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‘You look beautiful, Mrs. Goth.’  A man said.

Cottage instantly got a flash back from the day he yelled at her at the park about Alex helping berry sims.

‘Thank you, I try to clean up nicely.’ She smiled.

‘Where’s your hubby at?’ The man glanced around.

‘I’m sorry, who invited you?’ She asked as politely as possible.

‘Nice of your husband to hire mostly berries for his workers here.’

‘Excuse me?’

So I was builidng in The Sims and I came across a good idea that I wanted to share with you all. I’m not sure if it’s been done before, I haven’t seen any posts on it, so here I go!

Are you ever building and you reach an area like this, and think, well what am I going to put there? I asked this very same question and thought how nice  it would be for there to be a little bench with cushions to put there. And then I thought, what if I make it myself? 

For this, you’ll need to use the cheat “bb.moveobjects” two cabinets of your choosing, and the cushions from Spa Day.

With moveobjects on, I was able to place the smallest cabinet option directly on the ground. Then, I grab a cushion, press the 9 key once, lifting it slightly, and place the cushion through the cabinet, like so. 

And voila! You now have a cushioned bench with the illusion of storage, perfect for under the window usage. :)

Oh, and it’s totally usable. Woo! 

25 Things To Try (CAS)

It seems you guys liked my gameplay ideas, so I thought I’d do a little suggestion list for CAS. There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) A female by the name of Balinda

2) Family of a dad and quintuplets (that’s 5) who all have a different personality/style

3) Dark-skinned beauty with a secret

4) A ginger man with a big nose

5) A sim inspired by the word “Discombobulate“

6) Rocker granddad

7) Family of 4 whose surname is Itchy

8) A sim you wouldn’t expect to be an owner of a doberman

9) A girl who was quiet and unassuming at school, but was actually a master schemer and behind all of the school gossip

10) Sim who was voted “Most likely to fall into a pothole while walking and taking a selfie”

11) A male detective with a great bushy mustache

12) A sim who is known to say “Amazeballs” way too often

13) Your selfsim’s evil twin

14) Black widow

15) Crazy cat gentleman

16) Family of 3 dresses head to toe in black + yellow

17) Pageant mum

18) Misunderstood villain

19) A male who is so in love with his cowboy hat and boots, he sleeps in them

20) A really scary-looking father and the cutest little daughter

21) A lady who would own two chihuahuas called Dolce and Gabanna, and her much older husband

22) A sim who hates fun

23) 3 elderly sisters/friends who like sitting in front of playgrounds and complaining about the kids

24) Two parents with a terribly spoiled teenage son

25) A family of 3 - teenage daughter and her two very embarrassing parents

25 Things To Try (Building)

Continuing the suggestion list, here’s things to try to build! There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) A motel that would have the word Cactus in its title

2) Fish restaurant on stilts

3) Small petting zoo

4) Junkyard

5) A house for a spoiled princess

6) An abandoned warehouse converted into a nightclub

7) A party boat

8) House for an evil villain - small and unassuming above ground, large and villain-ey underground

9) House for 3 that is entirely open plan minus the bathroom(s)

10) A community lot with a carousel

11) A trailer for an animal-hoarder

12) A residential for 3 circus performers

13) Two mirrored twin houses (on the same lot) for two twin grannies

14) Petrol station

15) Daycare (community lot)

16) A huge mansion for an eccentric sim, where only 4 rooms are furnished

17) A townhouse in a rundown area of town

18) A Victorian inhabited by ghosts

19) A house for a sim who owns way too many stuffed toys

20) A lot inspired by the word “Walrus” (yes really!)

21) A house with purple walls

22) A house shared by 4 “bros” who throw crazy ragers almost every night

23) 20s-inspired lounge

24) A park frequented by hobos

25) A public aquarium

my gift to you.
  • Not sure if i should call this a gift but more of a resource thing. 
  • Anyway, this is my sort of 300 followers gift, (currently at 270)
  • consisting of some tips on how to get better quality, and what hq mod i use, since i keep getting asked which i use.
  • And also a link to learning how to add cleavage to a skin!
  • also for mahinaohana and a current anon asking for which hq mod i use. Okay, more info under the cut!
  • BTW i do have music playing on my page so, make sure your volume isn’t too loud and to pause, or turn down the music!

    EDIT: Ugh, almost forgot. Also links to photoshop and topaz clean!
    reblogs are appreciated to help others in need. :3


10 Things To Try (Gameplay)

I received a request for more gameplay ideas. There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) Your teenage girl is still finding her identity. Have her change her style (hairdo/colour/wardrobe) every few sim-weeks.

2) Pick a day of the week that is family movie night. That night the entire family watches TV together.

3) Your partner has Simjamin Simtton syndrome! Every time you age up, he/she ages down. Beginning with both being Young Adults, when you become an Adult, your partner becomes a teen. Elder - Child. When the elder dies, the child gets to grow old, but will not fall in love ever again as he/she mourns the death of their one true love.

4) Your sim is a budding personal stylist! Through the townie bin menu, find sims who are in a desperate need of a makeover, and give it to them. But before you can do that, you need to make sure you know that sim and have some sort of relationship with them (distant friends/acquaintances will do). Once you’re finished, award your sim some money through a cheat. Show us before and after pictures, too.

5) Friday is date night. Send your favourite teenage/YA/adult/elderly couple on a romantic date, and continue doing so every Friday, visiting a different venue every time.

6) Vacation terror - you and your family are staying in Granite Falls, and you’re bored. Dress everyone in the bear costume and begin being mean to the unsuspecting visitors.

7) Your house is suddenly inhabited by scary ghosts. (They must have the Evil, Mean and Insane traits). 3-5 ghosts preferable (unless your household is large). You have no control over them, meaning you don’t “play” them and instead leave them to take care of their own needs, and only “play” your non-ghost members.

8) You’re a hermit. You hate people and electricity. You can own a bath tub/sink but not a shower, and you can’t own any electronics or appliances. You must live off of the earth, growing your own produce. Your only social needs relief is your trusty bear sidekick Blarffy (you’ll need the Childish trait to interact with it).

9) Homework is hard! From now on your child can only do his/her homework when an adult is present in the room, to “help them”. The adult has to actually be nearby and not be doing anything too distracting, like watching TV, for the duration.

10) Finders Keepers - you live in an empty shell of a house and are in the Criminal career. You can only use found objects (rocks, trophies, fish) and career rewards to furnish your place, as well as items you’ve acquired through “illegal means”. Since there is no option to “swipe” stuff in TS4, we will need to improvise. After every work day as a criminal, you have one choice of an item (that your finances can afford) you “brought home from work with you”, from any category. You cannot buy two items from the same category in a row. (e.g. if day 1 is bed, day 2 can’t be a chair since they’re both in the “comfort” section). On your days off you don’t get to “bring an item with you”, since well, you weren’t at work.