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Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception

I feel like it’s a good day to remember that Even making Isak smile the absolute widest by telling him just how good he looks and demanding from all the people around him that they acknowledge this too didn’t just begin and end with Even getting that women behind the hotel desk to agree that his boyfriend was indeed the most beautiful.

Isak walking out onto the schoolyard in the most regular of outfits to find Even already there to spend one of his breaks with the guys? Even gets every single one of them to agree with him that yes, Isak does look absolutely incredible today. appearing in the kitchen of kollektivet wearing his pajamas? Noora and Linn only get to leave after they’ve admitted that yes, there is probably no boy in the world who looks cuter in a Simpsons shirt than Isak. dinner with Even’s mom after Isak’s been nervously trying to get his hair just right for thirty minutes? they can only eat those potatoes until she’s told Isak twice that yes, he does indeed have the best hair in the history of the world ever. a random shop assistent who only came to bring Isak a pair of jeans in a smaller size? don’t think he can get back to work until he’s agreed with Even that yes, Isak really does look great in black, and grey and red also.

and like, Isak pretends this annoys him, tells Even, can you please stop talking about my butt with Eskild all the time, like, I can hear you, but he hasn’t felt this confident in what must be years and he loves Even for it.