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I really miss the “skill careers” from Sims 3 (I think they were introduced with the Ambitions EP). It was so nice to be able to have a Sim be self-employed as a Gardener, Collector, Angler, etc. I’ve wished for those since day one of Sims 4, but today it really hit me - I’m making sure all of the Sims in Newlyn Hills/Blythe Harbor have jobs, and there just aren’t any good options for Sims who are outdoorsy types. I know you can just keep them unemployed and have them fish/garden/collect for money, but then they get assigned as bartenders and things around town. :-p


After a long day of posing and wearing dangerously tight outfits, Persephone was done with her first official photo shoot as a signed model. O’Shea had walked over to pick her up, but first, sat down to have lunch with her, as she hadn’t eaten all day. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t proud of his girlfriend.

“So how was work today?” O’Shea asked as their food was finally served.

Persephone looked up with a small smile, scooping up some papaya. “It was great, I enjoyed being the center of attention. Not that I’m never the center of attention but now it’s on magazines.” She snickered. O’Shea couldn’t help but crack a smile. As usual, conceited as hell. “So when’s your new EP coming out?”

O’Shea scratched the back of his head, “I’m still putting the finishing touches on the cover, I can’t decide what vibe I want for it…” After a while, his head snapped up and he clapped his hands. Persephone jumped a little bit and stared at him. “You should definitely be the EP cover!”

Persephone blushed and looked down, her hair covering her beautiful face. Why was she suddenly so bashful? Her boyfriend thought. “Nah, there’s prettier girls.”

O’Shea’s large but warm hand cupped her face, gently lifting her head so he could see her eyes. “You are the prettiest girl. That’s why I’m asking you.” He’d never seen her smile so wide.

As they walked back home together after their meal, Persephone’s thin fingers found O’Shea’s. “When will your issue of the magazine be on the stands?” O’Shea asked. 

“Next Monday.”

“I’m gonna buy a million copies then.”

Persephone scoffed and laughed, “As if you had enough money.”

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3, 11, 19, 21!

3.Must have mods?

MC Command Centre and all it’s addons! Also no mosaic because it’s a gift when it comes to screenshots

11.What is the community missing?

Right now? Probably a pets expansion pack lol (i like to think i’m funny and im not)

19.Which EP/SP packs do you own?Your favorite?

Sims 3 - Everything except Movie Stuff and Fast Lane Stuff

Sims 4 - All of them!

My favourites had to be Generations and Seasons for Sims 3 and City Living and Kids Room Stuff

21.The most annoying bug you ever encountered?

A bug I’m currently suffering from in the Craft’s where it takes several exiting to the Main Menu to get everyone to school, although I think this is just because I have such a full household where five out of the eight sims leave at the exact same time

Sims 2/ 3/ 4 Asks

I love the sims 4 because of the cas and the graphics but I just can’t play it without wanting to play the sims 3 instead… There’s just so much more to do in the sims 3 and the EPs for sims 4 so far kinda suck :/

so with everything said and done, and with the sims 3 on sale (I think? might have ended) I may as well give out my reccomendations for with eps to get.

My biggest tip for the Sims 3 is to not get all the expansions. Doesn’t matter if you’re buying them or getting them by other means. Having all of them will bloat the game down and the performance will suffer harshly.

Definitely the must haves are Seasons and Generations. They build on the core foundation of the game and it just kinda feels empty without them.

Pets is a great expansion if that’s what you’re into, and if that’s a priority to you go for it.

Late Night and Ambitions are both great expansions and I’d recommend both of them to anyone.

University Life is pretty good. My main beef is that if you send a sim to university, you can’t play your normal town at all until they either drop out or graduate. So I don’t really use the actual University Aspect of it that much. But even then, there’s a /lot/ of cool things and objects I still use.

Supernatural is a great if you’re into life states and fantasy elements. (Not to mention the return of Bonehilda from Sims 1) But if you’re not then you can give it a pass. (Also if you’re getting this one, a no-zombies mod is a must have, trust me, it’s not a matter of if you get tired of them but when)

Into the Future is…. eh. And this is coming from somebody who loves sci-fi. The novelty of the actual future mechanic grew off fast, as it’s more of a gimmicky subworld than anything. The Plumbots were great and easily the best feature. and the sci-fi objects were cool, but it just feels empty otherwise. I ended up uninstalling it.

World Adventures I passed on, and never installed it.

Avoid Island Paradise and Showtime, they’re bad. Showtime is a rehash of Late Night and Island Paradise has some pretty game-breaking bugs that make the game unplayable.

Also I’d skip out on the stuff packs. They ain’t worth it.