the simming dead


I’ve been putting off releasing more CC, so I thought, what better time to release CC than now? So here you go, a BGC, hat compatible, all ea-base colors all custom LOD hair for you guys to enjoy :o

So…enjoy it :P

Also ended up going with the anon’s hair name suggestion because I’m terrible at naming CC. Although surprisingly, I did have a name lined up for this mesh but decided I’d use it later instead :P

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Spencer |

[Sims Workshop]

| Xld_Sims: The Spencer |


“I’m sorry. You shouldn't— No one should ever have to go through that…You were just a kid.”
“We both were.”
“Are…are you okay?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I should say anymore, I shouldn’t…I-I…I should go. I have to go. I can’t…I can’t.”

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“I said it, so now it’s your turn. But I know you, and I know you’d swallow your tongue before your pride. So go run off to Mexico, go wherever you have to go in order to discover yourself. But you’ll never find it. Your home is here, the people who love you are here. If you leave, I’m not letting that piece of me go with you. Don’t expect me to wait around for you. I won’t let you push me away again.”

As she ran through the hospital, what her coworker had reported to her had more than enough time to sink in, and she started to panic. There’s just no way, no way, no way…. she kept repeating to herself.

She came rushing around the corner, and sure enough, there was Caleb. Just like they had said. 

“Dad? Dad!!”  She screamed. “Stop! What are you doing?!”


🙄So we just finished another shoot and they called her again to postpone the competition, this is the 3rd time they did this btw so Na’na is getting a little annoyed at this point. Don’t mind her aggy face though, she won’t be like this for long. I’m gonna take her out for lunch because just like me, I know food will cheer her up, especially AUTHENTIC tacos and chicken rice bowls!!!😊 Have a good day baby’s!!!!!😘


i’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb



I did this just for the hell of it but yeah like i said before my guys don’t really wear much makeup. Sometimes I’ll let Matt grow a little stubble but that’s really it. Matt was scowling here for some reason but I’m used to him being annoyed at everyone.