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hey london friends

i know i’ve been on hiatus a bit, and i am for a little while probably, i have some things in the works, a thesis, a business thing, book #2, finding work. i recently started as part of the production/design team for a music fest, which is great! i’m super busy! but anyway

i’m part of a choir - or i am for now, due to aforementioned production team i have to give it up until the summer because of clashes. but choir is basically the only thing i have it in me to be proud of and my last concert for a while is nov 17th at the southwark cathedral

so if you’d like to come, that’d be really nice. i’ve never really asked people on here to come to that sort of thing before but choral concerts are an experience i really value and my choirmaster is actually magic so if you’d like to pay £6 to see me grin like a fool and sing the alto part of verdi’s requiem, i’d love that! a lot! 

you can! here!:

I LOVE that Lili sang La La Land’s  “The Fools Who Dream” while lying on that (dirty) floor during their late night shoot hehe….albeit in the words of Jughead, “That was haunting, Betty.” xD Gave chills watching it haha…i wished it was longer. And then creeping on Camila in the dark. These two can star in a horror movie for sure. xD And then KJ was bored with Paul and throwing balls against the walls. Everyday a new shenanigan. Never a dull moment.

Johnny: We really don’t curse… *talking about NCT members*
Jaehyun: That’s right! *pause* *long giggles* Then…Is that ok? (to mention it) *more giggles*
Johnny: No, but we really don’t curse, that’s why it’s fine (to say this)… 
Jaehyun: *more suspicious giggles*
Johnny: Ah…it’s funny! (audio source

>>>meanwhile, Taeyong some months ago<<<

I think what makes people hostile about La La Land isn’t the movie itself. Standing alone, it’s a lovely movie. But when you get down to the principle of the matter of its popularity, it makes people who actually love musicals really angry. I guess it’s taken as a compliment when people say, “I normally don’t like musicals, but I loved La La Land!” But it’s really not. It just means you don’t watch musicals and most likely only watched that movie because it was the trendy thing to do and wow, it was great. And you attack the people who say they didn’t like it by saying, “You guys are talking shit about it for no reason.”

No. Not at all.

People who didn’t like La La Land actually regularly watch (AND LOVE!!!) musicals. And it’s astonishing to us that people are losing their shit over a movie that has been done a million times, and done better. It’s not a brand new thing just discovered and executed perfectly. What’s annoying is you all acting like it’s new.

White people falling in love in Hollywood? Fred and Ginger. That was their whole shtick. DECADES worth of movies. A musical about Hollywood? “Singing In The Rain.” And you don’t even have to go back to the older movies. A modern musical? A modern musical with a much more realistic ending? “Once.” And it’s like nobody praising “La La Land” knows what “Sing Street” is.

Anyone who claims La La Land is the best musical they’ve ever seen is either 1.) A liar, who didn’t watch musicals in the first place and probably doesn’t even like them, or 2.) Has really bad taste in musicals. Like this is coming from somebody who loved the film, but can see the faults in it. Faults that would be nitpicking from a musical watcher, but are ignored by the people who, before La La Land came out, had no interest in musical movies and honestly probably don’t want to see anymore unless they’re like La La Land.

Which means that you’re not going to see the SAME STORY done SO MUCH BETTER that La La Land was based on and inspired by.

I’m bitter. It seems like everyone fiercely defending La La Land were the people who ridiculed theater kids and scoffed at Broadway and only took part in viewing a musical in the first place was so they would be in the loop, and now since they were exposed to a musical, they see how great they are and can’t take people saying negative things about it. And they won’t consider going to look at the movies that started it all. It’s hypocritical and insulting.

La La Land was nice, but it isn’t a special movie. The way I see it, it’s just getting the awards that Whiplash deserved.

Elsewhere University- Feathers

Like a whole bunch of other people, I saw @charminglyantiquated ’s Elsewhere University Comic and got SUPER INSPIRED. And since she’s so generously encouraging other people to play in her sandbox, I present ‘Feathers’.  EDIT : PART 2 HERE

You go to Elsewhere University. You’ve been going to Elsewhere University for (years and years and years and years) for three years now. You know how things are. You’re not an RA, but… Mm, you could have been.

Might still be. Aren’t yet.

This is your junior year (you think). You know how things are. You carry salt in one pocket, iron in another, trinkets to bargain away in your book bag, offerings in your purse, pearls around your neck.

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Imagine waking up next to Clint

This happened because someone asked me how hot Clint was. And I answered with: I want to be his best friend, drink beers with him and then the two of us would have drunk sex and be like,“OH SHIT,” in the morning.

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Your head was pounding, throat dried and your body was sore.

Damn sore. 

What the hell happened last night?

You tried to recall the events that led to this massive hangover, but all you could really remember was staying late at the bar with your best friend, Clint. The others had left around 11, but the two of you stuck around drinking well into two in the morning.

“Fuck,” a low voice came from underneath the covers next to you. “My head is pounding.”

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Horan performed at The Troubadour for a #SpotifyFansFirst event Thursday night (Sept. 21).

Niall Horan took to the stage at the Troubadour in Los Angeles Thursday night (Sept. 21) for a secret show as part of a #SpotifyFansFirst event. Along with the die-hard fans in the room, former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson was in attendance, looking on proudly from the balcony with his assistant Oli Wright. Tomlinson later tweeted praise for his old friend, saying: 

Blown away by Niall tonight . Felt so f—ing proud !

Horan and Tomlinson were later photographed together having a good time post-show. Directioners were excited to see Nouis back together again, obsessing over the look on Horan’s face as he looked up to Tomlinson in the balcony while singing “Fool’s Gold” – coindicentally, a One Direction song.