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So last month I was able to see @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil on their tour!  Unless you watch Dan and Phil this drawing is probably really confusing, because it’s full of inside jokes from their videos.  I decided to draw their Sim Dil and his girlfriend Tabitha being abducted by aliens, and it got chosen as part of their show!  I was absolutely stoked, they are my favorite Youtubers, so the fact that my art made it into the show felt super surreal.  Their reactions were priceless, and it was definitely one of the best nights ever.  They did a fantastic job, and were hilarious.  I’m glad I got to be apart of the experience.


WIP: Master bedroom and en-suite of my Scandinavian Modern build for this livingsims challenge.

I am totally loving this build and can’t wait to share it all with you guys!I I plan to share the lot and (huge) CC list soon. First I have a hunger games marathon to complete with my fam before I can get back to work on this <3



dont mind the sound :D Still trying to figure out the sound for recording from my Phone! 

I haven’t been updating this simblr or posting new cc much in the last weeks so here’s a lightly edited screen of mah girl! xD 

I hope things get better so I can soon be back and share new custom content for ts4 with you! + we just hit 4k followers so thank you all so much for following me in this quirky sims world!


so I decided to play sims 3 again because of my sister playing in intensely..and Ega-san who supported me to play it.

I made a teen couple. Jun La Frite & Fussa La Frite They lived in Isla Paradiso 

they were a lovely couple

 - smile my sugar fairy! you’re about to get some white stuff! not sperm or sands though. taraaa!  *o*ehuehuehue Jun kyakyaa*o*

     even retarded zombies are jealous of them

but everything changed when the afro fire lord LaRhonda attacked

come at me bro

he set everything on fire - he set the stove on fire - he was hungry

     he set his ass on fire - “this smell..the smell that smells smelly..the smell of my ass.not the usual smell though”

DANCE!DANCE!DAANCE~OH DAANCE~DAAAAAAANCE~“i’ll make him dance the fvck out of him if don’t wanna go on a date with me” - “nah”

“then you shall dance with him”

DANCEDANCEDAANCEDANCE~DANCE DANCE DANCE~      that time Jun’s ghost chose to stay inside her

“turned y'all into dirt..”

     then le wild grim reaper appeared and casually threw them away because he’s too lazy to bring them to hell.

the end


Bolton Hall

Built at 55 Landgraab Ave. Sunset Valley, Bolton Hall was recently inherited by Lady Olivia Hamilton. 7 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, library, billiards room, ballroom, music room, conservatory, family crypt, kitchen garden & a multitude of other rooms, porches, & outdoor spaces. Long occupied by the Hamilton family, you may encounter some passed ancestors at this family mansion! *No CC* I hope you enjoy playing Bolton Hall if you decide to DL it. I appreciate every FR, recommendation and DL. GG_100 x (pt 3 of 3)