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So I decided to do the EP rainbowcy challenge because I have no self control. It won’t start for probably a while but I thought I’d make a post asking for spouses. 

I’ll be doing the rainbowcy in this order so comment/send me a message with the EP you’d like! 

Either gender is fine, and the only thing would be to make sure the spouse has traits/lifetime wish associated with your chosen generation. For Supernatural the sim can be any occult, and if you chose Pets a pet (dog or cat) is also welcome! CC is also welcome as long as you link it~ 

1) Base Game (#fa9db9): @simlovinggirl
2) Pets (#faa691): @nerdiesimmer
3) Generations (#ffcdaa): @ahplumbobs
4) University Life (# fffac6) @ofplumbotsandplumbobs (i can’t tag you :( )
5) Ambitions (#b7ffd8): @simbersanders
6) Late Night (#8befee) @simtasticlyobsessed
7) Supernatural (#7fbdef): @amixofpixels
8) Showtime (#e4ccff) @stephaniesim
9) World Adventures (#ffa3eb): @indielectualll
10) Island Paradise (#d9dbdc): @plumnectared (it won’t let me tag you :( )

Another random thought

I really miss the “skill careers” from Sims 3 (I think they were introduced with the Ambitions EP). It was so nice to be able to have a Sim be self-employed as a Gardener, Collector, Angler, etc. I’ve wished for those since day one of Sims 4, but today it really hit me - I’m making sure all of the Sims in Newlyn Hills/Blythe Harbor have jobs, and there just aren’t any good options for Sims who are outdoorsy types. I know you can just keep them unemployed and have them fish/garden/collect for money, but then they get assigned as bartenders and things around town. :-p

The Iron Prince Returns

Ten years he had been away…

Lordsport men gazed on Theon with blank, bovine eyes, and he realized that they did not know who he was. 

It made him angry.

 "Innkeeper,“ he barked, "I require a horse.”

“As you say, m'lord,” the man responded, without so much as a bow. He had forgotten how bold the ironborn could be. “Happens as I have none that might do. Where would you be riding, m'lord?”

“Pyke.” The fool still did not know him. He should have worn his good doublet, with the kraken embroidered on the breast. “Don’t you know who I am? Only living heir to Balon Gryjoy.”

The man didn’t seem to care.

“I’m heading that way” a female voice said. “I can take you there.”

He liked what he saw. Ironborn, he knew at a glance; lean and longlegged, with black hair cut short, wind-chafed skin, strong sure hands. “I bet you can.”

“Have you been at sea long? Or were there just no women where you came from?”

“None like you.”

“You don’t know what I’m like.”

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re like. Maybe you need someone to teach you. Do you know who I am?”

“You think I offer free rides to every man in jewelry, Lord Greyjoy?”

He liked her very much. Where has that wench been all my life?

They searched for her horse and he gave her a hand, and pulled her up in front of him, where he could put his arms around her as they rode.

“You should give me the reins. I’m a better rider than you” Theon announced. “I’ve been on horseback for the past ten years.”

“Ten years? Do you still know your way around a ship? Have these hands ever touched a rope?”

“Don’t you worry about my hands. The sea is in my blood.”

“Your blood will be in the sea if I don’t watch where I’m going.”

“I have a proposal for my father, one that will make him king again, and me after him. You may get to stay in a castle tonight if you’re lucky.”

“Is that an offer from my future king?”

“An order from your future king. You can tell your grandchildren about this night.”

“I don’t imagine it will be a story fit for children.

At the castle, Theon told the woman to wait in his chambers. He had to greet his Lord father first.

“Nine years, is it?” Lord Balon said at last.

“Ten,” Theon answered, pulling off his torn gloves.

“A boy they took,” his father said. “What are you now?”

“A man,” Theon answered. “Your blood and your heir.”

Lord Balon grunted. “We shall see. Did Ned Stark dress you like that?” his father interrupted, squinting up from beneath his robe. “Was it his pleasure to garb you in velvets and silks and make you his own sweet daughter?”

 The door slammed open and there stood his wench.

“I told you to wait outside” He was angry. “How did you get past the guards?”

“Anything with a cock is easy to fool.” She gave him that cocky smile.

“Asha.” Lord Balon greeted her.

“My little brother was kind enough to let me ride with him from Lordsport.”

“Sister?” All Theon could do was stand and gape at her. Asha. No. She cannot be Asha. She was a child when he left…

“I wanted to see who you were first. And I did.” Asha mocked him.

Lord Balon turned away to warm his bony hands over the brazier. “Silence! Let’s see the message that Stark boy gave Theon for me.”

Theon took out Robb’s letter and thrust it forward. "Here. Read it … Your Grace.”

“So the boy would give me a crown again,” he said, “and all I need do is destroy his enemies.” His thin lips twisted in a smile.

“Take it, then,” Theon spat, his cheek still tingling.

“This isn’t Winterfell, boy. Your sister took over command of your eldest brother’s ship. The only nights she’s spent off these islands have been spent on the sea. She’s commanded men. She’s killed men. She knows who she is”

Lord Balon laughed. “No man gives me a crown. I pay the iron price. I will take my crown, for that is who I am. That is who we have always been. I hunger for a different plum … not so juicy sweet, to be sure, yet it hangs there ripe and undefended.“

Where? Theon might have asked, but by then he knew…Winterfell.

 A Clash of Kings Chapters 11 and 24 (Theon I+II) mixed with that scene from Game of Thrones Season 2 Ep. 2.


Coming soon to a dash near you!

