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Fountain legacy → ?

I’ve decided that in the next generation I will be changing the last name of the Fountain’s. With this it’ll begin a new era. 

When creating this legacy I didn’t overall think about the last name for the long run. I just made this legacy to substitute the Devine’s since I’m doing the Bachelorette challenge for (Roxana) them at the moment. 

But I didn’t think I would completely fall in love with this family and their stories. I want them to carry a name that I love and I’m proud of, and they deserve a beautiful last name. So here is where you guys step in!

I’ve rounded out 5 last names: Collins, Parker, Dixon, Bloom, and Harlow. 

Please take the time and vote here for the last name you think fits best for them! ♥


Okay everybody, I need something for the next Dossanina update. I’m not sure if it already exists, or not, so I hope you all can help me.

I need a recolor of THIS item to look like the Elixir of Life.

Does such a thing exist? If not, how do I go about requesting that? Any help is appreciated! 

This search is a little different from the others. Less about a particular topic that might be useful to your writing, I figured I’d compile some resources on writing that dreaded first chapter.

Every author, every story, is different. These are more like “guidelines” than rules, but they might help you better explore the beginning of your work.
If you have more resources to add, please feel free to send me an ask or simply reblog with your recommendations. Thanks for sharing!


What to Do

What to Avoid


Hi all! Sorry for being MIA lately but I have been asked about my method of sorting/organizing my CC and I thought I would share. To be honest, it’s really extensive and tedious but I do believe it helps with how my game works. I decided to post this just in case anyone else finds this useful! This took forever and a day to write so BEWARE: This is a lengthy post!

What this tutorial doesn’t teach you:

  • How to merge packages
  • How to use third party programs
  • How to decrapify files

Now, let the journey begin!

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How to fix your TS4 game when it won’t launch

Yesterday I was having major problems with this and saw a lot of other people were too, thankfully tinysimmer came to my rescue with a solution so I thought I’d make a published article for anyone who may be having problems

So the problem was whenever I started TS4 it would get stuck like this and eventually crash:

Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT delete all game folders or try to reinstall, simply follow these steps:

This method works for digital copies

Step 1: Launch origin

Step 2: Right click your game and select game properties

Step 3: Click the box that says “disable origin in game” THEN PRESS OK

Step 4: Launch TS4 again and it should work now! Hope this helped anyone!

Misc. Mods Masterlist

I thought I would go in depth about some of the mods I use and how they make my game-play smoother/easier. Without these I’d be totally lost (or just really, really annoyed). I also want to make sure when I share sims, you can get them looking exactly the same.

I’ll add more as I go along, but for now you can find this in my resources section for quick reference

Eyelash Removal/Face Overlay by retroxdance

This removes the crappy EA lashes so you can properly use the s-club ones (here). It also removes that ugly blue ring around contacts and the blotches on the lips

Cross eye fix by buhudain

Like the post says, the EA eye textures are simply flipped causing the catch lights to look ‘off’. This fixes that issue. If you’ve ever used my contacts and thought 'huh, mine look a little different’, this is why!

CAS Zoom by Shimrod101

Exactly what it says! It allows you to zoom in further to the face so you can see better when working on face details

CAS Pose by Spagtscully

This locks your sim into a pose while in CAS, making it easier to create them without their pesky ability to move. There are a few options to choose from. I find the dead eyes a little creepy but it’s super useful (Jonha’s original description: ’Sims will not greet you, sims will not smile, sims will not breathe, sims will not blink, sims will not move at all.’ Cute!)

More Beauty Marks & Freckles by fanaskher

Increases the amount of slots you can have for topical overlay freckles/beauty marks

No Camera Drift by aikea-guinea

This eliminates that annoying camera drift you get when moving the tabbed camera, so you don’t have to sit there pressing a combination of the left and right arrow keys attempting to centre on a sim. Yay!

No Camera Fade by Claeric

When you zoom in too far while in free cam, your sim will fade (bad!). This stops that from happening (good!)

Sexy Feet by Bloom

No more brick feet, this mod gives your sims toes and discernible foot details!

