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Name: Jelena
Age: 15 (16 in August)
Country: Serbia

Well, hi! I’m just a sarcastic freshman trying to find new friends from around the world. Now, to tell all you cool strangers out there something about me.
I love food (meat is kind of my life), movies (i’m a sucker for superheroes, action/adventure, i also love documetaries too much), tv shows (i can’t even list them there’s too many), cartoons like rick and morty and the simpsons. I also love listening to music (like 90% of my time i’m listening to music), reading and writing, and doing crazy and fun stuff in general. I’m a massive daydreamer and love deep conversations about pretty much anything. Animals and outdoors are a yes for me, but some alone time is needed from time to time. I’m currently learning German and I would really like to learn is as much as I can. I would really like to have a PenPal so I could share culture, interests, ideas and cool gifts from my country!

Preferences: Preferably 15-17 year old


Adorable & Hilarious Animal Drawings by Simpsons Illustrator

Liz Climo is a talented artist who has worked for the famous Simpsons series. Currently working as an illustrator and storyboard revisionist for the Simpsons, this artist uses minimal drawings of animals in unlikely friendships with a humorous and endearing twist to their tales. You can buy her prints on Society6.

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Supergirl’s Confession series - Part 5

Kara isn’t sure about something Lena said the previous day. Meanwhile, Winn makes an edit with the best of his intentions, but it makes Kara upset (though Alex likes it).

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