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list of things that i love about taehyung 💓✨

  • he loves animals :)
  • he’s super talented
  • he’s kind to everyone !!!!
  • he loves classical music
  • a literal art hoe
  • he loves the simple things in life
  • but also gucci
  • he appreciates his fans
  • he’s always trying his best to improve
  • ‘honesty is the best policy’
  • down to earth
  • a shy lil baby sometimes
  • but also rude af on stage
  • has the biggest heart
  • has the most beautiful smile :)
  • a very beautiful and poetic mind that often goes unnoticed
  • puts others before himself
  • treasures his family and those around him
  • he’s too precious for this world
  • we dont deserve him :((

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CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor / reader

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut, dirty talk, voyeurism, praise kink





Sebastian opened the door to the suite and my breath hitched. “Oh Sebby, it’s gorgeous.” The room was fully furnished with a couch, love seat and 2 chairs, all in brown. The walls were cream with accents of brown and gold and off to the left was the bedroom complete with a king sized bed and nightstands.

Sebastian, standing behind me, weaved his muscular arms (thank you Don) around my waist and nuzzled my neck. “Only the best for my girl.” He gently kissed me and I got goosebumps.

Swinging around, I hugged him and pulled him into the room to the window, giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. I breathed, “Sebby looooook,” it was a clear New York City night. The Empire State Building was directly ahead and lit up along with the other skyscrapers and streets below. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me, the corners of his eyes crinkled.

I felt my face redden. “Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“You are just like an innocent child, looking at everything as if it were brand new.” He pecked me on the nose. “It’s adorable.”

I arched an eyebrow at him, a smirk on my lips. “Adorable, huh?” In a split second, I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him, a muffled “whoa” and moans of pleasure heard as my tongue did a searching sweep for his, rolling around his as I shoved him against the wall, unbuttoning his shirt, and groaned with lust in his mouth.

He gave into me, his body limp as I removed his shirt leaving him bare-chested. My hands fell to his chest, fingers running up and down his amazing pecs. When I broke off the kiss, my breath was ragged. “You may regret…or…“ I shrugged. “Nah, you’d like what I have in store for you.” My knee spread his legs apart and I cupped my hand over his bulge pressing hard against his jeans.

Sebastian tilt his head, smiling as he slowly reached my face. Our foreheads touched and he said, “So are you gonna make me wait to fuck you or are you going to torture me?”

Sebastian’s voice was low and dripping with lust. I closed my eyes and chuckled, but actually I wanted to tear the rest of our clothes off and ride him hard. Instead I kissed him passionately to shut him up. He unzipped my dress and it fell in a pool around my feet. “Leave on the heels,” he moaned against my lips. I took his pants and briefs down and slowly caressed his cock with the tips of my fingers. After we were completely naked, I pulled him to the bed and over me. “Sebby, I want you in my mouth. Fuck my mouth baby.” My smile spread slowly across my face and I licked my lips. “Please.”

Sebastian caressed my cheek and mewled with half opened eyes, “Begging so pretty. Such a good girl.” Climbing over me, his hard throbbing cock wet with precum, he said, “Open wide doll.”

My tongue circled the head, sucking the precum then took more of him as he lowered himself. I moaned around his cock, feeling a moment of pride as I watch his eyes flutter closed and his head fall back from the pleasure. He then looked down at me, and when I whined, he waggled his brows. “Do you want all of it baby?”

The desperate plea in my whine pleased him. He slowly lowered as far as he could, and again I moaned. After a comfortable rhythm was attained, I could concentrate on his gorgeous face. His teeth biting into his lower lip and the long moans coming from deep within his throat could make me come alone.

After a few minutes, his moans became louder. “In your m-mouth babe.” I smiled and massaged his balls, making him yell out my name. He burst into my mouth so quickly I couldn’t swallow all of it. Some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. Our eyes met as he finished. He moved strands of hair behind my ear and breathed, “Aaaahhh, good girl.”

I giggled, wiping my mouth as he removed himself. Sliding down my body, his limp cock leaving a trail of sticky come down my chest, he stopped to lick my lips and stick his tongue in my mouth, tasting the mixture of both of us. We moaned simultaneously and his fingers were circling around my pussy.

I jerked and my eyes widened. He raised an eyebrow at me and began a slow descent south. My hands were running through his hair and yes, even pushing him down impatiently. Raising my hips to him I begged, “Sebby, lick me.”

His nose was touching my clit, inhaling my scent. “Oh baby, only you. Only you smell like this.” Sebastian ran his tongue excruciatingly slow, lapping from slit to clit, fluttering his eyes closed, then sucked on my clit. “Mmmmm…taste like this.” He ran his fingers through my pussy, and ran them over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on his fingers, rolling my tongue around them. “Sooo good baby.”

His low voice was sexy. “Sebby,” I whined. “Please.“

He chuckled, a wicked smile on his face. “Please what? Say what you want doll.”

My body was about to explode. I covered my face with a pillow and groaned in frustration. “Please lick me! Suck me! Make me come on your face!!”

“That’s a good girl.” Spreading my legs and looking at me with hooded eyes, he licked my clit. The squelching sounds were all I could hear as he sucked. “You are so wet for me sweetheart. So deliciously wet.”

Arching my hips, I whined, “Sebby please, soooo good. Please.” He laughed, then pushed two fingers in my cunt, scissoring back and forth as he continued to lick circles around my clit. My head fell back. “Fuuuuuck.” I clenched around his fingers and he pumped faster.

Between my moans I could hear him growl “Mine.” “You’re mine.”

