the simpsons: hit & run


I don’t know why, but I love how active the Simpsons Hit & Run modding community is.

anonymous asked:

So since your also a fan of BrownMan, what is your favorite stream he has done?

As said, I absolutely love the Delicious and Hearts Medicine series, but for right now I am pretty much taken by the Simpsons hit and run game because shit that brought up memories from way way back and it’s nostalgic as heck for me 


did you guys know that in 2009 they planned to release a gta / simpsons hit and run type archie game? and it was almost finished basically and they just never released it 

the signs as "the simpsons: hit and run" quotes
  • aries: eat assbone, assbone eaters!
  • taurus: aw, i wanted a peanut.
  • gemini: i am evil homer!
  • cancer: i'm scared, and disoriented!
  • leo: ooh, brain like shiny things!
  • virgo: and people say i'm slow. wait a minute, that was an insult!
  • libra: i'm a very lonely man
  • scorpio: it's a good thing i'm drunk
  • sagittarius: i blame society
  • capricorn: how would you like a newspaper upside your head?
  • aquarius: i'm floating like a candy wrapper in an updraft
  • pisces: nice girls finish fast