the silver samurai

Professor Xavier broadcasts his telepathic message to the world regardless of heroes, villains or civilians alike on working together to help in fighting the bigger cosmic threat Xodus the Forgotten Celestial. 

- X-Men ‘92 v2 #10

Okay, this is a scene from U.S. Avengers #2, when adult Danielle Cage – Captain America in alternate future – explains how in her timeline Thanos wasn’t stopped like he was in Civil War II and as a result killed loads of superheroes. This scene shows how he was finally killed – stabbed simultaneously by Black Knight’s Ebony Blade, Faiza Hussein’s Excalibur, Guilotine’s La Fleur du Mal and Hulkling’s Excelsior.

I had a small fangasm, because I’d love to read about those four as an actual team. You could add some more characters with their own magical blades ( Silver Samurai has Black Blade of Muramasa, I don’t know who is using red Muramasa Blade, Grascutter or Godkiller right now, you could resurrect Phyla-Vell since she had that sweet sword as a champion of Death…), maybe throw Doctor Voodoo as a Merlin-like figure (and Billy could become Jericho’s apprentice, so he can both polish his magic skills and support Teddy), call it Avengers of the Round Table or something like that… Tell me I’m not the only one who would read it.