the sims 3 generation


Butter: “It’s been a month…I feel like she’s just getting worse.”

Durian: “We have to let her mourn.”

Butter: “Maybe we should think about getting her some counseling.”

Durian: “Maybe…for now let’s just let her sleep.”


The story of how me and @blurrypxls​ exchanged sims who later gave their genetics to our ultimate faves: Pippa and Tobias. 💖


As our garden started to grow into more of a fledgling farm, I’d wake up most mornings to find Orion taking care of the watering.  As I went to join him he’d smile and then head off to go collecting.  When we were put on this island together, I wasn’t expecting to end up with someone so compassionate.  He was constantly looking out for me.  It was nice to have someone who cared so much.

I’m going to do this again but do it for real. I decided to try it with a single mother who just color shifts. I decided to use @cowplantberry‘s Typhoon Merlot as the first generation spouse, and decided to use Lycan as the founder. The first generation will be using this palette so I am starting with the green. I will probably take some photos of Typhoon in every color eventually, as well as all of the babies born in this generation. I won’t be uploading any gameplay photos though. My blog is going to be just Glacia Rainbowcy since I feel like the updates will be more interesting for that than this. But I will be sure to show you all of the babies. :)