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“Hey, Mom. I hope things are going well up there, things haven’t been so great down here for quite some time now. Elina passed away this evening, and it breaks me knowing that I’ll never be reunited with her once I pass on. I wish you could’ve taken care of her until I joined you all… but unfortunately that’ll never happen. I just want to thank you for taking Elina into our home and welcoming her into our family with open arms, we both appreciated it so much more than you know…you were like the mother she never had. Anyway, I won’t keep you for long, I hope that you and Dad are having the best time with Abbi and our sweet Destiny and that I’ll be able to see you all very soon.”

Liddell Blue Caterpillar’s BC

My first BC! It seems only fitting that it should be for a Liddell.

The Liddell family may be the strangest there is, filled with unknown magic and mystery. Mimsy Liddell is the heir to the second generation, the Blue Caterpillar. She’s been raised in the comforts of the world her mother created, surrounded by only her family and the beasts of the land. But now it’s time to her venture to other worlds. Though she’s visited other worlds before, with Alice, this will be her first time navigating the foreign territory alone.

This will be a story-based BC, but rest assured, it will not be five thousand chapters long.

The rules are simple: There aren’t really any…

- CC is allowed, just provide links, obviously

- sliders are allowed

- supernatural is allowed

- any gender allowed

- …basically anything’s allowed. It’s a fantasy world!

- bios required, must be at least 1 paragraph

I have all EPs except Into the Future.

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so… it’s gotten to the point where i have no storyline left with generation two.

ava’s married, maxed her career, finished her aspiration and if anything, im focusing more on the girls than her anyway.

so this is the end of generation two. i’ve played and the girls are all teenagers officially. the next post will be an introduction to them, and then i’ll announce the heir to generation 3.

Perry: Do you want me to sing a song or something? Cause I can totally do that! Any requests?

Chill, you’ll never be on the same level as your grandad. Anyway, I’ve brought you here because we have an announcement to make!

Perry: We? How come I was never consulted about this announcement?

In other news, I’m very excited that there are finally add-ons for Wildlife Park 3 being released! Have a picture of a dinosaur :) I like those, they remind me of Dinotopia. But in fact I’m even more excited for the Alaska pack that’s announced for September.

Like my Sims 3 gameplay screenshots, this one features an empty space in the lower half of the picture, where the game’s interface is…

Oh and look at this grass terrain paint with animated grass! I want that for the Sims!

SimGuruRyan is leaving The Sims Studio

Ryan Vaughan – Lead & Marketing Producer of The Sims 4 (and previous Sims games) has decided to leave The Sims Studio.

Hey Simmers!

I wanted to share some news with you. After 8 amazing years, from The Sims 2 Castaway all the way through The Sims 4 Get To Work, the time has come for me to leave The Sims Studio. This has been a deeply personal and challenging decision for me, but it’s one that I believe is the best for the future of my family. The commute between home and the studio is crazy long. When you are a young single game developer it’s something you can cope with, but when you have a young family, that 3 hour commute becomes pretty arduous, no matter how much you enjoy your work.

Make no mistake, my love for this game, the people that make it, and you guys – the people that play it with such passion! – is unwavering. Deciding to leave has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

The memories that I’ve made over the last 8 years working in The Sims Studio are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and I wanted to share just a few of my favorite with you!

• Working on my very first video game, The Sims 2 Castaway, was an incredibly eye opening experience. I was blown away by not only the talent of The Sims Studio’s artists and engineers, but their commitment to creating a high quality product. BTW – Castaway is awesome. If you haven’t played it and still have a Wii or PS2, find yourself a copy – it’s a blast!

• Teasing the announcement of The Sims 3 base game. When we put this image up and unveiled the awesome new TS3 plumbob, I got my first taste of how passionate The Sims Community was. You guys went crazy!

• Working on The Sims 3 Ambitions. This was the first pack that I got to be world producer on, and I learned so much overseeing the creation of Twinbrook. Can you guess who my favorite family is? The Bayless family! Why? Because their family description is the best line of text ever written in a Sims game; The origins of the Bayless name are a bit hard to track down. Written records (where legible) even two generations back use the “less,” “liss” and even “lies” suffix varietals. Debt prison records from 1788 list one Phillipe Bai l'Est as a catfish-thief and “chronic renegor” but lineage is circumstantial at best, and like little Chase says, “Why y'all cares ‘bout 'postrophes?”

• The Sims 3 Town Hall – I wasn’t on stage for this event, but I got to go and it was one of the first times I got to meet some of you in person. It was so cool to talking to you and getting to know you.

• Unveiling The Sims 3 Seasons – Admittedly, my delivery during this presentation was a little shaky (my first big presentation!) but it included my most favorite line I have ever said during a live broadcast “Winter is Coming to The Sims 3!”

• The Sims 3 Island Paradise – The pack was by far the most fun I’ve had developing and releasing a Sims Expansion pack. We did quite a few live broadcasts for these. “AQUA SLEDDDDDD!”

• Gamescom 2013 and Sims Camp – Wow. All I can say is wow. This week was by far the most fun week of “work” I have ever had in my life. Game Demos, Live Broadcasts, BOAT RIDES, and of course a little Kolsch!

I could seriously go on forever.

Words cannot express what working in The Sims Studio for the last 8 years has meant to me, both personally and professionally – it has been a truly awesome experience. And I couldn’t be more excited for the future of The Sims Franchise – Get To Work is just the beginning! There is no other studio like this one, no other game franchise like The Sims, and no other fans like you. I can’t stress enough how big of an impact your encouragement (and criticism) actually has on the development of this game. You guys may not realize it but we simply couldn’t do this without you!

It has been a great pleasure creating this game with you over the last 8 years and can’t wait to see where you’ll take it in the future.

Dag Dag Simmers,


Executive Producer Rachel Franklin Responds to Questions About Toddlers in The Sims 4

In an article from Kotaku, Franklin says:

There’s nothing more painful than not meeting your players’ expectations. Some players have up to five years of content and experiences in The Sims 3, and we had simply underestimated their passion and loyalty for that game including features such as toddlers. Asking fans to essentially break up with The Sims 3 and start a new relationship without more information was a little naïve. With The Sims 4, we made the decision to focus on fundamental changes to the Sim behaviors such as multitasking, emotions, traits and interactions, and we focused first on the later life states. Toddlers are not simply small Sims, they are a completely separate Sim type, deserving of the same level of investment. We want to do it well. It is something we’re exploring but we don’t currently have more information to share around when or how other than to say our fans will be the first to know.

Essentially, they want to do it right and devote the necessary time and budgeting to make sure that it is a fully developed life stage. It sounds like they are in the early stages of creating toddlers and aren’t nearly ready for any sort of official announcement.