My thighs were shaking and I pushed on his head deeper on my pussy as I came on his face. Arching my hips to his mouth I could watch Sebastian drink me, slurping as he grabbed my ass like he was trying to meld us into one.

When I reached my peak, I giggled and playfully pushed him away. “You, Mr Stan are evil, and must be punished.”

“And how do you plan on punishing me baby doll?” He asked, wiggling his brows and smirking.

Biting my finger, smiling as I looked at his gorgeous naked form, I knew what to do and my heart began beating harder. I stood up, and held out my hands. “Trust me?”

“When we’re both naked and you have the ‘cat that caught the canary smile’ on your face? Hell no!”

With all my might, I pulled him up and led him to the balcony. He stood behind me as we looked at the city…but more importantly, at the hotel across the street, where there were people on balconies on several different floors. I lean back on him and purred, “It’s a beautiful night to get fucked outside Seb.”

His flaccid cock was twitching to life. Leaning down to lick my ear, he whispered, “You are a very bad girl, you know that?”

I took his hand and pulled him onto the balcony and pushed him in the chair to his delight. “Uh-huh.” Straddling his lap and rubbing his cock over my clit, I hesitated and looked over my shoulder. Sebastian leaned in to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked, as he caressed the other. “Mmmmm, Sebby you are so good with that mouth.”

I lowered myself on his cock and rode him slowly, my hands digging into his muscular shoulders. He moaned around my nipple, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. “Your mouth is heaven doll.” He thrust up hard and my head fell back, my teeth biting into my lip. Our thrusts matched perfectly. Behind me, I heard a few people yelling at and about us. It was absolutely arousing.

“We’re being watched Sebby.” My breathing increased and my heart ran fast. “They want a show. How bout it? Let’s wave to our fans and you can pound me against the wall, hmmm?”

Sebastian’s eyes were completely black and he licked his lips. “Babe, I’m going to pound you INTO the wall!” My smile was slow and devious. He pushed me off his lap and we stood up. People were cheering.

“Damn Sebby, I’m fuckin dripping! I need you now!”

He pushed me against the wall and kicked my legs apart. Within 2 seconds, he thrust balls deep in me, and I screamed out “YES!!” The word was echoed from across the street.

Sebastian kissed my neck as he thrust into me. “You love people watching us, hmmm? But they don’t get to see you baby.” He chuckled and spun me around, lift me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He began fucking me as he held me, my ass for all to see.

“God Sebby, that’s so good. Mmmmm…you don’t mind that there are people staring at my ass?”

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed my ass. “Baby, this ass is mine. They can look all they want at your perfect body, but this is mine.” Sebastian’s face was full of desire and his voice challenging…the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

“I’m gonna fuckin come all over your cock baby.” I moaned into his shoulder. “Yours Sebby. Only yours.” I screamed his name as he pushed me up against the wall, clenching around his cock. The waves of heat that were flowing through me were constant.

“Mine!” Another orgasm ripped through me. “So beautiful when you come. Good girl. I gotcha.” I clung to him limp and satisfied.

“Do you think any of your fans are over there?” I giggled in his ear as he threw me over his shoulder and we went back inside before he found out.

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Persons A and B are really close friends and eventually datemates at a young age, but for one reason or another, they have to go their separate ways and they lose contact over time. A becomes incredibly famous and B lives a simple life and becomes datemates with C who is a massive fan of this celebrity B has never heard of.

one day A and B come in contact again and A says they are coming back to town. At the same time C is freaking out about their favorite celebrity doing something in town as well. Hilarity and romance ensue! (also feel free to add more people like band mates/costars/etc.)

you know there’s something i really want to say about this whole situation, because i am getting a little tired. i have been supporting Lauren for a really long time now and i always admired how she is constantly encouraging us to love ourselves and love others no matter what, because choosing your sexuality based on what you really feel is completely okay and also saying it to the world is not a bad thing because it is who you are and the people that loves you is gonna be always there for you, but there’s something that’s starting to tire me and it’s the fact that (PR or not) she’s pretending or really dating this guy that is just a misogynist, that in some occasions said a lot of shit about women and specially bisexual women. and i think well yeah, she can date whoever she wants because it is her life and i am just a simple fan and it was my choice to make her one of my idols in the first place, but i don’t get this whole thing tbh, because this is like going against what you’re preaching and trying so hard to make everyone understand, he clearly doesn’t respect women in the way she is saying everyone should, like well, what’s the truth here, because having him by her side being whatever it is they are atm, is giving her the wrong image, like really, because i was/am proud of saying she gave me the strength to come out as a bisexual woman to everyone around me and now she’s with this person that makes me think that all of what she said at some point doesn’t count, because i am here still trying to be okay with what others think and she’s out there with that guy that goes against all of that.
also other thing is with how she acts lately especially on social media. i know that we really don’t have any say with what she wants to do with her life, it’s hers in the first place, but what hurts me the most was how she tweeted about “i don’t care what anyone thinks about where my happiness comes from etc etc” and when she acknowledged someone’s statement that her fans are just concerned about their “wet dreams” not her reputation, like seriously? are we that raunchy and lowly in her eyes?. also, she could have said “hey everyone, thank you for your concerns i appreciate it, but i know what i’m doing and i will do what i want to with my life.” at least we know that she’s aware that we only want to protect her but no, she was so blunt and rude about it. i don’t really want anything from her because as i said at the beginning it was my choice to make her one of my idols and i don’t want anything for that but why treat us like that when not all of us are the same. and no, i don’t feel i am a bad fan for saying this, and i am saying this because the other day a girl on twitter attacked me for talking about this in the same way i did here, you know not because you’re just accepting that your idol is doing some things that you don’t feel comfortable with means you’re disappointing them, on the contrary, it is okay i mean, after everything it is just your opinion and it is completely okay to say it if you want, because you’re not asking this person to change for what you think, on the contrary, you’re just talking about it because it is someone you care about.

