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lol uhh… another gift from meee

i made it to 100 blah blah. i thank everyone for following for my shitposts :) idk why you guys do but, i’ll try to do better…

in this gift, it’s two base sims (ik they fugly af. no need to tell me lol) and two headshot poses because… why the hell not, right? oh, i used my deffault skin for no “searching for skin” struggle..

TOU i guess

  • just tag me if you use them or the poses. that’s all
  • also… dont put no damn adfly thingy. its aggy

download: SF || sliders i use: SF

closer up on the faces under the line…

again, thanks for following. i really appreciate it, honestly. also, my next gift will be like 150 (i wont make it there) but, imma still drop cc so… it doesnt matter…

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Hair @simpliciaty-cc  /  Shirt @epiphany-s4  /  Jeans @serenity-cc  /  Shoes @sims4-marigold  /  Choker toksik  /  Skin @chisimi  /  Face overlay nen @heihucc  /  Eyes V2 @dangerouslyfreejellyfish  /  Eyebrows and Nails @sclub-privee  /  Eyeshadow @weepingsimmer  /  Eyeliner @pralinesims  /  Face contour @annamsblue  /  Lips @sim-ent  /  Lashes @kijiko-sims

Poses by @catsblob (1-2) and @helgatisha (3)

Thanks to all CC Creators!  ♡

Sim downloadable from the Sims 4 Gallery under the username wondercarlotta8


basic recoloring set 

a set of essential items that i always find myself using just recolored to my liking! of course i had to add some artwork! the swatches for the art will be included! enjoy!

set comes with:

- counters (4 versions, 1 swatch) mesh by @sanoysims

- hanging bike (10 swatches) mesh by @mxims 

- vinyls deco (12 swatches) mesh by @dreamteamsims

- ceiling light (2 swatches) mesh by @hvikis

- kettle (4 swatches) mesh by @mio-sims

- mirror (1 swatch) mesh by @meinkatz

- lamp (1 swatch) mesh by ??

- magazine cover art (26 swatches) mesh by @blackmojitos

(thank you creators!! <3)



KK Ripped jeans for Toddler

  • Boy & Girl / Adult Ver. [HERE]
  • New mesh / All morphs / All LODs
  • Custom thumbnails
  • 10 Color

⛔ Do not re-upload, re-edit all my CC.
⛔ Do not claim to own.
⛔ Do not direct download link. (Do not re-post)
⛔ Do not convert.
✔ Recolor is free, but do not include meshes.
⛔ 제 cc 페이지 메이심즈에 올리지마세요. Do not posting at MAYSIMS.
    I agree



Hair @enriques4  /  Shirt @kismet-sims  /  Skirt @sondescent  /  Boots @futurisims  /  Fishnet Shorts @simsy-baby  /  Choker and Eyeliner @pralinesims  /  Arm tattoo @crazycupcakefr  /  Finger tattoo @sim-ent  /  Skin @catplnt  /  Eyes @dangerouslyfreejellyfish  /  Eyebrows @pacaplumbobs  /  Eyeshadow @pixelsimdreams  /  Face contour @annamsblue  /  Lips N3 @obscurus-sims /  Nails @nanakusa-sims  /  Lashes @kijiko-sims

Poses by @helgatisha (1-3) and @solistair (2)

Thanks to all CC Creators!

Sim downloadable from the Sims 4 Gallery under wondercarlotta8



Hair @simpliciaty-cc  /  Top @meeyou-x  /  Jeans @magnolia-c  /  Shoes @phixil  /  Earrings and Eyebrows @pralinesims  /  Skin @catplnt  /  Eyes V2 @dangerouslyfreejellyfish  /  Eyeshadow @pixelsimdreams  /  Eyeliner @twinksimstress  /  Face contour and Nails @annamsblue  /  Lips @heihucc  /  Lashes @kijiko-sims

Poses by @dearkims (1) and @catsblob (2-3)

Thanks to all CC Creators! 

Sim downloadable from the Sims 4 Gallery under the username wondercarlotta8


The Viking Village For Sims 3 (Beta) Download Available

Requires the following expansions: Supernatural, Seasons, Pets, World Adventures

Requires the following STORE CONTENT: Dragon Valley

To download and read more, click below.

Ever dreamed of being a norse hero living his life on the ocean and then back home at the village lead by the fierce norse women? This might be the Sims 3 world for you then!

  • Medium world (Based off Sunset valley map)
  • Roadless (Perfect for medieval and historical play)
  • Loading time is fast
  • No lag while testing
  • BETA version - Please do give feedback on needed community lots etc. or report any errors
  • Unpopulated and unfurnished


This is a beta version, so it is not entirely “finished” throughout. If you have suggestions for improvements, I would be more than happy to get them. Because there sure is room for some ;-)

It’s a “mini” world meaning that there isn’t a whole lot of objects and lots in it which alows a smoother game play.

Oh and the distant terrain looks a bit off, but I hope you can overlook it :-)

Download (Simfileshare)

IMPORTANT: You must install Dragon Valley in order for the world to show up properly.

TOU: Please Do not upload to other sites, redo or claim as your own! Thank you.

Please tag the world #sims3vikings so I can see it in your games! Makes me want to make more worlds :D

Credits & a big thank you to the following creators

@murfeelee for the viking ships!