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Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 279}

A few months later…
Moonlight Falls has died in magical activity at most. Beatrice and Belinda have been living like normal sisters. Apart from a little spell or two the witches have been at ease. Although this year has been a lot longer than usual and more brutal… Fate has tried to kill the charmed ones in unexpected ways and with Belinda dead many thought that it was to end of the three Crumplebottom sisters but then came a long a third, a new and secret sister; Beverley.
They haven’t even bothered to follow up on the mysterious time traveler who sought to harm them. The only exciting thing that’s happened recently is a very chaotic video chat with Beverley from her dorm room at Salem University; she was nearly caught casting a spell by her already suspicious roommate, Lara. The power of three will be hard to maintain with a student sister living miles and miles away but Beatrice believes that Beverley’s qualifications are of upmost important and wants her to graduate with flying colours, without the use of the craft. Becoming a witch shouldn’t prevent her life goals from happening. Beverley’s ‘learning’ to teleport to the manor from the house. At the moment but doesn’t matter she’s not here… There are no demonic threats. Even Beatrice has stopped sleep walking. All has been very calm until
Bianca: “
AAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhh!!! ”