Romantic Garden Stuff Recolor

  • All hairs come with 40 colors + white.
  • Romantic Garden Stuff is required. 


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As they headed out of the trailer and back toward the road Owen realised after a moment that Maranda wasn’t beside him. When he turned to see her heading towards him from the other side of the yard with a peculiar look on her face.

“What’re you up to?” he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Nothing,” she shrugged. “I saw a garden gnome.”

“And?” he frowned. What did that have to do with anything?

“And I wanted it,” she grinned.

Owen burst out laughing. “I love you.”


                                     -   Mont'Serrat 4537 -

This building was made to celebrate with you. I really love to do residential buildings and want to be architect one day. This building was inspired in one i loves. I thank you and i expected you loves this and the next buildings lots i will do. So, thank you so much!!!!

You will find here 4 homes in private condominium, all houses has 3 suites, dining room, living room, kitchen and beautiful private garden with pool. There are 3 floors in all houses, the last floor is very individual - there are a lot of possibilities for do - i suggest movie room, office, web space, party room or you can do other bedroom with bathroom. There is something fantastic on last floor, there are 2 terraces - one for condominium front and the other for behind, the lateral homes has a 180º terace view for your town.

     I suggest you use Sims2Pack Clean Installer

Enjoy :)

Required CC:

                                                                  - Download here -

Lookbook special : Valentine’s Day

I felt like doing something special for valentine’s day, so here it is! The models individual lookbooks are linked to their names as usual ^^






Pose 1 (?) // Pose 2 & 3 by @flowerchamber // Pose 4 by @rinvalee // Pose 5 by @littlebigshortie

Thank you for the amazing content, hope you like it!


“So how much do you think we’ll get for the gnome?” Owen asked as they sat down in front of their ‘home’.

“You are not selling squatsy!” Maranda exclaimed.

“What? Why not?”

“He’s mine,” she said firmly. “I didn’t take him so we could sell him. I told you, I wanted him.”

“Alright alright,” Owen laughed. “Have your creepy little gnome. We’ll just have to sell the lamp. We should at least get enough from that for some food.”