the sims 3 legacy

Jaq stepped out of the subway and took grateful deep breaths of the slightly-cleaner air. Her first subway ride had been a wee bit terrifying, a distinct contrast from the quiet life of her island town where she had grown up. The city itself was dirty, grungy, and filled with some of the worst people on earth. Exactly as her mother had promised. “You should know that I grew up in a big city, and hated every second of it,” her mother said when Jaq told her.

Jaq must not be her mother’s daughter, no matter how much her father claimed, for Jaq felt alive. The city pulsed with every passing second. Every footstep belonged to a person who had their own dreams, their own fear, and their own stories.

That was one of the reasons Jaq moved here. Ever since she was a child, she had an unquenchable thirst to share those stories. Through music, she had been able to spread the tales of people easily. Bridgeport was known to make superstars out of hopeful nobodies. So her she was, a girl with a guitar on her back and a song on her tongue.

Jaq put the key into the lock of her new apartment, turned it, and whispered,

“Here goes nothing.”

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Ch. 3

Quentin’s POV:

I followed every single path every other junkie athlete traveled. I let the fame, the money and definitely the honeys distract me, and here I was, sitting in room after my latest drug binge. I couldn’t ask how I got here, I knew exactly how and why but now I asked myself what I was going to do.

I lost everything I worked so hard for the other night, I was banned from the Bridgeport Athletic League indefinitely - they said. It was me and few other players, but what did they expect when for every victory your coach sets up a party at the hottest strip clubs?

I needed to go home, but home was no longer home. In the decade I had been away, my parents divorced. Well, more like my dad ran off with some woman and they left to Twinbrook and my mom eventually passed away from breast cancer. I heard cancer can do that to a couple, but my parents didn’t have the strongest marriage in the first place.

I needed to find my sister, which wasn’t terribly difficult, but she has no clue about our parents or anything else that had been going.

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- Well, you’ve chosen the only birthday that she will have no memory of. Well done, babe! xD

- Hey… At least you can tell her I was present. I read somewhere that the first birthdays are the most important ones. I don’t want her to run away from home and turn to be a stripper called Candy, Lolly or Sugar or whatever names you can remember of…

- Omg. I can’t believe you flew from France because you’re afraid your one year old daughter will become a stripper.

- Mock me at will. I prefer to sing happy birthday!


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Chapter Fiiiive.

Chapter Sixxxx

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