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La Catrina Restaurante Mexicano by w-sims (No CC!)

With all of the Halloween downloads available this time of year, I thought it would be nice to focus on another upcoming celebration, El Día de Muertos. I decided to make a Mexican restaurant that’s ready to welcome families and friends and serve them some delicious food on this special day. It features an altar/ofrenda and serves a selection of Mexican food, including el pan de muerto. Best of all… it’s completely CC free and on the Gallery now!

Lot Traits: Haunted, Chef’s Kitchen, Convivial.

Download from the Gallery (ID: thewsimmer) or search #thewsimmer


I’ve been putting off releasing more CC, so I thought, what better time to release CC than now? So here you go, a BGC, hat compatible, all ea-base colors all custom LOD hair for you guys to enjoy :o

So…enjoy it :P

Also ended up going with the anon’s hair name suggestion because I’m terrible at naming CC. Although surprisingly, I did have a name lined up for this mesh but decided I’d use it later instead :P

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Spencer |

[Sims Workshop]

| Xld_Sims: The Spencer |


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We offer the spirits pan de muerto to give thanks for all the special meals 
we've shared,
We offer the spirits papel picado to remind us that they are everywhere 
with us, like the wind,
We offer an open container of water so that the spirits can quench their 
thirst after a long journey,
We light candles to represent the bright souls,
We offer bright marigolds to the spirits to guide them to the altar,
We offer salt to purify souls,
We offer a carpet so that the spirits have a resting place after 
their trip,
We offer incense to represent the souls that rise at night.
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