the simpsons confessions

Supergirl’s Confession series - Part 5

Kara isn’t sure about something Lena said the previous day. Meanwhile, Winn makes an edit with the best of his intentions, but it makes Kara upset (though Alex likes it).

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I am so sick of being judged for my music taste. I get a lot of unfair criticizm because I listen to Metal like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot but then I also listen to Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson so people call me fake and say im a poser because of this. Apparently your not allowed to listen to both Metal and Pop/Pop Rock because it makes you fake but the thing is I DONT CARE I love my music taste and its all that matters.


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this isn’t my finest of works, i do apologize

Bradley imagine for thespicez98

“No, I love you more” I roll my eyes, a smile plastered on my face. I live with my best friend Bradley and his girlfriend Tanya and

I would love to be the one that wakes up to him ever morning, the one to kiss him with morning breath, the one to look after him when he’s ill, the one to help him up the stairs when we’ve been drinking.

But I know that can’t happen because he’s happy with her, which in theory should make me happy, but it isn’t.

“I’m going to go for a walk” I stand up with my head bowed. Their attention all on me

“At 9:30 at night? Don’t we all normally watch movies?” Brad interjects looking between me and Tanya to only follow me out the hallway.

“Watch them with Tanya, I want to go for a walk” I grab my jacket and stand by the door, waiting for him to stop blocking my path

“But I want to watch them with you too”

“Just watch them with your girlfriend, okay? Now let me go for a walk!” He steps aside with a smirk.

“You’re jeal–” I slam the door before he can finish.


“Don’t go” I hear Brad whine from the hallway. His precious girlfriend is going away for two weeks to visit her family in Alaska. All you could hear last night was,

‘Call me, Skype me, I’ll miss you’ but she said that there was no signal where she is so he would have to 'deal’ with me. Rude much.

The front door closes and Brad sighs sitting next to me.

“I miss her already” I make a small humming noise, trying to sound as concerned as possible.

“I can’t do much about that at the mo- what are you doing?” He rests his hand on my leg.

“Nothing” He runs his hand up and down my thigh with a cold gentle touch sending goose bumps right to my toes.

My voice breaks “Bra-ad. You have a girlfriend” He turns to me, quickly leaning in as close as he can without attaching our lips.

“And you’re telling me that you don’t want this?” My mouth hangs open and I stare at his lips.

“I-I- I d-I can’t”

“She’s not here” I break the contact by standing up.

“If you want to cheat on your girlfriend then do it with someone else” I make my way to the hall way, but not fast enough, he pulls me in by the waist.

“You know she’s not really visiting her parents”

“She is Brad and you know it”

“I know, I just wanted a reason to talk to you”

“Can’t you do it without grabbing me by the waist?”

“You’re jealous of Tanya” He leans closer, brushing our lips together “You have been for years now, right? You want to be in her place”

“I-what are you talking about?”

“You want to kiss me, don’t you, all it takes is one little movement” He turns his head the other way, checking if anyone is around when he knows there isn’t “Can I tell you a secret”

“If you want” I squeak.

“I want to kiss you as well”

“ You-I never-I never said-”

“You’re awfully stuttery today, aren’t you?”

“You-you’re too close Brad”



“That’s my girl” He steps back and into the kitchen “What do you want for dinner?” Is he just going to pretend that that didn’t happen?

“Um.. Spaghetti?”

“Okay, I’ll be in in a minute” I nod and steady myself before sitting on the kitchen chair “Are you not going to go in?” He asked confused.

“So if you wanted to kiss me, why didn’t you?”

“Well– It doesn’t matter”

“But it does, doesn’t it, if it matters enough for you to pull me around the living room, then it has to matter”

“But it doesn’t okay?”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute, or when ever you decide to stop being grumpy”

“I’m not being grumpy” His hand flies from the wooden spoon to his face, he rubs at his cheeks as if trying to remove something. His eyes are scrunched up and he looks, confused?

“I’m not grumpy” He repeats with a slight laugh

“Then what are you, crazy?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I feel it. Do I have a tempreture?” He grabs my wrist and makes me fee his head “Maybe I’m going insane”

“Brad, go sit down okay”

“No because you want Spaghetti and for some reason, lately, I want to do everything you say”

“Right this is what’s happening, since your being persistent, you make this-” I lay a hand on his shoulder “We eat, watch a 21 jump street, then you go to bed, alright” He nods and breathes out, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“What would I do without you?”