So like I’ve only glanced at the new chapter -don’t think I don’t see you immediate parallel with Syaoran- BUT LIKE ALREADY I’M LIKE !!!! BECAUSE


Just look how gorgeous; CLAMP you continue your trend of drawing hair beautifully

But it occurred to me that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fai with long hair without a pony tail as he had long hair when he was a child.

But it is sense he cut it; and like, this is actually really sweet that Fai is growing out his hair again. The reason Fai started cutting his hair was because he wanted something of his to always be with real Fai’s body even when he was away;

and as we see as he grows up he continues to keep it short after the initial cut. But slowly through the journey as he traveled with the group CLAMP drew his hair longer (which is realistic anyways); and now that his brother Fai is gone there is no reason to keep it short any longer, and he is growing it long again and he just lets it out of his pony tail and is content and happy and he is just so close with the Tsubasa family and this makes me SO HAPPY/  

K Project Random Crack And Normal Head Cannons Made by Me! Part 1 HOMRA

Cause I couldn’t sleep when I thought of these and I could picture these just a little bit. They are meant to be funny and random.

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 Crack Cannon Totsuka: A long time ago Mikoto,Totsuka and Izumo got drunk and had a dare contest, one of the dares was singing karaoke. Totsuka sang quite a bunch of Cascada songs he nailed them and even sang power of love and nailed that one two. 

 Normal cannon Totsuka: Totsuka Tried making a dress for Anna though it didn’t work so he bought her one instead.

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 Crack Cannon Mikoto: Secretly Mikoto is a fan of cute simple life Anime that revolves around animals like Hamtaro and Chii’s sweet home. (Though personally this isn’t much of a crack Cannon, well to me at least since I can actually picture this just a bit)

Normal Cannon Mikoto: Likes the Anime HunterxHunter and his favorite character is Killua.

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Crack Cannon Izumo: One time out of curiosity stole a pair of his girlfriends under wear and wore it for a day wondering how it would feel. Personally he kinda liked it.

Normal Cannon Izumo: Izumo when he was 10 began to study on how to maintain a bar.

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Crack Cannon Anna: Secretly pairs the main ABC boys of HOMRA with there partners and even writes fan fiction of how they could get together. Her favorite Ships in order is Sarumi/Misaru, Izuri (Izumo and Seri) Chiwa (Chitose and Dewa), Furic (eric and Fujishima), Shoban (Shohei and Bandou). She also can’t Decide which pairing she likes more between Mikototsu or Mikorei.

(I personally don’t know the official pairing names of the ABC boys so I came up with these ones. if anyone does know please tell me)

Normal Cannon Anna: Secretly has wanted to die her hair red like Mikoto’s, when she asked Mikoto if she could Mikoto told her no she was never allowed to dye her hair, even when she was an adult.

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 Crack Cannon Yata: unbeknownst to everyone Misaki writes awesome Erotica but no one knows and Misaki wants to keep it that way. 

Normal Cannon Yata: Looks up random recipes on the internet usually super hard ones and tries to master and remember the recipe by heart in 1 week. He fails every time and it takes 2 weeks for him to remember the recipe by heart.

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Crack cannon Kamamoto: Likes to sing to female English singers when he cleans. He doesn’t care what genre they sing they just have to sound good.

Normal Cannon Kamamoto: Kama here is an awesome break dancer but doesn’t get to show off his moves cause the last time he did, he broke so many of Izumo’s wine bottles. Kama was never found out but he refuses to break dance in the bar in case it could happen again. 

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Crack Cannon Eric: Secretly likes to play pranks on Fujishima while Fujishima has no clue who keeps pranking him.

Normal Cannon Eric: Secretly likes the animals Fujishima brings in to take care of but wont admit plus there apartment is no pets allowed so they cant keep them.

Crack Cannon Fujishima: Fujishima is into furry cosplay but won’t admit it to anyone. 

Normal Cannon Fujishima: Keeps asking Eric if they can get a pet once a week, but Eric always says no.

Crack Cannon Chitose: One time he ate 2 big cakes by himself and later that evening when he was having sex he puked all over his partner. ever since then hes sworn off cake and never speaks of it again.

 Normal Cannon Chitose: One time he burned Dewa’s hat by mistake and it took him 4 days to find one that looked exactly like Dewa’s old one. Fortunately during those 4 days he convinced Dewa it was lost.

Crack Cannon Dewa: Dewa actually knows Ballet and is really good but wont admit it to anyone the only one who does know is Chitose.

Normal Cannon Dewa: Dewa knew Chitose burned his hat he just didn’t say anything because he thought it was funny seeing Chitose run around and trying to cover his tracks as he found a new one of the same brand.

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Crack Cannon Shouhei: Has a secret obsession with Alice in wonderland art. the only one who knows is Anna because sometimes he draws for her.

Normal Cannon Shouhei: Likes creating cool random logo designs. He also created the design of his HOMRA hat.

Crack Cannon Bandou: is secretly a super famous model hence why he wears sunglasses and a hoodie most of the time. 

