.agnes cecile posters

hello!! i have found out that i dont have enough amount of wall decor in my game, so i went through some of my favourite painters and decided to make some recolors. here they are 🌸 this set includes ten posters base game compatible. id be happy if youd tag me while using them, so i can enjoy me being so famous in the internet giggles

download .package

Everytime I look at this furniture I only see myself pregnant and happy, excited that Declan was going to be born in a couple months. Now, now I only see the time I’m losing away from him. I’m getting better, but I wish it didn’t take so long. I just wanna hug him, but at the same time don’t!
There’s something pushing me away, something I can’t control…And then, then I see this little light that says that I have to do it, for him and for me.
The psychologist says its normal, but I don’t know…
In good news, tomorrow we’ll be at Marcies and Sabrinas house, we’re leaving today!
Im so excited to see and hug them!!