the simpsons

blacktigereagle heeft gevraagd:

Outside of Sonic, what are some other animated video game or TV show characters that you follow? I know that for me, Inuyasha is one of the ones that I love as much as Sonic.

Like you mean?

Nearly every single character in Skies of Arcadia especially Vyse (Though Alfonso can go die in a fire…oh wait, he gets his dues during the Rains of Destruction. Yay!)

I used to follow The Simpsons before the zombie age came upon the series and turned the characters and the show itself into horribly flanderized parodies of themselves. I still love the best episodes in the series such as “Lisa’s Wedding”

I love Steven Universe. Such a great show with some of the best and most fascinating characterization and character development I’ve ever seen in children’s programming. I deeply respect how unafraid it is to tackle subject matter such as self-hatred (Amethyst), unhealthy obsession (Pearl) and even shows a homosexual pairing overtly without pandering to homophobes by underplaying the nature of their relationship (Ruby and Sapphire). I also find it notable in that it doesn’t glamorize war in that characters such as Greg and Garnet comment on how horrible it is in response to other characters commenting on how they’d love to have seen it.

South Park is hilarious. Satire at it’s best. The speed at which episodes can be produced keeps it very topical and it’s very funny how messages are gotten across through bizarre analogies.

There are so many more.