the sims 3


“Poor thing… Any idea who she was?”
“Nope, no ID, no personal belongings… I think she was dressed up after she died.”
“There’s no blood on this dress, so she wasn’t wearing it when she died that’s for sure… whoever did it even bandaged up the wound.”
“Possible cause of death?”
“She… ahm… she bled out… probably… Are you… ok with this?”
[Shivers, scratches her arms nervously] “I can handle it! I’m fine! Got any witnesses?”
“Nope, no one saw anything… I asked the neighbors, but this is a quiet neighborhood, children, old people… everyone goes to sleep early.”
“Yet someone chose this perfect piece of suburban paradise as a dumping ground… I wonder why… Give me a moment, I want to take a look at the scene.”
“There’s not much to see here.”
“You never know…”


“Tarik? Come take a look at this!”
“What is that? Some kind of Halloween party add? These are all over town.”
“Only this one has a name and a date… it’s for last night. I think this belongs to our victim.”
“So what? The dead girl got up and pinned it to a tree?”
“Or someone else did. Give me the gloves, maybe Spence can find prints on this thing. It’s the best we’ve got. And ask Kelly to run the name, let’s see if it really belongs to our Jane Doe… Can you finish up with the scene by yourself? I think I should drive her back to the office.” [Points at Colette]
“What’s the deal with her today?”
“No idea, but I think I know who may have one. And we can ID our Jane Doe along the way.”