shirt Rides Up

24) When You’re A Blanket Hog

25) Falling In Love With Jungkook’s Best Friend

26) Finding Out You’re Adopted And Your Parents Lied To You

27) Seeing You In A Bikini

28) When You Want Ice Cream

29) Giving Their Hoodie Back ‘Cause It Stopped Smelling Like Them

30) Seeing You Exercising Early In The Morning

31) When They Get Asked Why They Smell Like Female Perfume

32) Seeing Your Hair Straightened For The First Time When It’s Normally Really Curly

33) When They’re Dating You But Your Favourite Group Is Block B

34) Calling You A Name Playfully And You Pretend To Be Hurt

35) Cuddling Them In Your Sleep Unconsciously

36)  Asking Them For A Piggyback Ride

37) Their Girlfriend Seeing Them Off At The Airport

38) You Having Depression And Anxiety

39)  Finding Out That What They Thought Was Your Boyfriend Was Actually Your Best Friend

40) Your New Hairstyle

41) Finding Out You Have Many Fangirls And Boys

42)  Teaching You Dance Routines

43)  You Offering To Give Them A Foot Massage

44)  You Being Scared When People Suddenly Touch You

45)  You Being Extremely Scared Of Lightning

46)  You Being Lesbian

47)  You Being Not Skinny But Not Big

48) You Always Having Back Pain

49) Finding Out Their Gf Is A Kickboxer

50) Seeing How Talented You Are At Art

51) Comforting Their S/O Before A Dance Performance

52) Telling Them You’ve Never Been Kissed

53) You Moving Away From Them In The Night

54) Seeing You Rapping Along To Yoongi’s New Mixtape

55) You (Their S/O) Hangs Around With The Others And Your Bikini Accidentally Exposes you

56) You Being an Olympic Swimmer

57) You Playing Pokemon Go

58) When You Know How To Sing And Dance 

59) You Both Meeting Big Bang Together For The First Time

60) Catching You Reading A Fanfic With Them In It

61) You Accidentally Farting In Front Of Them

62) When Their Crush Is A Famous Youtuber And They Bump Into Her When She’s Touring Around Korea 

63) You Getting Into A Physical Fight With A Girl Who Annoys The Shit Out Of You

64)  Telling Them You Have Asthma And It Can Get Really Bad During Certain Times Of The Seasons

65) You Still Running A BTS Reaction Tumblr Account And You Still Make Them While You’re Dating

66) Their Gf Having A Very Protective Older Brother And Would Make Sure That They Were Suitable To Date His Sister

67) Their Best Friend (You) Kisses Them And Then You Run Away In Embarrassment

Single member reactions



  1. Getting Jealous Over His New Girlfriend


  1. You Trying To Keep Him Healthy


  1. Suddenly Kissing Him
  2. You Cheering Him Up While He Works So Hard

Rap Monster

  1. Back Hugging Him Then Walking Away
  2. You Singing Along To Fools (By Troye Sivan)


  1. You Constantly Craving Gummy Bears


When Their Gf Is Carsick  
Their S/O feeling Insecure Of Her Small Breasts 
You Being More Sensitive To Cold Than Others And Anything Warm Will Do
When You hit Your Head And Loose Your Memory
Comforting You (Their Friend) After You’ve Had A Fight With Your Boyfriend
Their Girlfriend Wanting Them To Go With Her To All The Paranormal Places In the World
Their Friend Being A Fan And Wanting To See Them Privately If BigHit Allowed
Their Crush Chickening Out On Her Confession
When You’re 154 Cm (In Height) And You Swear, And Become Dorky When You Can’t Reach Something    
Their S/O Avoiding Them And Never Shows Their Body Because They Think their Stomach Is Too Big
You Getting Light Headed After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
You (Their Youtube Crush) Going A Fan Meet After A Break Up To Feel Better
Their Daughter’s Boyfriend Breaking Up With Her
You Can Use A Gun Professionally
You Sending Them Specific Pictures Of Yourself
You Hugging Him Tightly And Your Head Is In His Chest (Taehyung Reaction)
Their Gf Having Natural big Breasts But An Average Sized Figure And Feels Insecure About Her Breasts
You Being In A Marching Band And Being Sore After Practice    
You’re On A Walk And You Ask For A Piggy-Back Because Your Legs Hurt
When their Girlfriend Is A Wiccan (Pagan Witch-Craft)
You Being A Popular Rock Singer
Your Full Body Tattoo (Traditional Japanese Tattoos)
You Asking Them To Shower With You
Having a Scar From Heart Surgery And When You Touch It, You Feel Sick
You Waking Up From A Nightmare Screaming And Crying
Seeing Their Gf’s Natural Eyes For The First Time
You Crying Over One Of Their Songs
Their Gf Having Breast Cancer *WARNING*
You Being Scared Of People Dressed Up As Mascots
The Maknae Line Choking On Water
Their Girlfriend Being Scared And Paranoid After Watching A Creepy Movie
When You’re 'In The Mood’ But They Aren’t
You Harming Yourself Intentionally
Finding Out Their Gf Secretly Likes 'Punk/Emo’ Music
You Singing The 'Cuppy Cake’ Song To Them In A Baby Voice
Their Idol Gf Being In A Girl*Girl Ship With One Of Her Members
You Coming Out As Asexual
PDA With Their S/O
Their S/O Having A Make-out Session For A Drama
Their Girlfriend Listening To Only 50s And 60s Music
You Have Low Self-Esteem
You Loving Food And Eats Lots Of It But Not Gaining Weight
You Don’t Get Scared While Watching A Horror Film But They Do


troye sivan //  the happiest boy in the world

fic: if we were the last, 1/2

Hardy/Miller; set about four months after the s3 finale.


Hardy leant back in his chair and rubbed at his eyes under his glasses. It had been a long day, mostly spent reviewing CCTV footage to do with their latest case, and it had led them exactly nowhere. Waste of time.

Miller had disappeared some time ago; where to, he wasn’t sure, but her coat was still hanging on the back of her chair so she couldn’t have gone far.

He stood up and stretched, then made his way to the kettle, filling it enough for two mugs.

“What are you doing?” Miller asked.

Hardy reached for the teabags and, without turning around, replied, “What’s it look like I’m doing?”

“Well, I don’t want one - I’m off for the night. Aren’t you coming?”

“Coming where?” he asked, baffled, as he turned and leant against the counter. His eyes widened as he took in her change of clothes. “What are you dressed like that for?”

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Skam season 3 but Blue Neighbourhood is the soundtrack

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Namkook/Kookiemonster? I just love their relationship so much, Do you see how Kookie idolizes him? the way he looks at him with stars in his eyes? And everytime he's asked who's his role model he always answers with 'Namjoon', He based his entire future around him & he even ignored bigger companies just for the sake of Namjoon, In return you'd see Nam always hyping him up and doting on him so damn much, I think people overlook their relationship and how precious it is :'(

i have so much unnecessary and overflowing love for namkook, i’ve been screaming about how underrated it is from day 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! i could go on forever about them? jungkook would even be in bts if it weren’t for namjoon and namjoon just dotes on guk so much and protects him? like they joke around so much and all their photoshoots have so much chemistry, they have a vapp corner together to teach guk english. n the star eyes jungkook looks at namjoon with n gets sad when namjoon isn’t around? they literally sing duets together (Fools and I Know) which is literally the most beautiful thing (I mean, namjoon could choose just about anyone from the vocal line but he picks guk?). 

oh and the fanfic. always that too.