Normal Cannon Bandou: Has sensitive skin so unless he uses a good sunblock he needs to cover himself in layers or else hell get sun burnt.

Please remember

-Waiting for trades instead of buying singles does not make you less of a comic fan.

-Prefering digital over physical does not make you less of a comic fan.

-Only having one or two titles on your pull list does not make you less of a comic fan.

-Getting all your comics from your local library does not make you less of a comic fan.

-Only having the time to pick up your comics once or twice a month does not make you less of a comic fan (though please check if this is okay with your store).

-Rereading the same 6 titles you love over and over again because you just don’t connect with other things does not make you less of a comic fan.

-Not reading “Big Two” comics does not make you less of a comic fan. Same with only reading “Big Two” titles.

-Don’t let anyone tell you the way you enjoy comics is wrong.

-If you love comics you are a comic fan. Plain and simple.

Friendly advice: Don’t be a fan of Superman.

It’s not easy to be a Superman fan.

It requires determination, perseverance and temperance.

While other superheroes fans, i.e. Bat-fans, have a simple, effortless life due to the fan-service profusely provided by the comic companies, we “Supies” have to deal with the most poorly presented of costumed crimefighters. In fact, Supes is the less fan-serviceable of all heroes. True: they gave him an impressive array of powers and it had been said ad nauseam he’s one of the most powerful beings, if not the mightiest of them all. Yet, there’s always some villain of the week or one of his own team mates who wipes the floor with his super-ass. And, even though he’s the son of the greatest mind in a superintelligent species, the only way to make him more “human”, it seems, is to present him as dumb and witless below everyone around him, so he can never resort to his brain to solve the situations in which he gets involved and always needs the help of some clever human who tells him what to do.

Another of the usual plots is to make him evil or possessed by a mind controlling foe, since he’s so volatile and easily influenced, and, again, needs help (usually human) to get back to sanity.

Or they constantly leave him outside of any major “event” (so trendy lately) for any silly and odd reason that puts him out of commission until the very end, so it’s up to others to deal with the crisis at hand while he is benched.

The only good thing he had lately was a cool girlfriend like Wonder Woman, but they spent most of their time together arguing with each other or fighting some enemy or under some strange circumstance which renders him (it’s always him) unable to do the activities any couple, normal or super, would do. Of the short time they’ve been together, give or take a year in comic book time, he spent two months in outer space and another month or so recovering from a nuclear explosion. They are a good team, but a lousy couple. At least, that’s how they were written so far. And, gods forbid, no bed scenes for them. Other heroes have sex, lots of it, not Supes and Wondy. Ultimately, for some stupid reason, they are on a break and there’s no clear sign they are going to solve it any time soon. So no, Big Blue, no good old romance for you, sorry.

It seems the same people who owns the commercial rights of Superman don’t even like him, and only use him to make other characters shine by comparison: Batman is smarter than Superman. Wonder Woman is more skilled than Superman. Shazam is stronger than Superman. It’s like Supes is the measure, the bar the others have to pass in order to demonstrate their worth. That’s the only thing he’s good for. Even Lois Lane is a better journalist than he ever was.

Writers don’t have any idea of what to do with him, and always resort to de-powering him to make him more manageable. Among other things, Superman can’t have a sense of humor, not even a little sarcastic retort to those who deem themselves too important, like Batman or Lois or Luthor. He’s always submissive and “nice” to the point of stupidity.

As you can see, being a Superman fan is not for the meek, for the faint of heart, you have to deal with everything and everyone in opposition, because nowadays Supes is not cool, so neither are you, my friend.

Become a Bat-fan and enjoy the good life!

Sometimes I wonder what happened...

Nearly 11 years ago, I entered high school, a lowly freshman who knew so little of the world and fandoms.

I was a big Harry Potter fan. I shipped Romione. I thought surely everyone would ship it. Bear in mind, this was pre-Deathly Hallows so no one knew for sure what would happen.

And then I made new friends in the fandom. One of them shipped Romione just like me. The other shipped Dramione.

But things were different back then. Life was simple. Instead of telling our fellow Harry Potter fan to kill herself, we had spirited debates. She knew Romione had a better shot at being canon. She didn’t care. And we thought it was funny how she clung so tightly to it.

It has been over a decade and the stupid, immature teenagers who sat together at lunch have all grown up. But today’s teenagers do not have spirited debates. Today’s shippers do not ship and let ship.

“Kill yourself!” they cry. “You are scum!” they wail. Mature shipping is a thing of the past.

But I ask you, if three silly girls in 2005 could have opposing ships and remain friends, why can’t you? Are we not all fans? Do we not love the same thing? Why take away someone’s enjoyment by telling them what makes them happy is disgusting and wrong? Why tell them to kill themselves because they drew fan art that wasn’t to your liking or made up headcanons you disagree with?

Stop the ship wars. It’s time to grow up.

banner credit to my love eriza 

Noa Cherry was a fan of the simple things in life. A nice manicure, a good lyric, a well-planned out cheer leading routine that could win her team 1st place at the state championship.

To others, one or two of those things may have seemed difficult, but not to her. Because she had found her perfect nail lady, and her music taste was phenomenal so lyrical genius wasn’t hard for her to come by. The cheer leading thing, well that was easy due to her natural ability to excel in all things athletic. Born to a mom who claimed the years she spent sideline, chanting with pom-poms in hand were the best years of her life, and to a father who spent his entire life as a raging activist, spirit was never something Noa had in short supply.

Harry, on the other hand, found nearly everything to be difficult - the only exception being Basketball. No matter what, he could always get that burnt orange ball through the hoop. So much so, that a leading American college recruited him.

