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So like I’ve only glanced at the new chapter -don’t think I don’t see you immediate parallel with Syaoran- BUT LIKE ALREADY I’M LIKE !!!! BECAUSE


Just look how gorgeous; CLAMP you continue your trend of drawing hair beautifully

But it occurred to me that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fai with long hair without a pony tail as he had long hair when he was a child.

But it is sense he cut it; and like, this is actually really sweet that Fai is growing out his hair again. The reason Fai started cutting his hair was because he wanted something of his to always be with real Fai’s body even when he was away;

and as we see as he grows up he continues to keep it short after the initial cut. But slowly through the journey as he traveled with the group CLAMP drew his hair longer (which is realistic anyways); and now that his brother Fai is gone there is no reason to keep it short any longer, and he is growing it long again and he just lets it out of his pony tail and is content and happy and he is just so close with the Tsubasa family and this makes me SO HAPPY/  

Sometimes I wonder what happened...

Nearly 11 years ago, I entered high school, a lowly freshman who knew so little of the world and fandoms.

I was a big Harry Potter fan. I shipped Romione. I thought surely everyone would ship it. Bear in mind, this was pre-Deathly Hallows so no one knew for sure what would happen.

And then I made new friends in the fandom. One of them shipped Romione just like me. The other shipped Dramione.

But things were different back then. Life was simple. Instead of telling our fellow Harry Potter fan to kill herself, we had spirited debates. She knew Romione had a better shot at being canon. She didn’t care. And we thought it was funny how she clung so tightly to it.

It has been over a decade and the stupid, immature teenagers who sat together at lunch have all grown up. But today’s teenagers do not have spirited debates. Today’s shippers do not ship and let ship.

“Kill yourself!” they cry. “You are scum!” they wail. Mature shipping is a thing of the past.

But I ask you, if three silly girls in 2005 could have opposing ships and remain friends, why can’t you? Are we not all fans? Do we not love the same thing? Why take away someone’s enjoyment by telling them what makes them happy is disgusting and wrong? Why tell them to kill themselves because they drew fan art that wasn’t to your liking or made up headcanons you disagree with?

Stop the ship wars. It’s time to grow up.