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hey just so you know i was the person who requested a drawing tutorial ages ago and it changed me??? my art is so much better, im finally happy with it and consistently improving, and ive actually started doing commissions now so thank you, thank you so much!!

Oh my goodness hello! I’m so happy to hear that I actually helped you! Omigosh! Keep fighting the good fight, my friend! Art is hard, but you’re working hard and I’m proud of you!

Miracles and a Thief: Lifting the Lid on the Legendary Chest of Saint Simeon

There is an elaborate silver sarcophagus overlaid with silver plaques in a church in Croatia. Legends say that the remains of Saint Simeon are inside it. The chest is protected by UNESCO and it is one of the most important Christian treasures in the Balkans. This case has been related to stories of a thieving queen and great miracles.

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You know what I’m bored and people are liking my Sil Mil posts–I’m gonna writing my personal take SilMil Shitennou and Beryl because what the hell, right?

Kunzite: Eldest of the group, older than Endymion by thirteen years. Born of peasant farmers in the same land as the late-King consort and former North Heavenly King Miltiades , he was chosen from the bundles of children in his village to train as a soldier because of his striking eyes–eyes that convinced Miltiades he could trust this young boy with the future of the Earth. In fact, he wrote in his journal at the time that Kunzite’s eyes reminded of Queen Gaia’s–that they both shared “the same ambitious desire to drink in all that were around them and control what ever they could grab. Though Miltiades died, Kunzite proved him right months after the fact when he was the only boy of the region to past the test and be grant an official rank by the Queen. He was thus made Endymion’s guardian upon the Prince’s birth and his loyalty to the throne allowed to raise to the rank of General at only eighteen. He was still referred to constantly as a ‘killjoy’ though–some things don’t change between life times.

Nephrite: Second eldest of the group, older than Endymion by nine years. Nephrite was not born of any impressive rank, being the son of a soldier–however, his mother’s reputation and skill was well known. As she was lived in Beryl’s land, she grew up knowledgeable of the magic arts. While she lacked any real power, she did study both magic and the stars, writing several well respected books on the matter that still survive in Helios’ library at the shrine to this day. She passed her wisdom onto her only child, who showed to have an even better understand of the stars than she did. When he was twelve, he went off to the Earth’s capital with his mother at the request of the Queen, who wanted to take about giving her an official place in court as a scholar. Nephrite’s mother denied the request, but Nephrite became enamored with court life after witnessing Kunzite’s strength and meeting Endymion for the first time. Months later, he ended up passing the military test with his father’s ax at his side and a book of his mother’s research in his pack. He was nineteen when he became the Southern Heavenly King. He was a rowdy, loud young man who could go on for hours about what he knows, all while lovingly headlocking his prince and throwing him to lakes for a bit of fun.

Jadeite: The second youngest, older than Endymion by six years. Jadeite was born on the streets to poor parents who scraped for everything they had. From a young age he learned to lie and steal, making the the act of running from the police into a game to entertain himself. His raw rogue like talent wasn’t missed by his parents, who worried if they didn’t so something soon, they’d find their son in jail or dead on the street. Instead of feeding themselves, they took whatever money they had and sent Jadeite away to train as a young soldier, despite his very loud objection. The boy didn’t do well at first among spoiled noble children who treated his dirty, ragged clothes as a big joke. He got into several fights in the first month, nearly killing another child once with sharpen piece of wood. He would have been beaten and sent away had he not been grabbed by Kunzite and dragged away to be given a lesson in manners. The plan for both Nephrite and Kunzite was to clean the kid up and send him on his way, but when Jadeite ran and hide and ended up running into the royal and impressing the little guy…well, they just couldn’t get rid of him. Endymion, it seemed, was the only person Jadeite wanted to be nice to and as a result finally took his training seriously. His crafty nature allowed him to pass up into the ranks quickly  and at sixteen he became the Eastern Heavenly King. Arrogant, moody, and often indecent, it was decided very early on that Jadeite was never going to be a good influence on Endymion, but to the young prince the third member of his generals was the ‘fun big brother’; the one who got him into trouble and taught him to get out. And Jadeite was pretty okay with that, even as he got yelled at almost every day by someone.

Zoisite: The youngest, born one year older than Endymion. The only child born of true noble rank, Zoi was the beautiful beloved son of a count and countess who lived in a region to the west which was flooded with nature. From his birth, Zoi was pampered, given everything he ever wanted, and often he was take on trips to the Golden Kingdom’s capital to begin his studies. It was there he became a favored playmate of Endymion–so much so that the boys would scream and cry when he would have to live and end up having to forcible yanked away from each other. From a young age Zoisite showed his massive intelligence, running circles around his tutors (and Nephrite) by bombarding them with question and confusing them with riddles. He was a smart little brat and everyone knew it, but he was often bored with what his parents safely set out for him to do. Even though he was a lazy child who hated sword practice, he ended up taking it up with Endymion and Jadeite–and he found both that and their rebellious misadventures so fun that he decided what the hell, I’m going to join the military. His parents, as you can imagine, threw a fit but Zoi was known for his EVEN BIGGER fits and eventually won his argument. At eleven years old he joined the military and over the course of five years he nearly quiet fifteen times–but the boy was a determined one and what he lacked in physical strength he made up with his brain and magical ability. When he was fourteen he was made Heavenly King of the West. 

Queen Beryl: Born four years before Endymion. She is the eldest of Earth’s royal children and at one time had been second in land for the Golden Kingdom’s throne when only Gaia was the single successor of Terran blood (Had Gaia died with out a heir, Beryl family would have been the next noble linage to inherit the kingdom). When Endymion was born, it was decided that perhaps marriage was would be the best course of action to get Beryl on the throne. Thus, Beryl was raised from her youth with the ideal that one way or another she would rule. She was given the best teachers, instructor, weapons, and jewelry. Her mother, a master sorceress, taught her in the ways of magic–and it was she that warned her that though her powers may be great, she should never use the dark blood arts as it was only the path mad men took. Beryl was meant to be the next great Queen after Gaia and even Gaia herself approved of the young girl, taking her in and caring for her personally when she came to court. The marriage was not official until Endymion turned eight and she twelve, but neither found any fault with the agreement–the young Prince idolized Beryl’s strength and courage, and Beryl found great affection with the boy, often stopping her lessons to take the Prince off into the garden and show him her little magic tricks. People loved Beryl and there was no doubt had she seen the throne she would have been a wise queen but…well…history had other plans.   

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.