And the list of things he couldn’t do? That was endless. He couldn’t stop smoking pot, he couldn’t stop getting tattoos, he couldn’t stop chasing a girl who already had a football player attached to her at every party. He knew he should at least try to stop, but he also knew that there was no fun in that.

an uni au saturated in pot clouds and irrelevant sports dreams

coming soon

Naruto: The End Destination - Chapter 3: Pairings

The pairing can be a huge deal in any media to the point that it becomes a main drive for people to continue to follow. Whether the story is good or not, the pairing is what helps to keep the people following the series. Many series does consist them, whether it ends with one or not, the fact is people would follow the story’s path or create their own story, hence fan fiction. That all said it can get to the point where it can get overbearing and unfortunately violent, and not just in mentally abuse, but even physically when meet in contact. It’s one of the worst aspects of fandom and it can’t be completely controlled in warfare, including when one pairing is canon. Unfortunately, this aspect is spread to the company behind the work itself; therefore, they will play game and take the upmost advantage of its audience in order to draw fame and fortune. Naruto is no exception.

The reason for why Naruto, out of many series, have a pairing war is uncertain because it is a Shounen series, where it’s mainly all action and targeted for male demographic though it doesn’t mean it would stop all around people to watch/read. It once had a simple story of a boy named Naruto wants to win his love interest Sakura’s love and that’s all it needed. It grew out of proportion to the point almost all characters need to have love in their life, and mainly, have a simple yet complicated by fans’ interpretations love triangle or square. The series once shown to be going on its own path without the huge concern of pairing war, all goes accordingly to the plan. The anime usually plays around the pairing aspect, though normally, they will show their favoritism that most likely has the most chance to happen, whether it will end up as a canon pairing or open ended with them being the highest level of friendship, alas not love but almost. Naruto isn’t the only series to get this treatment, so it’s not unfamiliar to this technique of anime. However, if the direction in the end completely contradicts the series, then that’s a major problem, let alone the original content, the manga itself.

Pairing is not truly needed unless you’re doing it for the plot or morale. For example, the boy falls in love with the girl, but the girl is cursed and she will die if true love isn’t granted, so the girl must find her true love to unseal it, and that boy may be the one. The point is pairing isn’t always a necessary conclusion. It’s up to the creator’s decision to end with one or not. The fans may be disappointed if there’s no pairing, but again, it’s the creator’s decision and that’s the way it is. If the story wants to have a pairing in the end or anywhere, then the main important aspect of writing for pairing is the character. If the creator wants to write a convincing couple, the story doesn’t need to be a romance genre, rather just tell a story and explore the characters. Have the characters develop not only among themselves, but as well as the relationship of the two. Give the audience a journey that display the relationship of the two, whether it occurs often or frequent.  If one wishes to have the protagonist to love the love interest from the start, he/she may wish to do so, so long it has an end, open or close, or don’t go entirely a different direction, unless it’s used for character’s lesson purpose, though it should be dealt with early. For example, you can have the protagonist find crush/love, but he/she may learn that they have no chemistry, found someone else down the journey, or move on because of reasons. It’s all about the journey that draws us to their world and care for the characters.

Naruto ruined it.

Now before going into the main characters, we should discuss about the side characters. Side characters don’t usually get that much of a spotlight of building the foundation of relationship, though it does leave a hint or so to give you the idea of what could be in the end. The clear example is Shikamaru and Temari. While they don’t display the buildup of their relationship that eventually turns into love, they give you enough to understand why they became a couple or at least can buy the idea. It is said that Kishimoto didn’t want Shikamaru to experience love or something related to it, but at least it didn’t feel that much out of place. Ino and Chouji, however, do.

It is worth noting in a way that the anime studio actually tried to make them into something in a more or less showcase. The manga does leave a very small trace, but nothing to say that they should have gotten together. That said the one they ended up with is pure random. While the side characters don’t matter all that much in love, it doesn’t have to be this random degree. It’s most likely designed to get a way to have a new generation of Ino-Shika-Chou trio, which still doesn’t mean it needed to be this way. Ino and Sai don’t make all that sense. It is true that Sai said one compliment to Ino, though it was made in comedy fashion, so this still doesn’t add up and only came up as a way to shock the audience, though the response is more of clueless yet disappointed remarks. It doesn’t help that it left the audience thinking “Sasuke-lite” or “second runner” since Sai was said to be Sasuke double, so it gave the impression that women in Naruto, at least the Konoha 12 group, are pretty shallow. 

Well, if you can’t win first place, get second place.

As for Chouji, it is random at best. His character all the sudden has a thing for romance love by the end, despite how his character is about fitting in with others knowing he’s fat and lack of better word, lazy. The end piece of the story had it that he wants to find love but don’t know if that’s possible because of his size and such, so it could have been a decent piece of seeing Chouji ended up with someone unlikely, and oddly enough, Ino fits the case. Ino is about beauty, so the thought of ending up with a guy who is seen to be “unattractive” would be a decent development. Instead, we got Karui and Chouji. Nothing against Karui, but it seems like the plot thread of Chouji hoping to find love is wasted because not only he was paired up with a person who he never spoke to, but we don’t get any development or any build from the journey. It was not like it was used in a comedy fashion. For example, you could have him surprise the characters by announcing that he has a kid and a wife with an unexpected person, but it’s all wasted. It’s all for the next generation.

I still don’t get the connection with Karui. Oh well, side character, logic ignored.

