the silver vase

Willem van Aelst - Flowers in a Silver Vase


oil on canvas

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco


Kittyinva: 1920′s French shoe buckles with enameled faces of stylized flower vases on silvered metal. The colors are purposely slightly different. Original black velvet backings. From Vintage Luxury.

The signs stereotypes, as phrases
  • Aries: FIGHT ME *punches you* omg are you ok?
  • Taurus: yeah I mean we could go on that hike but food man just food
  • Gemini: you know...
  • Cancer: WTF IM NOT BIPOLAR TUMBLR *cries and never goes on tumblr again*
  • Leo: UGH YAS my hair is on point today!
  • Virgo: ok so I have to submit my Yale application, wax the floor, Polish the silver...WHO MOVED THE VASE 0.9 CM TO THE LEFT?!?!
  • Libra: "omg that shirt is so cute" >__<
  • Or "I like you shirt...*laughs* (you'll know)
  • Sagittarius: hahah I love you....MARRY YOU WTF NO
  • Capricorn: not to be rude or anything but yeah this dinner fucking sucks
  • Aquarius: *actual alien*
  • Pisces: this book *cries* is just so sad.....anyways time to draw some fanart

First trailer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny

Once subtitled The Green Legend, the long-awaited sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is finally ready to leap on to our screens. The first trailer for what is now called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny is online and can be viewed below.

Adapted from the fifth book of Wang Du Lu’s Crane-Iron pentalogy, Silver Vase, Iron Knight by writer John Fusco, the movie’s plot has been kept largely quiet, though Michelle Yeoh’s Yu Shu-Lien returns, and the story involves redemption, sacrifice and the fight to keep an ancient, powerful sword out of the grubby hands of a warlord.

With fight choreographing legend Woo-Ping Yuen in the director’s chair, Yeoh is joined for this one by Donnie Yen as Silent Wolf, Harry Shum Jr as Tiefang, Jason Scott Lee as Hades Dai, Juju Chan as Silver Dart Shi, Chris Pang as Flying Blade, Darryl Quon as Turtle Ma, Roger Yuan as Iron Crow and Shuya Chang as Jen Yu. Netflix is backing this one, and will have it ready for streaming from February 26. There is still a plan to release it in cinemas, and though details weren’t given, we’d imagine it’ll either be day and date or close to the small screen launch.

James White.