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So I decided to do the EP rainbowcy challenge because I have no self control. It won’t start for probably a while but I thought I’d make a post asking for spouses. 

I’ll be doing the rainbowcy in this order so comment/send me a message with the EP you’d like! 

Either gender is fine, and the only thing would be to make sure the spouse has traits/lifetime wish associated with your chosen generation. For Supernatural the sim can be any occult, and if you chose Pets a pet (dog or cat) is also welcome! CC is also welcome as long as you link it~ 

1) Base Game (#fa9db9): @simlovinggirl
2) Pets (#faa691): @nerdiesimmer
3) Generations (#ffcdaa): @ahplumbobs
4) University Life (# fffac6)
5) Ambitions (#b7ffd8): @simbersanders
6) Late Night (#8befee)
7) Supernatural (#7fbdef): @amixofpixels
8) Showtime (#e4ccff)
9) World Adventures (#ffa3eb): @indielectualll
10) Island Paradise (#d9dbdc): @plumnectared (it won’t let me tag you :( )


Coming soon to a dash near you!

My new rainbowcy will officially be a Lepacy/EP Rainbowcy (what do you call a rainbowcy/lepacy combo lol?)! It’ll be slightly different from a usual Lepacy, only because I’m changing the order of EPs. Instead of starting with the base game, and ending with Island Paradise, I’m (mostly) reversing the order! So my order will go like this:

  1. Island Paradise
  2. University Life
  3. Seasons
  4. Supernatural
  5. Showtime
  6. World Adventures
  7. Generations
  8. Late Night
  9. Ambitions
  10. Pets
  11. Into the Future
  12. Base Game

Basically I’m starting with the EPs that I haven’t played around with much lol. I probably won’t be moving towns (mainly because when I find a town I like I get attached to it haha), but I will try to play around with all the features from that EP! So jobs, life states, clothing, and maybe even traits will be based on whatever EP I’m on. :)

Also, I’m using @morgibritt​‘s rainbowcy palette Zest but with a couple colors from Serenity added on to get me to 12. So my palette will look like this:

If anyone would like to make a sim for one of the colors, or already has a premade sim that would work, feel free to comment or send me an ask! ^o^ So excited to start this!!

Another random thought

I really miss the “skill careers” from Sims 3 (I think they were introduced with the Ambitions EP). It was so nice to be able to have a Sim be self-employed as a Gardener, Collector, Angler, etc. I’ve wished for those since day one of Sims 4, but today it really hit me - I’m making sure all of the Sims in Newlyn Hills/Blythe Harbor have jobs, and there just aren’t any good options for Sims who are outdoorsy types. I know you can just keep them unemployed and have them fish/garden/collect for money, but then they get assigned as bartenders and things around town. :-p



Finally. Creating her took me like 2 hours and at one point I had to change all her outfits because my game decided to change everything when saving her to the bin. But here she is and I have to say she’s my favourite sim I’ve ever created so far.

I’m currently working on a post where you guys can see all the future generation’s colours and the order of the EPs. The first EP in this Rainbowcy will be Supernatural which is why Cosmic is a fairy.

She cares a lot about the nature due to her fairy heritage which makes her also very Eco-Friendly. She also never really got into touch with technic because she grew up pretty far away from human civilisation. Technic isn’t really her thing and she prefers to avoid it - a lot of people would probably describe her as Technophobe. Cosmic has a Good Sense of Humor but her jokes often can be very Childish. Her behaviour can also sometimes be Inappropriate because she just hasn’t really learned how humans work yet.

Her Lifetime Wish is the Magic Makeover one where she has to grant 12 different Sims Inner Beauty and has to reach level 10 of the Charisma skill.


HK x Zombie ep #02

3 month ago

mom [You guys going to camping to be careful! Kaito is a troublemaker, just keep eyes on him ah!]

Koji [yub! A troublemaker ahh. That’s ture! I always take care on him…XD]

Kaito [It’s not gonna happen!!]


Koji [It’s time up. Let’s go! Kaito!]

KAito [Hey, my phone have no signal… I think it’s broken. Can you borrow your phone to me later? I have to call my mom…!]

Koji [Sure!]

We spend couple of hours to arrive the middle of the mountain. But the strange thing is we didn’t meet one people at the way. Koji said this is normal thing. I try to use Koji’s phone to call my mom. But his phone also no signal too…. What’s a bad day!! Until we meet this….hell thing….

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HK x Zombie ep #01

3 Days before

TV News[[Stimulants called Zombie X are now in fashion
among youngsters…………..]

Dad [did you check the news? there are something bad thing happening…
You need to watch for our son not handling this Zombie X…]

mon [….]

Kaito[ i don’t know anything about the Zombie X…]

Kaito [ I promise I will never touch it….]

3 days after

[ I promise I will never touch it….]

Koji [Kaito! I think we need that bike…]

The world has gone mad, but we enjoy it somewhere.
Especially Koji

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sangeethaaugustine  asked:

Ppl are saying that ts3 is way better than ts4 I was just wondering why??

Oh my ò_ó I think I’m possibly not the best person to ask… Eventhough I do still prefer sims 3 myself ♥ but it’s not that I’ve a vivid belief that ts3 is lots better than ts4. I like them in their own way, but for more explanation, here you go!

Personally, I really didn’t like and didn’t feel attracted to ts4 at the start. I was like: I must wait for more content (eps/sps) for the game and cc. I was right. I love the game lots more with cc.

Hm, what I like more about sims 3 is CAST, open worlds, my sims look better but I most likely just fail at sims 4, because I’ve seen astonishing sims 4 sims ~ and just, the general vibe of sims 3. I love the eps and even some sps of the game ^_^

This is all my personal opinion though. Sims 4 has good traits as well. I love the way the graphics render, the building options, possibilities of multi-tasking and the funny sometimes overdone, but fun to look at emotions.. ha

As you can see, I menntion things which the other game kind of lacks to my personal preferences. *shrugs*

In the end, it’s up to yourself what game you like more. Of course people will shout out loud that game a is better than game b. One might be louder than the other :P but I can’t speak for them.. I hope that answered your question in a way ~ I guess asking people who literally say that game is better than this about the whys?

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