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Episode #27: The Simpsons (2x7): ‘Bart vs Thanksgiving’

Original Airdate: November 22, 1990

Summary: The Simpson family Thanksgiving is ruined after Bart feels he has been wrongly punished and decides to run away.

  • Homer: Alright Bart, that’s it! Go to your room! Now!
    Bart: Okay, I’ll take some white meat and some stuffing to go and send in the pumpkin pie in about twenty minutes.
  • Homer: Come on, dad. Let’s go.
    : What’s your hurry?
    Homer: This place is depressing.
    Grandpa: Hey, I live here.
    Homer: I’m sure it’s a blast once you get used to it.
  • Marge: Mom, you made it! How are you?
    Jacqueline: I have laryngitis. It hurts to talk, so I’ll just say one thing: You never do anything right.
  • Grandpa: Let’s go. If I’m not back at the home by nine they declare me legally dead and collect my insurance.
26 Thanksgiving TV Episodes To Keep You In The Thankful Spirit:

These are in alphabetical order. Excludes non-series-specific specials (so no, “Charlie Brown,” on here).

1) Bart VS Thanksgiving (”The Simpsons”, S2E7)

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2) Belly Full of Turkey (”How I Met Your Mother”, S1E9)

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3) Blair Waldorf Must Pie (”Gossip Girl”, S1E9)

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4) Blitzgiving (”How I Met Your Mother”, S6E10)

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5) Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations (”Community”, S4E5)

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6) A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving (”Gilmore Girls”, S3E9)

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7) Happy Thanksgiving (”Parenthood”, S2E10)

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8) Homo for the Holidays (”Will & Grace”, S2E7)

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9) Indians in the Lobby (”The West Wing”, S3E8)

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10) A Lillith Thanksgiving (”Frasier”, S4E7)

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11) Lockdown (”Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, S2E7)

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12) The Mom & Pop Store (”Seinfeld”, S6E8)

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13) My Day Off (”Scrubs”, S1E9)

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14) The One with All the Thanksgiving (”Friends”, S5E8)

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- Note: “Friends,” has a Thanksgiving episode in every season and they’re all pretty good, but this is my personal favorite.

15) Pangs (”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, S4E8)

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16) Parents [Or, Thanksgiving II] (”New Girl”, S2E8)

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17) Punkin’ Chuckin’ (”Modern Family”, S3E9)

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18) Shibboleth (”The West Wing”, S2E8)

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19) Slapsgiving (”How I Met Your Mother”, S3E9)

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20) Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap (”How I Met Your Mother”, S5E9)

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21) Thanksgiving (”Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, S1E10)

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22) Thanksgiving (”New Girl, S3E6)

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23) Thanksgiving (”Suburgatory”, S1E8)

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24) Thanksgiving III (”New Girl”, S3E10)

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25) The Thanksgiving Decoupling (”The Big Bang Theory”, S7E9)

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26) Thanksgiving Orphans (”Cheers”, S5E9)

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Those are what I have, but I’m sure there are many many more I didn’t list (these are just ones I’ve seen and have had highly recommended to me).