the sims 3 bodyshop


[FANMADE IDEA / CONCEPT] The Sims 4 Bodyshop, and The Sims 4 Showroom


The Sims 4 Bodyshop provides the full functionality of The Sims 4’s CAS, yet allows the user further customisation: the ability to outline game clothing with a various selection of patterns and Designs. The Program includes CAST-able versions of base game hairstyles to edit as well. After You finish you can then choose to import your new clothing or hairstyle into the game as standalone items.The Items do not populate your world unless you choose.

The Sims 4 Showroom Allows you to enable CAST options on Furniture, Vehicles, Windows, Walls, Doors, and many more items! You build your home on a single lot and edit patterns and colors from there. Showroom also allows you to save room blueprints of Patterned items. You can them import the items and the blueprints in and out of the game on The Fly!! The custom-patterned items do not populate the world, So you get to choose which sims get to use your new items!!