the sims 3 seasons screenshots


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 1}

- Black Widow ☭ -

Red hair, red lips, black outfit… Who is she? The Black Widow. She lives by shades of grey, if you see her then it’ll surley be the last thing you’ll ever see. Beware the Black Widow!

The skies are always as grey as the mother land in the mind of this highly trained Russian spy; Natalia Shostakov. Assassination, spying and ridding the world of witches is the three of Natalia’s best talents. The black widow is beautiful yet deadly… 

Her past is as red as blood. 

Wind howling, leaves following it’s blowing commands. Her red hair is shadowed by her unique skills as a notorious witch hunter. She parades the rooftops of Moonlight Falls… Waiting to make her shot, her targets must be eliminated. Witches are on her radar and she never fails a mission, they will be dead at the hands of the Black Widow.

Black Widow: “They will not see me coming.” she says as she smiled to herself deviously, her red lipstick matching her dark intentions.

The three charmed ones, the so called witches must be wiped from existence. Natalia has been staring at their manor for over two hours waiting for a head to appear in a window or for a witch to leave the house so she can take aim with her sniper rifle…. Sometimes ammunition beats magic. The three Crumplebottom sisters are no match for the infamous BLACK WIDOW!!