the sims 3 university life expansion pack

oh my god im screaming

I’ve made Max and Chloe from lis in sims 3, and I just got the university expansion pack, so I enrolled them in university to imagine a life is strange world with a good ending, and then she started ranting about Death and she FUCKING DIED 


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1. Which is your favorite Sims Expansion?

My favorite expansion pack of all time! Ah, that’s so hard to just pick one. From each generation I’ve played! 

TS2: Seasons/Apt Life TS3: Island Paradise/University Life TS4: City Living/Pets(hehe!

3. Do you have any favorite simblrs?

Too many to name! Everyone I follow posts the most amazing content and I truly find myself so inspired and motivated each time I refresh my dash! 

5. What made you want to create a simblr?

I love Sims, and remember googling how to install cc for TS3 around Supernatural (played without, shocking I know) and found a bunch of stuff on tumblr and realized there was a huge community full of people playing sims and sharing their gameplay, and joined that day! Ever since then, I’ve deleted and remade once or twice but I’m pretty much here to stay now.  ❤

The Signs as Sims Expansion Packs
  • Aries : Late Night
  • Taurus : Pets
  • Gemini : Ambitions
  • Cancer : Generations
  • Leo : Showtime
  • Virgo : University Life
  • Libra : Seasons
  • Scorpio : Supernatural
  • Sagittarius : World Adventures
  • Capricorn : Get To Work
  • Aquarius : Into The Future
  • Pisces : Island Paradise

Amaranth Foxglove, for Berrycolorfulsims, who requested a pink male spouse for her upcoming challenge :3

His traits are: Family Oriented, Nurturing, Great Kisser, Irresistible and Cat Person.

He requires the following expansion packs for his clothes: Into The Future, University Life, Island Paradise, Generations, Supernatural and Pets.

I hope you like him ^_^

I love this theme EA is following when making expansions in that they’re adding big foundation pieces that can be reused for new features in future expansions. Get to Work added the business feature that we’ve already seen can be used with future packs such as opening an ice cream shop with the Cool Kitchen pack. Get to Work also added the active careers model that opens the doors for a ton of new careers being added down the line. Now with Get Together we’re getting the clubs system that can definitely be used for new features down the line. For example:

A future university expansion can use the clubs foundation for its fraternity and sorority system. This way they’ll be more like in Sims 2 University where you needed to work at getting a bid to join instead of in Sims 3 University Life where a sim could just join automatically.

In a supernatural expansion a sim could join a coven of witches or a werewolf pack. Unlike the werewolf packs in Sims 3 Supernatural, having a pack could open a lot more doors for unique game play. Same with witches being a part of a coven and having an enemy coven of evil witches.