the sims 3 memes

Sims Ask Thing

So I’ve seen maybe 2 ask memes about sims, so I thought I would make one to hopefully get in depth and stalker-ish with your favorite blogs!

1. What’s your favorite sims death?
2. Alpha CC or Maxis Match?
3. Do you cheat when your sims gain weight
4. Do you use move objects?
5. Favorite mod?
6. First expansion/game/stuff pack you got?
7. Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing?
8. Who’s your favorite sim that you’ve made?
9. Have you made a simself?
10. What sim traits do you give yourself?
11. Which is your favorite EA hair color?
12. Favorite EA hair?
13. Favorite life stage?
14. Are you a builder or are you in it for the gameplay?
15. Are you a CC creator?
16. Do you have any simblr friends/a sim squad?
17. What’s your favorite game? (1, 2, 3, or 4)
18. Do you have any sims merch?
19. Do you have a YouTube for sims?
20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing?
21. What’s your Origin ID?
22. Who’s your favorite CC creator?
23. How long have you had a simblr?
24. How do you edit your pictures?
25. What expansion/game/stuff pack do you want next?
25. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far?

Thank you for using this! Feel free to leave feedback/suggestions for another one of these in the replys :)

Sims 2/3/4 Asks

I saw a few people creating more and i’d love to make my own version too!

1.Who is your favorite simblr?

2.Favorite piece of cc? Why?

3.Must have mods?

4.Best world to play in?

5.Why did you join simblr?

6.Do you use other sims platforms?Like twitter/Instagram etc

7.What do you want to do with your blog in the future?

8.Current goals with your blog?

9.A simblr crush?

10.Five of your favorite sims of other people’s?

11.What is the community missing?

12.Do you like getting involved?

13.Have you RP-ed already? Joined any RP community with sims?

14.How many people do you follow?

15.Do you collab with people? Are you open to ships?

16.Your favorite sim/sims of yours?

17.Sims blogs you recommend?

18.Do you run other sims related blogs?

19.Which EP/SP packs do you own?Your favorite?

20.Favorite Sims game?

21.The most annoying bug you ever encountered?

22.Favorite supernatural in The Sims games?

23.Favorite word in simlish?

24.Do you think there will be a Sims 5 anytime soon?What do you expect from it?

25.How would you describe the community? Or your experience so far?

26. 1 SP/EP you dislike most and why?

27.Maxis Match CC?

28.Favorite home to play in?

29.Favorite pet type in any Sims game?Why?

30.Are you WCIF friendly?

31.Favorite CC Creator/s?

32.What’s your blog theme? Berry?Realistic?Other?Why?

33.List 5 facts about your favorite character?

34.Does any of your characters have a crush on someone else’s sim?Who?

35.How do you create your sims? Do you use inspiration?Have face claims?

36.Do you dislike any of your sims?Why?

37.How did your blog/sims change with time?

38.Do you follow back?

39.Have you created sims from other games?Who?Why?

40.Best sims game?Why?

I was playing sims 3 one day and I found a cute guy sim to date. I flirted with him for a few days since I kept running into him all over town so I decided that we should date. I tried to call him on the phone on to ask him out but he kept telling me he was busy and couldn’t go out. After a few more times this happened I just decided to go over to his house and see what was going on. Somehow this guy was stuck in a bush in front of his house and couldn’t move! So I flirted with his brother until I could move in. Once I moved in I tried to delete the bush but I couldn’t since it was being interacted with the guy stuck in the bush. So I married his brother and started to look after the horses once the guy died.

what traits does your muse have?

bold the sims 3 traits your muse has.

absentminded | ambitious | angler | artistic | athletic
bookworm | brave | can’t stand art | charismatic | childish
clumsy | commitment issues | computer whiz | couch potato | daredevil
dislikes children | easily impressed | excitable | family-oriented | flirty
friendly | frugal | genius | good | good sense of humor
great kisser | green thumb | grumpy | handy | hates the outdoors
heavy sleeper | hopeless romantic | hot-headed | hydrophobic | inappropriate
insane | kleptomaniac | loner | loser | loves the outdoors
lucky | mean spirited | mooch | natural cook | neat
neurotic | never nude | no sense of humor | over emotional | party animal
perfectionist | schmoozer | slob | snob | technophobe
unflirty | unlucky | vegetarian | virtuoso | workaholic