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Hello, new world!

   So, life is moving slowly. This does not mean that I’m wasting time or something. As I said, we did visit New York, because Davide wanted it so. Of course, when I came here, I was filled with childhood memories of a pleasant time here, in my childhood with my family … I miss by that time a little. But I noticed such a thing that I became a little tired of the noise of the city, traffic in the streets and an endless stream of information. I want silence and peace?! I don’t know why, maybe I’m used to be in isolation, in calm all these 5 months after the birth of my daughter?

   I remember with warmth the time we spent in Olympus and even a little miss it. But fortunately, we will not stay in New York for a long time, we are only a week or two here, and then we will go to our next destination. I like to travel around the world, see different cities and try the local cuisine, maybe I would even be able to become a travel blogger :D But it will not last too long. I need constant stable work, and the child needs his own house (as well as his own room, not a crib in the parents’ bedroom), so we’ll still have to return to the Alpine County (and most likely it will happen before Danae will turn a year old). I don’t want to think of anything for the future, come what may, and I’ll just enjoy each subsequent day! :)


Durian: “Azure, I am being honest with you.  I’m telling you, Emit a time traveler landed in my backyard yesterday night.  I traveled to the future and I saw her again.  I even went to the Astronomy Center i told you about.  I could have my dream job there.”


Emit: Hey, I’m someone who broke the record for a number of appearances in watcher’s projects. She’s just fond of this stuff, you know. Anyway… You’re lucky today, Tobias Fletcher. I travel through multiple universes and today I ended up in yours because you managed to open a time portal, so… of course I’m aware I shouldn’t trust you with time almanac, but I’m forced to hand it to you. Use it wisely.

Tobias: … so… I’m now able to travel to the future? It’s… I’m so honoured! The worst summer might turn into the best summer!

Nate and Wendy: TOBIAS NO

Tobias: Tobias yes. I’m going to the future tomorrow morning and nothing can stop me.


Hello ! My name is Prince, I’m 26 years old. I like to travel and meet new people.
I love reading, especially fantastic stories.
I’m a fan of the supernatural! I love music, I play the guitar.
I am a quiet, nice and funny person. But I’m not afraid to say what I think.
I have been single for a while, I would like to find the woman of my life … I think that the pretty Tenley could be my future woman .. To you to choose …

Prince for Bachelorette Challenge 

Tenley’s Bachelorette Challenge!



???: You’re right, boy. I’m a time traveler. My name’s Emit Relevart, but you can call me Emit.

DEREK: My name’s Derek.

EMIT: Derek. Nice to meet you, boy.

EMIT: You, as the first sim I’ve encountered in the present time, I grant you this.

EMIT: The Almanac of Time.

DEREK: Sweet. What’s the use of that?

EMIT: Well, you can check your descendants, altering the future, and more!

Emma: Why are you asking? 

Emit: Because safety matters. Preferably no one should see us here, especially with the time machine. Actually it’s just a remote control, but anyway… I like calling it machine. You were right when you mentioned time travelling movies, interacting with someone here might cause serious consequences.

Emma: Oh no. I met a crying girl at the park before… and apparently advised her to break up with her boyfriend.

Emit: Damn! It’s not good, Emma. You probably prevented her future children from existing, and who knows what they could become?

Emma: Don’t look at me like this, it’s not my fault! How could I know it’s the bloody 1987?

Emit: Sorry, I overreacted. Still, it’s dangerous. You should find that girl and prevent her from breaking up with him at all costs.

sims 3 expansion pack: we’ve added the option to build a time machine, which your sim can use to travel to the future. in the future you can perform a quest line which will transform it into a regular, utopian or dystopian future. you may run into your sim’s descendants and see how their family has grown over many generations. here’s a bunch of cute holographic pets for you to collect. your sim can now build sentient robots and affect their personality by installing different trait chips onto them. laser rhythm-a-con

sims 4 expansion pack: heres a bush sims can piss in


Cape Escape by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

The request was to build a t two story modern beach house. So here it is.The lot is big with 3 bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom en suite, and two separate bathrooms. A studio, of course. A big live in kitchen with wine pantry and a laundry room plus room to exercise. A garage for one car a pool and a deck. Also room for the jet ski and the boat. The boats have not been included.