“Have Tanya”

“Shut up, I need you too”

“But, no one needs me”

“I’m always going to need you Nichole, always, don’t tell yourself otherwise” A smile breaks his face “Plus, who else would I tease. Now go order 21 jump street on sky, this will be done before you know it” As I walk away he leaves a slight tap on my bum.

“You sir, are in trouble”

“Oh yeah, defiantly?”

“It’s most certain” I shout back, landing on the sofa.

Brad comes in 15 minutes later with the spagetti bolognaze.

“One for you, one for me”

“Why thank you good and noble night, how ever could I repay you?”

“No pay mame” I roll my eyes happy we’re back to our best friend ways. I turn on 21 Jump Street and swing my legs onto Brad’s knees as the plate is resting on his lap. “I really like that t-shirt. When did you get it?”

“Brad, this is your favourite movie”

“And you’re my favourite person” I smile for only a second, becoming confused. I take his plate and mine putting them down on the table crossing my legs.

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m talking to my best friend, I’m happy to have you back. I know I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tanya and I want to spend time with you, now give me my spaghetti”

“Not till you, explaine”

“ Explain what, because I’m hungry”

“If you want to kiss me, then, why don’t you?” I hear him sigh. I’m suddenly taken from my position and pulled onto his lap

“You’d like that wouldn’t you”

“Like what Brad?” I breath out from the sudden movement.

“If I broke, all my years of work, building that wall between me and you–” He pulls me closer to him, my chest against his, thus causing my head to tilt and our lips to almost touch. My eyelids fall slowly. “– would be usless, the wall I built to make sure that this doesn’t happen, you want to bulldoze it, even though every two bricks I lay, you take down one. I make no progress and now this”

“You won’t answer my question”

“Not to save a life”

“Why are you acting like this? You don’t normally”

“Something, has changed in you. I like it, a lot. You’ve started wearing belling shirts, shorts. Leather jackets. I’m starting to like the summer” He’s not going to answer is he.

“Why do you keep teasing me?”

“Because, it’s fun and you know you enjoy it” I shallow softly “You won’t kiss me will you? You want me to make the first move. You never make the first move, you said so yourself” He stops for a moment, I feel his eyelashes move up and down, he’s scanning my face as I try not to kiss him “First one to kiss the other looses”

“Deal” I scoot back a bit to only have him pull me closer

“I didn’t say move”


“Goodmorning sunshine” Brad chirps accounting my apperence. I take the cup resting on the side. “That’s my cup”

“You where sarcastic. This is mine now” Taking a sip, I close my eyes, I’ve been so tired in the mornings lately.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, just tired”

“Well, don’t be, because I have a exciting day of nothing planned”

“You always know what to say to cheer me up”


“Do I wanna know

If this feeling flows both ways– oop”

“Hello” Brad has me by the waist, keeping me from falling. When I turned the corner into the kitchen he turned out the corner into the hallway.

“Hi” This resulting in being, extremely, close. I feel his hot breath on my lips, so I back up crossing my arms

“where you waiting for me?”

“I can’t say no”

“So you where” He looks at me, almost challenging me

“Are you going to break?”

“No, are you going to break?”

“I think I might” His hands are shaky and so is his voice. But he doesn’t make a move.

“I’m sorry” What is he apologizing for? “For messing with you, I guess I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt, so I decided to get in your head with the hope that i would get some type of reaction and I didn’t think that the reaction would come from me. I mean, you saw me, I could barley make spaghetti without freaking out. And when I- it sounds stupid- but I wish that, when I’m lying awake at night, that Tanya is you. And I almost feel insane, sometimes, you know. I’ll sit with Tanya, you’ll be at work, but all I think about is you”

“Mr Simpson, is that a confession”

“I think so, yeah, yeah, it is”

“And what are you confessing?” I creep closer to him, running my hands through his hair.

“That, I like you, I really really like you Nichole” He whispers with a shake to his voice once again.

I pull his lips to mine, with all the built up tension from the past few days. He pulls me in closer, if possible, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“My turn” I turn back up the stairs “What does that mean?”

“Have fun trying to kiss me again”