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Hi there!

I know that I’ve promised you to give contacts of our realtor in Olympus for a while, but I realized that I didn’t do it before! So please sorry, guys! Now you can rent this house we stayed there :) It’s not so big, just a two floors with a spacious rooms. There are integrated space of kitchen\dining\living room\study area on the first floor and bedroom zone on the second. Also has one bathroom on the 1st floor+cute sunroom on the back of the house. 

Get it here (sims3pack only)

[p.s. this house wasn’t made specially for dl, so some objects can be missed with exporting and I’m sorry for it! Not all the objects will be shown as on the picture except if you already have these objects in your game]


Heeeeey my simblrs, i am finally bringing you my newest mesh, i had so much fun doing this, it might be weird in cas but not in game, i tried to do something related a mesh that i saw but it was for The Sims 4 and i’ve never seen anything looked like that mesh to The Sims 3, so i hope you have so much fun with it! Enjoy it as much as you can and any problem just let me know!

  • 100% recolorable
  • All my mesh
  • Pregnant Morph Available

You can get it here

GrandeLama Grassy Boulders for TS3

A set of six grassy boulders: three granite boulders and three shale boulders, in three different sizes.
Each boulder has six presets: four with different kind of grass, one without grass and a fully colorable one (two channels).
Use “Moveobject on” to allow the boulders to overlap.
Under Rocks, price 1 simolean.

>>>DOWNLOAD at TheSimsResource (sims3pack only)


Testing @nilxis‘s gorgeous new world Uranesia.

This beautiful gorgeous world is beautiful (and also gorgeous!) and even more so in 4k and with my “Prettier Pixels, More Frames” ReShade preset. Which, by the way, is turning out to be suitable for every world and environment - just as I hoped. 



| | 5.17.17 | |

Sooo, in case you didn’t see, there are 500 plus people following me which is nuts. Thank you to everyone who does. It means a bunch to me, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of these in the future for you all :) 

Today, I wanted to give you a few gifts from Wonder’s party that I think you might like. I decided to just go ahead and release them, since I had like absolutely no other use for any of it. I put arrows to everything that will be up for grabs, so you can take a look at that if you’d like.

There’s a note with more info on known issues and such in the zip. Not many issues and also up to you if you read. Please, remember basic TOU. Nothing is perfect, but all meshes are 100% mine. I worked very hard on them.

Now with all the boring stuff out the way…

What you’ll get:

-Welcome Forest Friends Sign

-Single Fox Plate

-Single Fox Cup {With a green drink inside.. aka the pond punch!}

-Tic Tac Toe

-Stack of Fox Plates {Couldn’t find the cups for some reason :( If I do, I’ll put them up for download as well.}

-A big jug of yummy “Pond Punch”!

-Log Treat Stand

-Donuts {Because who doesn’t love donuts?! And they are all one big mesh since I wasn’t going to OMSP myself to death lol}

-Marshmallow Treats

-Stack of Candy Bars {They are not singular. The mesh contains like twelve bars or something like that. Don’t hold me to it, though.}

-Squirrel Balloon

-Fox Balloon

-Big Two Balloon

-Andd I threw in these fairy dust thingies I thought were cute. They don’t necessarily have to be used for a party, so grab a bottle and let your little loves sparkle any time!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who is following me and all of my awkwardness! This is for you, and pleaseeee make sure to tag “lifewithryann” if you want me to see what beautiful things you’ve done with my things! Love you guys, and I hope you  

E    N    J    O    Y!