Creator Notes

Note that I ticked all Extension Packs and Stuff Packs. I have them all (except Katy Perry stuff) but I did not use them all. You NEED Island Paradise, I used the stilted foundation and for the boat docking. and the waterfall in the pool. World Travels and Into the Future for some outdoor plants, the roof lights and furniture in one the bedrooms. I think the laundry stuff came with Ambitions, so yes, basically I used most EP’s, but no stuff packs.

To place this lot in Sunset Valley, bulldoze the Old Pier Park on the beach. Replace it with a 50x50 lot from the world editor (or bigger).


Hi guys! Just thought I’d put together a giveaway to celebrate the New Year / Back to School.  xx


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  • the giveaway is international


  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Lorna Jane 2015 Diary
  • Typo Travel Journal
  • Wreck This Journal
  • Cards Against Humanity Game
  • French Manicure Set
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume
  • Assorted EOS Lipbalms
  • 3 Tattoo Chokers
  • Lush Products: Dream Cream, Dreamwash, Father Christmas Bathbomb, Happy Hippy Shower Gel
  • Sims 3 Expansion Packs: Outdoor Living, Katy Perry Sweet Stuff, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Showtime (Limited Edition), Into the Future


  • The Kindle, Perfumes, 2015 Diary, Lush Products, Manicure Set and Cards Against Humanity I was given for Christmas and allready had that/something similar.
  • The Sims Games have been used once by me, but I have Sims 4 now.
  • The Travel Journal I bought months ago but our holiday was cancelled so I’m not going to use it.
  • The Wreck this Journal in the picture is mine, but the one for the giveaway is in the mail.
  • The EOS and Chokers I bought for the giveaway.

In the end the total value of all these items comes to about $650 AUS.

Good Luck :)


Days passed. Hours dragged on. Minutes crawled by. It was just the harsh desert surrounding him the last few days, mountains after mountains of sand, the coarse hot dust whipping unforgivably against his face. Then he saw something. A light! A ray of hope. Surely there must be someone there. 

It is a lone traveler, thank the heavens!  

“Hello there Tzar. I’ve been expecting you.”

“Yes hel- huh? Ummm… ok? How did you know my na- nevermind, I never understood these things anyway.”

“Ah yes, you’re not as delirious as I expected you to be. Come on then, I’m sure you’re hungry.”

“I’m starving. And I mean literally starving. I don’t know what would’ve happen if I’ve not found you just now. I probably would’ve died. So thanks.”

“It’s all been planned this way. I am merely just playing my role in your destiny. Your death is still far in the future, although there will be times where you’ll find yourself a few steps away from death’s door.”

“Uhh ok. Thank you for telling me my future, I guess? Not that I’m not grateful for your hospitality and all -I really am!- but I don’t believe in those kind of stuff ya know?" 

"I understand. But the stars does not lie. You will see for yourself in time.”

Tzar could not make out what the traveler is saying anymore as the smell of cooked food wafts through the air. He has had enough of cactus juice and desert bugs.

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Typhoon Windsor >> Neurotic || Loves the Outdoors || Vehicle Enthusiast

The older of the two twins, Typhoon is the only child born this generation with Breeze’s hair color! Like his sister, Typhoon is also neurotic, although it doesn’t seem to effect him as much as his sister Pandora. Probably because he finds solace exploring the great outdoors! Since he has gotten older, Typhoon has had a thing for cars and cannot wait to own his very first one! 

In the Future: If Typhoon wins, he will be the first Windsor to travel using World Adventures.

If you want Typhoon to be heir, vote for him here!

The poll is open to multiple voting, so make sure to vote for your favorite as much as you want!