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This will save your life.

what??? this website guys! the community has to do something about it! this person is stealing people work reuploading them and putting them under adfly links. Over 20k subscribers on youtube and 60k+ on facebook… This person makes money over other people work! It’s not really about me cause I am using adfly myself… but for the people who put their work for free that’s really not fair and someting must be done about this…

She/he is also putting links for cracked versions of the sims 4 so I guess that’s the only way to take this blog down, so please report this website to this email   maybe something will be done this way…

I am sorry I used the tag ts4cc for non custom content post… But I want most people to see this, please reblog as much as you can


I finally got around to making this tutorial! It shows a way to resize (downsize included) certain objects the CC-free way. :-)


Okay so I went on a CC downloading spree yesterday but when I went to turn on my game, it froze. It froze right when it says sims 4. Now I tried to repair the game and it did the same thing so what should I do? Is there a way to find out what CC is defective in my mods and tray folders?

SOLVED: Update messed with save games?

So I went to load up my save of the Keen Girls (Skelly, Chems, Dot, ect) and for some reason, I couldn’t play them. Like the save loaded up, but when I went to have one of the girls move, the pie menu didn’t pop up. So I went to check on Pi at her house, and it wouldn’t even open her house. It just kept sending me back to the select a world menu. I thought maybe the save went corrupt, so I tried loading up my legacy save and it’s doing the same thing as it did when I tried to load into Pi’s house…whats the deal? Anyone got an idea on how to fix this?

Thanks everyone for your help. I suddenly remembered they updated inside lighting, and took out my mod for indoor lighting tweaks. Derp.


The kids in my game can’t Battle With Voidcritters :( When I tell them to use Battlestation nothing happens, it’s like I didn’t tell them to do anything at all, is there any info on CC/Mods that could be causing that?

Edit: Turns out it was sg5150‘s cars, which sucks since I really wanted them in my game, the jeep and the mini-cooper specifically :( Oh well, maybe I can try to converted them myself later. Thank you all who tried to help <3 @littlesimmerbigheart @alexpilgrimblog @simmerapple

This is making no sense at all.

I’ve put the exact CC from my mods folder from my computer into my laptop so I can slowly figure out if it’s some CC causing the issues. BUT so far in CAS on my laptop everything is fine. I have the same patch on both the laptop and computer. 

In what world does this make sense?!

Please please help.


Hyejeong - The Sims 4 Hairstyle (Maxis Match) 

This is our first own Sims 4 hairmesh. Many thanks to @mangosim for helping me with the tutorials and guidelines on how to do it. This hair does have a slightly high poly-count but when I get more comfortable with making meshes, I’ll make everything less high. This hair is called ‘Hyejeong’ because of a member of AOA having this kind of hairstyle in their GOOD LUCK MV.

Info & Download Below!

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