Now let’s get to the main characters. Team 7 has a more or less love triangle since chapter 3. Naruto loves Sakura as she loves Sasuke as he’s the rival of the protagonist. It was a simple story of a love triangle that can be dealt with in a normal, non-destructive manner to the characters. Unfortunately, the fans were vocal enough to include Hinata into the mix. The reason why I said the fans is because it has been said that while she do love Naruto, it wasn’t that prominent to the story and didn’t take it into the account that it will happen in the end, or at least the original plan. It’s not that Hinata don’t deserve Naruto, rather the story didn’t tell us this was it. It was very clear that the story shown that Naruto and Hinata isn’t something to be considered in romance, especially the writing said so. If they were truly meant to be, they would have more needed developments and much less what are now needless developments with Naruto and Sakura. It’s not that Naruto and Sakura got more developments than Naruto and Hinata mean the latter can’t happen at all, but it’s just the developments aren’t strong enough to hold up. Instead, it was all relying on the final minute development that too failed.

Let’s go over Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke has no interest in Sakura since chapter 3. In fact, his character has been portrayed to be brotherhood throughout the series, so love has no priority. Throughout part 1, they showed very small promises in early Chuunin Exam. Then, it all went downhill as Sasuke became more aggressive about challenging Naruto as well as getting stronger to kill Itachi, leaving him very little time to focus on Sakura. The relationship outside of being in Team 7 didn’t grow, rather things gotten worse because it was seen to be a breaking point that Sakura is not with the right guy. They have little developments to make romance happen, but that is highly possible that it wasn’t the plan at all for them to get together. It doesn’t help that in part 2, they don’t contact as friends for a very long time. It’s usually about Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship, so Sakura is left out. It was a simple story of a girl who has a crush on a guy because of his cool factor seeing the truth and move on. So why did she still love Sasuke?

So why selfish love won? You didn’t do well since many are love orientated.

In the early of part 2, it barely have any sign that Sakura still love Sasuke, rather she started to shift focus to Naruto. Not because she can’t get Sasuke, rather it’s life taking her to a new direction, one that meets her desire in love. It was brought back in a clear view in Kage Summit Arc. It was arguable that it was made clear in War Arc, but Kage Summit Arc did bring up Sakura’s love for Sasuke. It didn’t make all that sense because she has already admitted that she and Sasuke has no chemistry and already confessed her love. The story apparently gave her more chances to win him when the story itself didn’t display any of it, rather display Naruto’s side. It was said that her love for Sasuke is selfish, so if it’s a bad thing, why keep on going. Part 2 is about being matured, yet Kishimoto brought back that fault of hers, so this doesn’t make any sense. It was used to create an unnecessary convoluted drama in Kage Summit Arc with Team 7, but it made Sakura look bad in the process when she was starting to climb back up to the respectable heroine status. In War Arc, it made matter worse for she can’t seem to move on at all, no matter what happens to her. It did show some sign of development of hers with the thoughts of her not trusting Sasuke and not feeling comfortable at all. Unfortunately, it was all pointless and didn’t even have a sense of moral from Sakura, leaving this a very negative feeling on the audience. It also doesn’t help that Sakura became nothing but about love story, when she was once much more than that. Sadly, Kishimoto don’t have any idea what to do with her.

Don’t worry. Chemistry isn’t required for romance here.

Sasuke and Karin is a pairing that did have a chance but not a necessary. It’s unnecessary because Sasuke didn’t need romance to complete his character since he’s all about brotherhood. That said it would have made more sense than Sasuke and Sakura. It isn’t matter of a favorite pairing, rather matter of how the storytelling was directing. Granted, Sasuke and Karin’s relationship isn’t that fleshed out well, but it didn’t have a complete negative vibe. It is true that Sasuke did betray her as well as the apology being very rushed and poor, but they were there in part 2 more so than Team 7. They seem to have a relationship where Karin is the comedy act as Sasuke tried his best to maintain cool without going into comedy side. The strange part is that Karin was left to be the one to save Sasuke while Sakura was left to save Naruto in chapter 662 event, so it almost gave you the impression that if Sasuke had to get a romance end, it would be her, yet that would be the last moment and because of the ending, it made this drama from Karin pointless. She just disappeared in the end and anything from her ended once Sasuke woke up from coma.

It is possible that Karin was the one to be with Sasuke or at least stay by his side along with Team Taka in the end, but perhaps Kishimoto decided to ignore them entirely in order to make Sasuke and Sakura get together, which is odd because Team Taka stick together and usually follow Sasuke, so why stop now. If they did return to Orochimaru,  what was the point of Orochimaru telling them that they are no longer part of Snake (Hebi) if they only going to go back. Everything was forced and ignored to have one near impossible path to work.

Your feelings is invalid…

Naruto and Hinata didn’t have a negative vibe or anything bad. It’s just that it was handled weak and in a way, handled in a different manner that wasn’t love in the first place. At best, it was considered as a admiration, which made sense because Hinata was weak and looked down by her father, so Naruto’s nindo, which is never give up, encouraged her and made her work hard. It’s true that she love Naruto, but the story never gave an impression that it was something we have to take into account. Naruto was in love with Sakura while she was growing with Naruto, so in a way, if Kishimoto were to trade those growths from Naruto and Sakura, it could have seen differently and taken more serious on the romance. Even the later developments, it wasn’t that much on romance with Hinata. It was once classified as “enlightenment” from the critic books on Naruto and the bonds, yet there is a section discussing on love. In War Arc, it was noticeable that Naruto and Hinata got developments, though not enough and it had the sense that Hinata is taking over Sakura as the heroine, which is a no-no in writing, especially late in the series with already established full-time main characters. It has been said that Kishimoto did in fact intended to do these moments with Hinata in War Arc to established her as a heroine and get her connected with Naruto with the death of Neji; Sakura, however, isn’t popular to warrant more character to her and eventually heroine status.

