the sims 2 pics

Male Skinny Jeans by Julie J

You need the new Bowling Night EP for this to show in your game

These are textures I converted from Sims 2 and Sims 3

Content used in pics by Anto, Luumia, karzalee, dreamteamsims, necrodog, soloriya, Orangemittens, Mathcope



Some random shots of Terrain & Road Default replacement I’m working on.
Got a bit distracted while testing new decorative road pieces that will come with the default.
Neighborhood terrain textures are ready. Though I need to replace two or three decals more.

Also realized that all the road overlays available out there are not showing up in my game for some reason.


later that evening, the pals went to the ruins (very briefly)??

PICKLE: ♫ booop to the tooop, slip and slide and ride that rhythmmm~ ♫

BOBBY: that’s it, i’m going home. i can’t listen to that song one more time!

DARLING: can’t… tell… if… swallowed a really hot marshmallow or Pickle’s voice is slowly poisoning me… good-bye, cruel world…

PICKLE: aw, c’mon!! i’m not that bad!!!