the sims 3 acc


 The sims 4 - MMD dance : TE AMO (for all Adult & Child)

    • Lookbook
      • Hair (“Hair 184”) - Cazy 
      • Flower crown (“flower hoop”)  - salem2342
      • Fantasy Costume + Acc + Shoes (“Aerith”) - SilverMoon sims 3 
Totkr Binggrae Banana Milk Acc and Deco  Sims 4

I got @totkr blessing to convert her Banana Milk Acc to the Sims 4. I’ve been eyeing these cute little bottles for a while now. They were originally only an accessory but I made them deco as well with two extra swatches and a version with no straw(for hand acc and deco). 
I had to remove the writing from the acc version because it become very distorted(and i didn’t know how to fix TT). I also couldn’t find any poses that showed the acc off so i chose some random ones(someone make poses for me lol)

*Acc Lip(Found in Earrings so you can’t use with earrings sorry)

- 4 swatches
-Male and Female can use
-Disallowed for random(so no townies will use them)
- All LOD’s

Download——-> SFS

*Hand Left and Right(Found in Rings)

- Left version and right version will conflict if you put both on your sim
- Comes with two types (Straw and no Straw)
- Male and Female can use
- Disallowed for random
-All LOD’s

Download——-> SFS

You can download the sims 3 version(which comes with poses it’s so cool) here: Totkr’sBlog Thank you so much~

*Deco Version

-Found in Sculpture(or type Mocha to find)
-4 swatches
-Comes with straw and no straw

Download——-> SFS

Download Acc and Deco Together: SFS

-Feel Free to Recolor but please don’t include the mesh.
Link back to this post please~ Also give credits to both the original creators as well as myself

-Feel free to tag me in screenshots @MOCHACHIII or not if you dont wanna i’lljustcryjustsaying

- Don’t Re-upload or Redistribute

-If there is anything wrong with the objects please let me know

If you make poses hit me up I need some lol

Welp that’s it bye bye(look at my cutie simmies)