Why are you portraying as a symbol of hope restore like heroine?…….Oh……..

The Last, chapter 699.5, is a movie that was made to show how Naruto and Hinata got together; unfortunately, it was a missed opportunity and poorly written. The movie rewrote the history of Naruto such as displaying that Naruto and Hinata have met in the snow field and she was bullied by three kids, so Naruto defended her with Shadow Clone, which is impossible, causing a plot damaging hole. The point is that Hinata once said she saw him working hard and thus, made her recover from sadness, but now, it’s the bully scene that got her interested. The main problem is Naruto, where not only his character is changed but severely damaged by the movie’s senseless plotline. Naruto fell in love with Hinata because of the cast of genjutsu put on him, where he somehow interfere his own dream within a dream of hers, making this convoluted mess to understand what made Naruto changed his mind. It was often said that it’s out of pity, which seem to be the case due to the poor writing, where Naruto had the chance to move forward and start developing with Hinata to see who she really is and begin to appreciate her as a person and a lover. Instead, it went to love in a minute and everything didn’t feel connected to story whatsoever, and because of this, this couple ended up being underdeveloped and bland. It had a chance to show why this couple can work, but it failed but making Naruto clueless on love, which he was completely aware in the series. A missed opportunity this truly became.

You know, Naruto. Neji isn’t the only person who died…

At last, we have Naruto and Sakura, where the protagonist loves someone who is in love with his rival. In the very beginning, it showed a sign that the story was going to be one of those stories where the protagonist does overcome the odd and wins her love, but not without struggles. By the time of Promise of the Lifetime was established, it was clear that this pairing was the one that the story was aiming for. This isn’t about the fans’ preference; it’s the story’s preference. This is the pairing that was pushed in the anime, video games, marketing ads, and many more, so it was understandable to think so. While those are from the third-party sources, the manga did in fact develop their relationship and didn’t stop in best friend level, rather a potential more than friends. There were hints, developments, foreshadows, and even parallels that are easily to connect. It was built greatly in comparison to the other pairings, mainly because this was the main one. This is the one that have the most developments. So where did it go wrong? It’s not the matter of these characters, rather the matter of the writing.

A part of a journey. A buildup. Something for us to follow to the end.

Everything was clear and seems to be on the right course for Naruto and Sakura well on their way to be together as a couple, if not being less than lovers, more than friends. It has the clichés and the writing technique that often written in other stories such as interruptions when something romance related was about to address. They even have a scene where you either have them hug or a love scene, after the dilemma is over, which in this case was with Pain’s invasion. Unfortunately, Kage Summit Arc started to shake this pairing up because of Sakura, which is odd enough to have her love Sasuke all over again.

Thanks to this scene, the idea of never going to happen is invalid.

The confession is most confusing scene in the pairing history because there were many different stories behind it such as Sakura being a complete liar, using Naruto’s feelings, etc. Kishimoto has said that Sakura was telling the truth about her confession, which sadly later now in void of that argument since it has such reflection on Sakura ever loving Naruto. It just made Sakura look horrible. It’s rather strange that with Sasuke around in War and even Kage Summit Arc, she displayed a different character, one that many dislike a lot; however, when solo or with Naruto, she displayed a great characteristic that people can get behind. In the war, she displayed more of her being strongly determined when dealing with Naruto. You can argue that she is Two-Face, and you only want the one who can stand up for herself.

One has Sakura strong with Naruto or alone and the other one has her weak with Sasuke. More of former please, for the audience sake.

By the end, Naruto and Sakura stopped interacting like a close friend that don’t need a mission to get together, developments stopped being matter, and the long promised goal has no impact and wasn’t addressed strongly again. The promise had a meaning to their relationship as in something waited to be accomplished to receive the grand prize. In this story, promise is a incredibly important factor, especially since Obito and Rin’s relationship solely lies on it because it’s something that holds close to the bond and it puts trust on the line. In stories, a promise means very heavily compare to the real life, though some may feel the same way, so this was a conclusion waiting to happen. Sadly, Kishimoto completely discarded it in the end, if not downplayed it severely. It was all for naught. Once Sasuke and Sakura got together or pretty much clued in their relationship, everything got diminished.

Well…That’s pairing war in a nutshell.

The Last have said that Naruto only loved Sakura because she loves Sasuke and he didn’t want to lose against Sasuke. This is where they made him into a bad character because when taken account of the series, Naruto has been fooling around with Sakura all this time, which made no sense, but since they wrote this way, then it must be canon yet made him a horrible person to take advantage. Not to mention that means Naruto saw Sakura as a trophy, which is unbelievable. This whole new revelation only happened because it needed to have Naruto make a mistake on his love with Sakura for the wrong reason to make Hinata the first and true love for Naruto, which is already a lie.

