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Friday, September 23. Windenburg station. 10:45 am

It was a beautiful sunny day when Julia arrived in Windenburg. 

Although it has only been two years since she was here for the last time as a college student, it felt like a lifetime ago.  

As soon as she graduated Julia had moved to San Myshuno – the city had a lot of opportunities for a young journalist like Jules. After spending the most of her life in a small town in the desert, she fell in love with the big city immidiately. And it wasn’t just the city she fell in love with. She met her first true love there.

Soon enough she settled pretty good in San Myshuno and she never thought of leaving. Not until one day she caught her boyfriend (who was also her boss) in bed with her best friend. 

That’s when it all fell apart. 

Julia could barely remeber how she made it to her place. She spent all night sitting on the bathroom floor crying her eyes out. And with the first glimpse of sunshine in the morning she packed her bag and left the city. She felt like she couldn’t stand it there anymore. Everything reminded her about the betreyal of those two. 

And Windenburg seemed to be just the right place to clear her thoughts and get shit together. 


Speak your language day! Ask me if you like :)

☾ : favourite word from your language
♧ : favourite word from the english language translated in your language
✌ : favourite proverb/saying from your language
☮ : translate the first lines of your favourite song in your language
☆ : give the first lines of a song which is originally in your language
☯ : what do you love about your language?
☪ : what do you hate about your language?
❀ : which language(s) would you like to speak fluently?
♡ : which languages do you speak/have you learned in school?
❁ : which language(s) do you think of as the most beautiful?
✓ : funniest word in your language
ϟ : translate a sentence


Airport bars, thinks Roy, must be among the most depressing and soulless places on earth. The only reason he’s sitting in this one sipping on a ridiculously over-priced beer is that his brother Douglas is running late to pick him up, so he thought that while he was waiting he may as well do some work on his laptop. Bunty could not have picked a worse time to have her health crisis; Roy signed three highly sought-after young talents last week, including hot new 6′ 8″ basketballer Otieno Henare, and he should be spending his week brokering multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with high-powered execs instead of being stuck out here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dribbling glassy-eyed yokels. But when he opens his laptop the first thing that greets him in his newsfeed is a smirking picture of Alex Deadshit Dunlop, with his greasy helmet of dyed-black hair and sallow skin, under a headline proclaiming him to be the new chairman of some wanky arts board which apparently is some big fucking deal because he’s responsible for a budget of over §500 million, §20 million of which he wants to immediately flush down the toilet under the guise of ‘fostering the talents of exciting new artists.’ 

Roy: Motherfucker. Fuckwitted, queef-eating cockhead-

Cowboy: The fuck did you just say?

Roy: Calm your tits, John Wayne. I wasn’t talking to you. 

Cowboy: You better watch your language, son.

Douglas: Roy? What the hell?

anonymous asked:

what languages can you speak :)

Other than English and my mother tongue which is Lithuanian, I can’t speak any other language, but I can understand and read Spanish somewhat confidently. Japanese. I can understand some Japanese because anime is my life and philosophy and overall the reason to live (all hail Nippon-sama).


1 more hour of study.

JLPT N2 practice test app: passed kanji with 73%, vocabulary 50%. you need about 30% to pass and i have 2 months left to study, so i’ll be safe…

i’ve been writing in japanese on twitter every day (i just made a new “friend” who loves france) + in the past few days i’ve been playing the Sims 4 in japanese. it’s a really weird mix of “super everyday words” and “advanced words”, ex. “fingerprints, clues” along with “chair, strawberry, angry”, so if you can play any of the newer SIMs games in a language you’re learning, definitely try it..

now i started reading yotsuba a little every day again (i took a break of a few weeks) and wow my vocabulary’s really shot up in the meantime, now there’s like 10 words i don’t know per CHAPTER instead of 3-4 words i don’t know per PAGE. and proving again that manga is useful: i have to study “useless” words like “florescent lightbulb” and guess what appeared in yotsuba…



Roy: I could tolerate Sonia sleeping with Genevieve. I didn’t like it, but I could tolerate it. Like Sonia said herself, it’s something in her DNA. The way she’s programmed. She also told me that dicks don’t do anything for her. There’s nothing about men’s bodies or dicks that excite her. What the hell, dude? Has she been lying to me all this time? Or did she just tell me that to protect my ego?

Joël: Dude. Get a grip. Seriously, think about your so-called marriage. You sleep in different rooms. You only have sex once in a blue moon. You’ve both got side pieces. Does it honestly matter who Sonia’s bumping uglies with?

Roy: Of course it matters, fucktard. Okay, so I sort of get that she has to go looking outside the marriage for pussy. I can’t help her out there, obviously. But dick? She’s got no excuse to go looking elsewhere for dick. She could travel around the world and she would never find dick finer than what she’s already got at home. Never. What the fuck? My dick isn’t good enough? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me?

Joël: Maybe it’s not always about the appendage, dude. Sometimes it might be about the person at the end of it.

Roy: What are you saying, you fucked up piece of shit? That my personality’s somehow lacking? I ought to ram your teeth down your throat for saying that. Arsehole. What the ever loving fuck?


De la Misère à la Richesse - Partie IV

Beaucoup de choses se sont produites, ces dernières années !

Après avoir passé quelques mois à se fréquenter, Liam a finalement sauté le pas et demandé Tobias en marriage. Un autre heureux évènement a rapidement suivit : suite a son enlèvement, Toby a eu un enfant venu d'ailleurs, un gamin bavard nommé Covan. Si l'idée a été un peu difficile à accepter pour son époux, il s'y est finalement fait (même si, dans mon jeu, Liam et Covan n'ont pas de très bonne relations !).

Peu de temps après, grâce au mod de Transfusion Génétique de Aren, ils ont eu un deuxième enfant : Arianne, une gamine plutôt futée, bien decidée à suivre les traces de son père (enfin, je vais pas la laisser faire, j'ai suffisament testé cette carrière !).

La maison a bien évoluée aussi, mais je vous montrerais ça bientôt, mes deux enfants vont bientot grandir, et je vais devoir réorganiser la maison. Heureusement, avec Toby au sommet de sa carrière, et Liam qui en approche, je ne manque pas de moyens financiers !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rags to Riches - Part IV

Many things happened in the last few years !

Tobias and Liam are now a married couple, with two children. The first is named Covan, he is a talkative child, and as you can guess, he is not exactly human ! Arianne, their girl, was created thanks to Aren’s genetic transfusion mod. She want to be a scientist, just like her father (or at last, one of her fathers).

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