Invisible Plumbob Replacement by gardenbreeze

Removes the trademark, but incredibly annoying plumbob

Auto Testingcheatsenabled true by Treeag

A simple mod to save a little time when typing in certain cheats

Master Controller Base Mod + Modules by NRaas

Integration Module & Cheats (same page^) - You’ll have to read the page for more information, because these are capable of way more than what I use them for, which is mainly to enable layerable makeup, edit sims in CAS, add sims to a lot, etc.

Portrait Panel - Increases the number of sims’ portraits you can have on the left side of the screen, so you can keep track of them (shout out to my amazing followers who helped me with this one)



Here is an update on electricmonk333. She is till in hospital and now has her daughter with her. Here is a video of Sim this week explaining to her daughter about her injuries.

Please help out a member of our SPNFAMILY and donate, every tiny bit helps. (if you can only do paypal then contact me) They are still short of what they need for Sim’s prosthetic’s. (fundraiser link)

This has probably already been done before but for those people who have asked me for tips based on how I’ve taken pictures, hopefully this will help. This can be useful for those of you who want to just bookmark this for future reference as well. :)

Here’s some tips and tricks:

  • I use the program FRAPS to take screenshots of my game then I take them into Photoshop for editing/refining.
  • One of the biggest tips I tell people is make sure to have adequate and good lighting! I tend to use these lights when I’m setting up a room for picture taking.
  • I press F10 to remove the user interface (pressing it again will bring it back). Occasionally I’ll use the cheat hideHeadlineEffects on/off which shows or hides talk/thought balloons above Sim heads if they get in the way.
  • Pressing TAB allows you to enter camera mode which helps in taking photos, then while in camera mode holding SHIFT + A or SHIFT + D changes the angle of your photo as well. Pretty useful for some creative shots.
    Note: If you’re having trouble maneuvering the camera angle in the way that you’d like, check out these camera mods by aikea-guinea (camera mode) and buhudain (live mode).
  • Also, if you’re a fan of the HQ mod there’s multiple out. I use the one by Dachssims but S-Club and aWT also carries one.
    Note: Remember to remove the HQ mod if you aren’t running a higher end computer that can take it. You’re pushing the limit of your graphics card while using HQ mods and that is at the risk of overexerting it. If you know your computer can’t handle it, don’t play your game with the HQ mod in but rather only for photoshoots.
  • If you’re not a fan of “glowing white objects” in your game, check out this tutorial by simified to learn how you can easily remove them.

I hope these have helped. Happy picture taking! ♡

Manipulating sectional objects - counters

I wanted to make a guide on how to manipulate section objects and utilize certain parts in the furnishing process.

Part 1 will be dedicated to kitchen counters. Part 2 will cover sectional seats.

First of, what are sectional objects? Sectional objects are the objects that snap to one another and change shape depending on their position. Unlike CC, you cannot simply “choose” to put a corner-shaped counter in your room with EA objects, you actually have to have a 3-piece counter formation to have a corner.

Hopefully this tutorial will show you that with a bit of fiddling you can choose the parts you want.

Before we begin, I’d like to explain how to delete stuff manually. You’d need to use “TestingCheatsEnabled On” cheat (Shift+Ctrl+C to open cheat window). If you’re in Live Mode, Shift+click it, then “Object…”->“Delete It”. If you’re in Buy/Build Mode, you’ll have Shift+Ctrl+click it, then “Delete It”.

Things to remember:

  • Picking up a manipulated sectional part will force it to revert to the original object
  • Brushing the manipulated sectional part with any similar sectional object will force it to revert to the original, because they will try to snap to one another. (be wary of moving things like stoves near counters because stoves snap to counters like other counters)
  • Unlike the hammer tool, you cannot “undo” the manual deleting of something via shift+clicking the object, so delete stuff carefully.
  • Manual deletion of an object will not reimburse you the value of the object. Let’s say you have a 300 simoleon plant, and you hammer it away. Upon hammering it, you’ll receive 300 simoleons. If you shift+click delete the plant, you will not receive the 300 simoleons.

Let’s get cracking! You will most likely want to use “MoveObjects On” cheat too.

Kitchen counters normally have only 2 sectional parts - the corner piece and the top only piece.

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I always have to get online and find creative names because I save that part for last and when the time comes I panic and lose all hope of creativity…. 😩😔