the simming dead


i’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb


ODELLE: so let me get this straight… you want to woo… Morwena?

DECIMIUS: precisely. i’ve been around for nine centuries, it’s about time i settled down, don’t you think?

ODELLE: i… guess? i can’t say i know exactly how vampire courting goes…

DECIMUS: do you think she would appreciate a fresh cadaver for a gift?

MARIA: of course! what girl wouldn’t be pleased to be given a corpse?!


Sniffly Boys and Matching Sweaters - 23:45

Rei was feeling a little under the weather, so Mini bought them matching sweaters and invited him over for a Christmas-in-January party. They shared a bowl of soup, watched 80’s movies, and sipped on ginger tea. Needless to say, Rei was feeling much better.

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy