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Jay has been sick today. He rolled a wish to take medicine, and I felt bad that we didn’t have a computer to order it so I gave him a teapot instead (tea helps when Sims get sick, right?). I was planning on having him hang out with Earl again, but he ended up just puttering around the house with this forlorn look on his face.


Willa & Blair McKenzie Aesthetic meme ♥


Hey Guys,

Today I am going to be covering an element that is quick and simple within The Sims 4.

I am going to be doing a short tutorial on how to create multiple outfits for your sims.

I have been playing this game since it launched and I didn’t know how to do this.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go into create a sim/plan outfits.

2. Click a little triangle about the outfits (everyday, formal, athletic etc.)

3. Click on the plus and create the outfits.


Here’s a little chat, I’m super bored and these are just my thoughts.

I’m super bad at a lot of things having to do with running a sim blog. I cannot make male sims for the life of me (I have to use bases, I edit them a lot though) and I’m horrible at editing .-. I run my sims game on a toshiba laptop since I can’t afford anything else so 😅 the quality of my game isn’t that great either. I also have no time to ever go in games besides on weekends .-. School and music practice. Bleh.

So I hope you’ll stick with me! Advice and tips on how to improve will be greatly appreciated (: thank you for a wonderful second day! ~

im releasing an album! it’s official after spending mooonths working on every aspect of it. im still in desperate need of getting a cover for said album as well as a name, but i’ll figure it out. also, i was thinking of having a concert before i move out of ny maybe?? if anyone would be interested let me know or if you have any suggestions as to where to it would take place that would be great too lol.