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Another tip on Profiles:  Use your profile pic to communicate your message!

Yesterday, I wrote about how you need to design your profile from the perspective of what a SD will think and do when he sees it.  A good profile, just like good advertising, is meant to manipulate and control your target audience’s response and to increase the probabilities of a good outcome; i.e., getting a message from a POT that is looking for the same thing as you, and dis-incentivizing POTs in whom you are not remotely interested from sending you a message.  It seems inefficient to cast a wide net and end up winnowing through so many messages that will only annoy and frustrate you when you can send a more targeted communication to reach a very specific audience. 

This holds true with your profile and public gallery pictures.  Your picture says a lot to a POT, more than you realize!  The cliche phrase that a picture says a thousand words is so true when it comes to sugaring.  When a SD sees a photo of a SB, he forms a complete story about you in his mind, even before he reads your profile!  So, knowing this, your profile picture should tell the story YOU want to tell.

Here is an example:  A SB seeking a “platonic” arrangement  should not post revealing, “suggestive” and “sexy” pictures.  Because when she does, she will get messages from SDs who never bothered to read the profile that clearly says “I am not interested in a sexual relationship”, or if he does, he will not believe it!  lol!

You may get upset by this and tell me, “hey, it is my body, and I am free to post what I want”, and I absolutely agree with you!  I am not telling you that you should not post such pictures, I enjoy them as much as the next guy, lol, but all I’m telling you is that if you do post such pictures you will get more unwanted messages inquiring about sexual arrangements!

So, if you are interested in an arrangement that primarily involves mentoring, post a picture of you in a professional setting, i.e., in a business attire.  If you are interested in an arrangement that involves casual (non-sexual) dates, post a picture that says that.  You get the idea.  I know it seems simple, but, then again, most advertising, on its face, seems simple.  Despite the obvious simplicity, it is actually very powerful.  You’ll be amazed that this “simple” act of controlling your message actually changes the types of contacts you get!


Thank you so much to dreamyblu for finishing up all the coloring I didn’t want to do! :^) I’m lazy af. (I did the lines and most of the color, Ness did all the cool looking stuff. <3) I decided to redraw the first picture I made for Chilled, since he’s stuck around with me for over a year, like shit dude no one stays that long.

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