My new rainbowcy will officially be a Lepacy/EP Rainbowcy (what do you call a rainbowcy/lepacy combo lol?)! It’ll be slightly different from a usual Lepacy, only because I’m changing the order of EPs. Instead of starting with the base game, and ending with Island Paradise, I’m (mostly) reversing the order! So my order will go like this:

  1. Island Paradise
  2. University Life
  3. Seasons
  4. Supernatural
  5. Showtime
  6. World Adventures
  7. Generations
  8. Late Night
  9. Ambitions
  10. Pets
  11. Into the Future
  12. Base Game

Basically I’m starting with the EPs that I haven’t played around with much lol. I probably won’t be moving towns (mainly because when I find a town I like I get attached to it haha), but I will try to play around with all the features from that EP! So jobs, life states, clothing, and maybe even traits will be based on whatever EP I’m on. :)

Also, I’m using @morgibritt​‘s rainbowcy palette Zest but with a couple colors from Serenity added on to get me to 12. So my palette will look like this:

If anyone would like to make a sim for one of the colors, or already has a premade sim that would work, feel free to comment or send me an ask! ^o^ So excited to start this!!

10 Questions Tag (and extras…)

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I was tagged by the swetie @angelisims

1) Favorite curse Word? ssshit

2) Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

3)  What superpower would you like to have? I’d like to fly, I could travel anywhere in the world

4) Ultimate pet peeve? Someone spits while speaking

5) Without EPs, and DLCs, Sims 3 or Sims 4? I never played with the Sims 3 so I’ll have to say Sims 4.

6)  When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? When my brother scared me

7) What is something you’ve done that you wish you could undo? I think I would not actually delete any, I would simply replace things I have done in exchange for being able to spend more time with my family

8) If you had to change your name, what would your new name be? Alison!

9) Last lie you told? I told my mum that I would study while she was away, but that wasn’t so

10) Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Animal’s heart and I didn’t like anything!!


1) What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory? It was raining and I was walking to school (there was no one on the street), I slipped and suddenly I don’t know where they came from but they saw me right when I was lying on the floor, I don’t know why this happens to me … lol

2) What do you love about yourself most? Idk

3) If you were forced to open a bakery, what would you name it? Sarah’s bakery(?

4) What’s your favorite color? Blue

5) Do you sing in the shower? No, I’m not good at singing lol

6) What’s your favorite movie? Grease!

7) Last thing you bought? A computer mouse because mine was broken

8) What was the last thing you ate? A sandwich

9) Do you like scary movies or comedy movies more? Comedy movies

10) 3 things you cannot live without? My family, music and food!

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10 Questions

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1.) Favorite Curse Word? Probably the f word to be honest, I have a potty mouth
2.) Coke or Pepsi? not a huge soda fan, tea all the way
3.)  What superpower would you like to have? transporting? is that a thing?
4.) Ultimate Pet peeve? slow drivers in the left lane, move over!
5.) Without EPs, and DLCs, Sims 3 or Sims 4? Probably Sims 4, I don’t remember Sims 3 now D:
6.)  When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? (Singing included). Does yelling at the top of your lungs to get the attention of 90 5th graders count? Because if so, like 2 weeks ago.
7.)  What is something you’ve done that you wish you could undo? Somedays I wish I could undo getting a job 40 mins away, but I like my school and students so it’s okay!
8.)  If you had to change your name, what would your new name be? Something with the letter K maybe? Not sure?
9.) Last lie you told? I told the kindies that there was a secret piece of trash on the floor, winner gets a sticker, I told them I had it picked out and I was waiting to see who picked it up first. I actually don’t pick it out until they are pretty much cleaned up :P
10.) Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Ryan and I got to do this crazy 7 course dinner by the executive chefs on our honeymoon for some promotion. There was like bone marrow, roasted grasshoppers, and beef tongue. It was weird and amazing! And you also will eat about anything after trying 7 different wines haha


1.) What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory? I took a hard digger trying to do a sharp turn on my scooter and ripped my pants.
2.) What do you love about yourself most? I am sometimes patient??
3.) If you were forced to open a bakery, what would you name it? Something that has to do with my grandpa, he passed away but his baking was amazing!!
4.) What’s your favorite color? I love olive green!
5.) Do you sing in the shower? No!!
6.) What’s your favorite movie? Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Big Fish
7.) Last thing you bought? New Pop Socket for my phone
8.) What was the last thing you ate? Gnocchi with garlic pasta sauce
9.) Do you like scary movies or comedy movies more? I love comedy, I love to laugh!
10.) 3 things you cannot live without? My family (husband included obvi.), My dog, Music

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The Evolution of Tangbrosia 2012-2017

Several years back I started playing Sims 3 again after not touching it since the Late Night EP. Yeah my Sims roots is that old, I got hooked on Sims 1 way back when I was like 8 and never stopped loving the series.

Sims 3 is special to me though, I created my blog back in 2012 as some where to share my stuff with close friends under the URL AHSsims. Eventually I found the Berry Sweet community and I felt like I’d found somewhere to put down roots which I did. The two Sims that pretty much have always remained with me are Tangy and Am who’s evolution from their original counter parts Alicia and Topaz to their other variations has been a ride. This community has been their for me when my life was at it’s worst, I kept moving forward because playing sims made me feel less empty and sharing my little world with everyone made me happy.

Anyway thank you all from the bottom of my heart especially @berrysweetboutique who created something that truly means the world to me, sincerely Pokemon-Pop-Princess-Sims/Saturn-Silence-Sims/AHSberrySims/AHSsims.


Max Caulfield x Clothes (aka outfit goals)