The main problem is that the journey for one possible pairing that has all the buildup to make it work was all wasted. This is where the idea of the end didn’t justify the mean comes in because again, the story had these two developed throughout the journey, yet we are left to believe that it was all wrong even though the audience saw it as the highly likely pairing. Instead, the end became its own mean, undermining the journey, and uses the ending as a way to tell the audience that it’s always meant this way. It also doesn’t help the fact that it overridden Naruto’s priority as the main one, because if he was the one that matter the most, why his love has to be the fault. Why he ended up losing? Why is the other character, let alone the side character, loves overridden his?  If Sakura was the wrong choice, why not establish it in the early stage of the series? Was it because that Naruto and Sakura were going to get together but plans changed? Why all the hints, developments, etc. existed? It would be acceptable Naruto’s first love lost have it not been with the revelation that winning love is part of never giving up, especially since Naruto loved Sakura for majority of the series. Once Minato told Obito to not give up on Rin, then we should have the idea that we must support Naruto all the way, yet he moved on in the very end. This ruined many themes and plot threads. It’s not matter of a fan’s favorite, rather what the journey took us to. Now, it only made you not care about it for the next work. It is bad writing and nothing less.

Well, that means we should get behind the protagonist all the way…….Right?

That’s pairing war in Naruto and it was a huge mess. In fact, it still is, despite having the pairing canon. One would argue since it happened with Dragon Ball Z with Goku and ChiChi, people shouldn’t be that upset about the outcome. The problem is that they are different and I don’t mean the series. It’s the characteristic and plot thread that separate both from each other. Naruto started off with the protagonist already have a love interest and build his way to win her love, while Dragon Ball Z doesn’t have anything of sort for the protagonist in the beginning, so anything can be newly introduced to the character, rushed or not. Naruto had a foundation on his relationship with Sakura, no matter how you see it. It doesn’t require being a fan of a pairing, because it’s in the story, so it can’t be dismissed, much like the flaws of a character. If it started off with the protagonist having no love interest and little build until The Last, it could be forgiving than what it is now.

The one damaging aspect of the story is that Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write female characters, but he learned it from the love triangle, which can be seen as bad news, because in the end, female characters are filled with destiny to love and other far second. In other words, he only know to write them with love being the foreground, such as multiple dreams of women finding love, two Kages dealing with love like marriage or lost love, etc. It’s highly noticeable with women more so than men, which they got more priority such as being the Kage and other occupants like being the right hand man for the Kage. The ending of the series highlighted this strongly, which caused the outrage of the female demographic in the states, though it may depend on where they’re from. 

You should have gotten a love interest for “good” ending for yourself.

The Last doesn’t help because it only established further that they’re all about love and even go as far as saying that they can’t change their feelings at all. It’s a weak attempt of an excuse to say why women’s love can’t be rewritten or making it out to be the only true love holder, which begged the question, what about Rin, Ino, Karin, and perhaps more since they have first love as well yet they either moved on or ignored. It only made the writing exposed as a failed attempt to be complex or strong morality. Men, on the other hand, have nothing in it, yet the only one that seemed like the man that got higher priority out of the two within is Obito and he’s the villain. It’s not to say that men’s love should override the women’s, rather it’s about the balance as well as which love is true and meaningful, such as selfless act, sacrifice for the greater good, etc. It’s about the reward, which Jiraiya failed at, yet Naruto failed in that one aspect, despite what the movie tried the hardest to accomplish. Now, the pairing that was said before being selfish from Sakura is canon.

The main fear of pairing war from the audience is that if the creator is aware of it and decided to play games with fans in the process, it can start ruining the story and the characters. Naruto ended up ruining many things, mainly the characters. Naruto should have moved on from Sakura to Hinata to have the least amount of damage; however, the theme of never giving up would be corrupted. Instead, they decided to have Naruto being clueless and took advantage of Sakura because of Sasuke, which ruined the character because for 15 years, he was a selfless man that understands human’s emotions and feelings. Now, he didn’t know any of it, became more one-dimensional than before, and became a guy that was willing to give it all up on the world since Hinata went with another guy, which begged the question how he didn’t give up with it was much worse with Sasuke being the villain and all. It contradicted everything he was known for outside of wanting to be the Hokage, which anyone can fit the case.

Sakura has no recovery from the mess she was placed in. It was going well when she was alone, but then the idea of her going with Sasuke returned and because Sasuke must be cruel, it all came out horrible for Sakura, yet she still loved him without any effort to forgive and rebuild. She was even crowned to be the worst heroine in China, which is a terrible sight to see for the fans of hers. In the end, she got it horrible and could have easily avoided if she just moved on or go with another guy.

In terms of another guy, no matter how one looks at it, the story was going for Naruto and Sakura, if not, open ending. The journey has them learned about each other, including the struggles, the pain, and many other materials that they can overcome and hope the best to each other. But because the ending chose neither of them, it only made the journey worthless when seeing upon their struggles and knowledge of each other. It’s not to say that the entire journey is worthless, because it has more than building the relationship; however, the audience was focused on them for such a long time that changing all up seem rather cruel to them to spend time for something that will not conclude in a satisfying note. To prevent the damage, you either have Naruto not loving Sakura at all or don’t build up their relationship more than friends in the first place.

It is no game when dealing the romance aspect of the series because not only the fans can get rowdy about it, but the characters have to be carefully consistent in order to not go out of characters. Kishimoto once did things normal and not convoluted mess that was growing from Kage Summit Arc and so on. Early part 2 didn’t have anything that made things confusing to the audience because it’s possible that Kishimoto didn’t buy in until later on, or the first editor Yahagi didn’t approve of the game that the fandom was in. In the end, it got all of those pairing mess into the mix and stopped being part of the story, rather became part of the fandom’s wish list. That’s when the story no longer matters when the fans got more say to the story than the creator, and that’s when anyone could start blaming the fans for ruining the story.

If only the fans knew the consequences…