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me ranting about nerdy broadway shit

okay like listen…i love dear evan hansen so much. “sincerely me” is the funniest, most organic and genuine duet i’ve ever heard, and ben platt put the stars in the sky for accurate anxiety portrayal. bless his talented ass. but-

it is not the next hamilton.

it is spectacular. it is lovable. it is astonishing and cute and beautiful and i adore it. it’s by all means an outstanding musical. but…

hamilton was revolutionary. hamilton was new and different and wild and hamilton flipped musical theatre on its goddamn head. you know how many mainstream hip-hop musicals existed pre-hamilton?? the only thing i know of that comes close is In The Heights, a show written by the same man. hamilton did OUTSTANDING things for fucking diversity in musical theatre, number one just by actually like, fucking opening up the conversation?? i know i never heard of anyone being like “hey. you know what’s weird? there’s literally no fucking reason for all these characters to be white so like…..why are they turning away poc for these roles??” nobody talked about it you know. and i know war/battle/revolution has been done before (les mis, etc.) but nothing compares to the absolute love letter lmm wrote to hip hop, theatre, and this country. there was nothing on hamiltons fucking level before and there will not be for a long time. p>

and as much love as i have for deh, as big a special place it holds in my heart…it is nothing new. a contemporary rock musical about teens/young adults going through dark and angsty shit. heathers. spring awakening. next to normal. american idiot. rent. to some degree, even fun home, the best musical winner from not even three years ago. fuck, honestly if you wanna stretch, even fucking wicked to some extent. it’s something that has been done before, countless times, and done exceptionally well before countless times. that’s not to discredit deh or any of the other shows because they’re all spectacular and some of my very favorites, and it happens to be my favorite trope. but do not herald it as something New and Shiny and Different. it isn’t. and definitely don’t credit it with the absolute fucking explosion of originality and creativity and tribute that was An American Musical.

don’t compare the two. to do so discredits both. it reduces hamilton to a fad, a trend, a Cool Show in an ever rotating line of Cool Shows as if it were not the biggest phenomenon to hit musical theatre in a century. and to do so makes dear even hansen look weak and pathetic, makes it seem like something Almost but Not Quite. DEH was not trying to be the next hamilton. it was not written to be the next hamilton and none of the cast put that work in thinking “shit yeah here we go hamilton #2.” because hamilton is INSANE. appreciate deh for what it is. it’s a beautiful heartfelt story and it’s personal, on a level that ham is not. it’s not a show you forget. but it is not the next hamilton.

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If there really is an after life, I can imagine Hamilton and Jefferson's face when they found out that teenage girls on internet think that they should be fucking... God, Jefferson would hide in some bedroom and not leave for a long time, and Hamilton would be mad seeing that people always thinks he'd be a bottom and start complaining that he "was always the top" - even tho we all know he is a power bottom.

“Teenage girls”. Hamilton would deny the shit out of it.

“All that it takes is a little reinvention!”

I feel like if The Glass Scientists was a musical, it would be this 

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24 washette

24) Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

George is such a good dancer, Lafayette is swept off of his feet every single time- and yes George will start the dancing. WHEN I SAID GEORGE SWEPT LAFAYETTE OFF OF HIS FEET- I MEAN’T IT LITERALLY. 

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Ok but what if Jeno is really busy when mark's birthday comes and he can't buy him a present? Like he would be calm bc he don't tell him but Mark was there when he said he would get him one so he would obviously expect one

omg hahahaha… mh i’m sure that the boys watch their own videos so i’m sure that jeno knows that mark was behind him now that he watched the mu-beyond video … and knowing that i’m sure he will prepare the present this year! even if jeno still doesn’t know that mark was behind him (which is pretty unlikely lol) i have faith in him … he’s a sweetheart and he’ll do whatever it takes to prepare one (maybe he’ll even make one himself if he has like no time to go out and buy one) … i’m sure he’ll keep his word! #believeinjeno  ♥

-caroline (suhocean)

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For the ship thing: 2 and 4 - Jamilton, Madroe and Lams

2) Who is always horny and will have sex at any time, at any place and at any time?

Jamilton: Alexander. Fucking. Hornyton. Alexander don’t give a shit, he will fuck at anytime, at any place, at any moment. 

Madroe: Honestly, neither. Madison doesn’t like to have sex all that often. But to compensate sometimes he’ll give Monroe such a mean blowjob. 


4) Who likes to walk around the house naked and who tells the other to go put some clothes on?

Jamilton: As much as Thomas has to tell Alexander to fuck some damn clothes on he doesn’t get sick of chasing Alexander around the house and shoving a sweatshirt over his head so that the neighbors don’t see.  

Madroe: Back again? Really neither of them! I mean Monroe will occasionally because he feels very comfortable around Madison- he won’t walk around naked that’s for sure. But- he walks around all too often without a shirt. Madison ain’t complaining. 

Lams: Both of them really. Neither of them want to the other to put clothes on- but Alexander does it WAY more often. 

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People with inadequate history knowledge also have a way of dividing people into good and terrible people and not acknowledging the fact that most people fall in the gray area, and that humans are extremely complex, and that people can *gasp* be influenced by their times.

Everything about this is perfect except for the influence by their times part. But 👏👏👏

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John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton 1,5,6,7,22,23,26

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

John needs to stop. It makes Alexander squeal and they usually have to stop the ferris wheel because they think that somebody is getting murdered. 

5) Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?

When they get into a fight, John is always the one who sets up camp on the couch and Alexander will be all like, “What are you doing?” and John is just trying to give him his space. Alexander will fight him and make John go sleep on the bed because he’ll sleep on the couch because he doesn’t need John to treat him so preciously all the time. 

6) Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?

You’d think Alexander- but it is actually John. You’d think it is Alexander because he rarely sleep but when he does sleep, John cannot help but snap about 10,000 photos that nobody else will ever bare witness to. 

7) Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?

Alexander is a cuddle cuddle attachy guy who said I love you first, but during their fights John ends them with because I love you. Mostly because Alexander gets tired of sometimes (mostly John just joins in the fight) having John hold him back from getting himself hurt. 

22) Who is super bad at sexting? and who sends them encouraging messages throughout the day?

Alexander will send the nastiest sexts that will turn John’s ears pink. But, he is also the one who sends reassuring messages with extra smiley faces attached at the end. 

23) Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? and who’s more afraid of loosing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?

John doesn’t think he is good enough for Alexander’s love and he worries a lot about it, but keeps in private. Alexander is really afraid of loosing John- like really afraid because usually those closest to him he has always lost. Really John keeps thinking he is fucking up, but Alexander always reassures him. 

26) Who kissed first?

Alexander. He couldn’t keep his hands away any longer.