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Small Apartment Complex

I’m working on builds or my story before I start writing so I have an idea of where I want to go with it. This is the second lot I’ve build up from scratch for it and I’m super proud of myself! My first attempt at building a house from the hood turned into a luxurious condo lol. So I’m gonna try again once I get done with this complex. It’s missing some stuff but I can’t put my finger on what’s missing…

@sheplayswithlifeee @talesofascrewup I think I did it!


Adrienette: *happily out on a date at the community pool*

Some bald kid: *sits down and gives Marinette the stink eye*

Adrien: *ignores girlfriend to talk to the little shit*

Marinette: *looks into camera like she’s on the office*

Guide To Better Picture Quality in the Sims 4 :

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because I had my own share of problems with my ingame graphics also screenshooting so I tried to gather up some  tips that can help improve your photo/ingame quality a bit at least :) Most of these tips will help to make your pictures become clearer and sharper but remember  your pics quality will always depend on your Graphic Card before anything else .

1. Adjust your ingame Graphic Settings

  • Make sure you set your ‘Sim Details’ and ‘Lighting’ to ‘highest’.
  • Tick ‘Umcompressed Sim Texture’.
  • Untick ‘Post Processing Effects’
  • Laptop mode is optional but I usually untick it.

2. Adjust your  Graphic Card Settings

  •  Right click on your Desktop and select ‘Graphic properties’.
  • Set your bar to highest Quality in the 3D tab option. (  Every graphic card is different but usually they allow users to configure quality and settings.)

3. Download HQ ingame mods  

  • Mods can greatly improve game quality. This mod by @brntwaffles is the best mod for that. It does help a lot.  Follow their instructions for installing and screenshooting.  Download.

4. Download Photoshop Plug-ins

  • For those who use PS for photo editing, I recommend the following plugins. They do help in improving photo quality/resolution.

Topaz Clean Set   ( free Trial mode)

Raw Camera Filter  ( free)

5. RAM and Memory :

  • When you’re running The Sims 4, try to close all other windows and programs. This will conserve RAM for the game and help it run smoother.

6. Clean and Organize your CC

  • too much CC or bad CC can affect the quality of your ingame so make sure to clean your mods file and organize the content once in a while at least. Tools to help you :

The Sims 4 Mod Manger 

Mod Conflict Detector

7. Game Boosters/Optimizers.

  • There are many softwares out there specifically made to improve the gaming exprience overall. 
  •  I personally use SystemCare game Booster  so search around google and find one that would work for you.

That’s it guys and girls :) I know the list is not perfect, it’s smthg I gathered from my own exprience so it might not work for everyone but I do hope this would be of help.

 If there is another tip you would like to recommend, tell me or add it by reblog.


Someone point me in the direction of...

a good way to run the sims 2?

I have tones of CC and it’s so slow with even just 9 gbs. Or is that just so much? I have a pretty solid pc. Like I know I can run it but I feel like I’m missing something?! Like its been so long with managing ts2 I forgot how to really. I use the tools suggested in most cases. I can’t remember, if you could merge them like ts3? Or if there was another tool like the dashboard to run ts2 through?

Or am I doomed to have it load time of 1 hr

What do you have? And do?


So I’ve created a walk out basement in TS2. The problem I’m encountering is that all the stupid sims (paper boy, Rod Humble, welcome wagon) think the basement entry is the front door despite it being below ground, way in the back, and inside a fence. -_- Is there a trick to forcing the game to recognize the actual front door as the main entry?

Elia’s Quick Sims 4 UV_1 Help Mini Tutorial

Since I don’t really have time to make a fully fledged tutorial, and recording wasn’t working out too well (kept messing up ;; i’ma nervous wreck). I didn’t want to break any commitments I made to others saying I’d help when I figure out UV_1 so,  I decided to do a quick little mini tutorial of my UV_1 process. This will not cover weighs/bones, nor vertex painting or anything of the like, just UV_1. Also just a quick reminder that I’m still a beginner with this, but this worked ohkayy for me. I’ve used this method three times with all successful results.

I hope this helps you somewhat, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask me!

I’m tagging this under sims4cc because it is relateable to so, if this rustles anyone’s jimmies I’ll kindly take it off.

(p.s: this isn’t so much a beginner tutorial, but you’re free to try! Just having knowledge of blender may help)

Make sure to read the whole thing ! There is a pro tip at the end.



I can not for the life of me figure out what is missing from this set! So far it has:

  • a bar
  • swing bar chairs
  • one seater chair
  • 2 seater sofa
  • pergola
  • candle in a case
  • fireplace
  • a table (that’s the same as the fireplace but obv minus the fire) 
  • & modular seating (including left, right, middle, convex & corner sections that don’t screw with don’t wake the llama)

Is it just a dining table & chair it needs? Is it decor that it needs? WHAT DOES IT NEED?!!!?