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April Showers Recolor Set

A collaboration between @deetron-sims, @magnolianfarewell, @javabeandreams, @martinessimblr@femmeonamissionsims, and @pickypikachu

Hi everyone! In honor of spring finally coming, we’ve made a little set of recolors of base game items.

This is a small set, only 4 items that were recolored in Java’s Spring palette. 

Hipster Hugger Sofa, Simplicit-Ease Armchair, Potted Plant, and Lunatech Floor Lamp! 

To find them easily in the catalog, search for “PTS” or “April Showers” 

DOWNLOAD: Simfileshare 


the old kings house

ethan and izumi’s cozy little home before i deleted my saves. more here.

i remember creating this house after being inspired by @sim-vibezz, took me a day or two to finish, only to have it deleted :( well i’ve created a bigger house for the kings, i just need to finish their home gym and lounge.

+ thank you +

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My first piece of CC!! These are in my top three favourite cc eyes so when the toddler update came out I needed them for the little ones! This is only for toddlers, so to get them for other ages you need the original file by the lovely @liahxsimblr, which you can get here.

🍒 13 swatches
🍒 Facepaint category
🍒 Credits to @liahxsimblr for original conversion


Happy simming ❤

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+ Morgan’s Black & Orange Rooftop House.
living room, kitchen, balcony. ;)

 cc Creators.
Thanks to  @yumiaplace, @daer0n, @lunaticavillage@mxims, @dreamteamsims, @blackmojitos, @ichosim, @sanoysims, @anbs, @20/44sims, @minc7878, @hvikis, @maximss, @Black, @owl-plumbob, @leo-sims, @mio-sims, @Ung999, @Lulu, @Buffsumm, @simcredibledesigns, @toksik, @severenka, @shojoangel, @pralinesims, @starload-sims, @loree-sims4, @mutske, @Artvitalex


Download this very pretty Panda Skin for Toddlers here:

Pony Ribbon Hair:


Flower Crown

Hello Kitty Hoodie

Pastel Fox Dress:

Blue flower Swim Top:

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Happy ❤️-Day, Princessa. Had to dig quite deep in mum’s old photo albums to find one of our last pictures together taken almost 20 years ago, before our ways parted back then. Guess not much has changed tho. Still you can’t go anywhere without me, have an obsession for everything pink and manage to drag me to places I’d never willingly go to as a man. Hope you enjoy this being a princess for a day thing at this….Cinderella paradise and then we can go home be king and queen again. Love you.


+ Morgan’s Rooftop House, ver 2.

Living room.. :-)

always Thank you for my Followers and my Friends & CC Artists.
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before & after sim tag

by @soft-almond

rules: update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

BRACE YOURSELVES, i don’t even know which one i hate more, the first one or the second one??????
ok so this is the first sim i’ve made on this laptop (25-12-2015), idk it’s probably also one of my first sims in sims 4 
and when i downloaded cc the first time i also gave her a make-over (20-04-2016) (:
i think i’ve improved??????????????

THANKS FOR TAGGING ME @justkeeponsimming!!!!! i really wanted to do this because i love giving old sims make-overs (that’s why i already did it once)

i’m gonna tag: @crimsonsims, @sim-pi, @simgerale, @simblragain, @simmsimi, @inquisitive-simmer, @godneurosis, @nervous—subject, @sim-factxry, @nancylandgraabs, @iridescencel, @panda-plumbobs, @simmpler, and everyone else who wants do do it xoxoxo (sorry if you already did it!!)


Four Doctor Who Shirts for your toddlers :)

I learned how to recolour clothes in TS4 today! :D These shirts are the first things I did and they don’t look completely awful, so I thought I’d share :)

I’m completely new to creating stuff for ts4 so THESE SHIRTS AREN’T PERFECT! If you’d still like to have them in your game, then go ahead ♥ They’re for boys and girls :)

DOWNLOAD (sfs, no adfly)

Shirt Mesh by EA
Hair by @simiracle // @sheplayswithlifeee
Bottoms by @8o8sims // @deelitefulsimmer
Shoes by @8o8sims // @owl-plumbob // @dreamteamsims

Leah keeps on delivering amazing, beautiful  hairs and, since @deepsims wanted it clayified, here it is! Mirela, your wishes are orders, enjoy ❤


» All 18 EA’s colors

» For females teen-elder + aliens

» Unabled for random

» Mesh required. Get it here

»»»» Download «««««

Credits to:

@leahlillith for the beautiful (as always) mesh ^^

@megaqueenmary for the preview :D

@weepingsimmer for testing it c:

@deepsims for the “”””request”””” aka I read your comment xD

@ddeathflower for the textures :D