the silver dark sea

things i associate with mbti types

enfp: a balloon blowing on the wind, the moment right before a hug, popping bubbles, reading a book while sitting next to your friend, sunshowers, superman ice cream, graffiti, hot air balloons, paint smeared on your hands and face, butterflies in your stomach, hot wax, your best friend’s laugh, a sugar rush, confetti that looks like tiny stars

enfj: getting someone else’s lipstick on your lips, revenge, neon lights, mystery flavored lollipops, dancing around the room with your friends at 3 AM, street photography, the way smiles are contagious, screaming at a concert, puns that are so bad you can’t help but laugh, pranks, mirrors, a tight hug, smiles that show all your teeth

infj: libraries, abstract art, looking up at a full moon, quotes, loneliness, a rainbow through a prism, the aurora, instagramming your starbucks, the way fairy lights look like stars, optical illusions, the vastness of the universe, almost touching, a message in a bottle, walking through the snow, spiral staircases, trompe l’oeil, waterfall mist, echoes

infp: dragonfly wings, a wildflower field, random acts of kindness, watercolors, tears that burn your eyes, diaries, a messy room, a tea kettle shrieking, falling asleep in a hammock, the first day of spring, blanket forts, climbing vines, braids, dewy grass, tree houses, laying on a field and looking at the clouds, sun over an open field

intp: puzzles, light shining through blinds, braille, lightning, tide pools, typewriters, white bedsheets, windowless hallways, waking up before dawn, old maps, writing late at night, blowing glass, warning signs, street musicians, crisp suits, the subway, mathematical formulas, broken fingernails, making music with wine glasses

intj: red-hot embers, newspapers, marble sculptures, deep sea creatures, dark hair, minimalism, silver chains, crumbling petals, the sound of pouring rain, chinese checkers, déjà vu, dystopian fiction, bathing in the dark, merlot, barbed wire, overgrown lawns, antithetical statements,  blizzards, dry anger, bitter baking chocolate

entj: dark chocolate syrup, memorizing equations, skylights, thick makeup, constellations, feeling invincible, city nightlife, falling from the roof of a building, balancing on a tightrope, the golden gate bridge, kissing someone’s shoulders, loud voices, screaming for no reason, sharp teeth, old churches, brain scans

entp: wildfire, writing words on a bathroom stall, lighting a match, wind-blown hair, staying awake for too long, counting lane dividers as you pass by, wandering through the woods, staring contests, the light changing your skin color, fences, a blank sketchbook, people-watching, leathery hands, running through an alleyway, blowing a fuse

estp: blurring lights, going over the speed limit, the feeling in your stomach when you go upside down, jumping over a waterfall, drinking straight from the bottle, being on a roller coaster, belting your favorite song, late nights, one-night stands, movie theatres, parties full of strangers, forbidden books, blacklight posters, duct tape, fluorescent bulbs

esfp: unwrapping a present, a sparkle, hot soup, bubblegum, laughing with your friends, a spinning carousel, hickeys, strobe lights, a hershey’s kiss, songs on repeat, jumping into cold water on a hot day, burning your hand, the thrill of being onstage, dramatic entrances, spinning until you get dizzy, rainbows on a cloudy day

isfp: a flock of birds, blowing bubbles, cigarette smoke, poetry, lens flares, cat fur, white sand, doodling, the night sky, a picture of a nebula, original grimm fairy tales, ambiguity, acrylic paints, a crescent moon, photography, fingers flying over piano keys, liminal space, doorways, social activism, the line between thoughts and reality

istp: a stormy ocean, skydiving, cracking your knuckles, shaking a soda, looking down from a height, salt plains, limestone, sand on a wooden floor, bioluminescence, clutching something so tightly your knuckles turn white, throwing off your hat, a cloudy sky, tinted windows, skipping class, seeing your reflection in metal, breaking glass, dry ice

istj: graphite streaks on your palms, polishing a sword, glass shards, brass knuckles, netting, methodical sketches, geometry, permanent marker, punching a mirror, hammering a nail into place, ice water, machinery, boiling oil, bold letters, metal-rimmed glasses, dark smoke, oxygen masks, cold showers, static, skylights

isfj: fresh baked cookies, light filtered through leaves, porch swings, disney movies, sketches in the margins of your notes, the sound of waves, oversized hoodies, holding hands, embroidery, down feathers, showing your bare back, seeing veins through pale skin, black and white photographs, a flute melody, touching a butterfly’s wing, rocks in a stream

esfj: sunflowers, your first kiss, cities during the daytime, standing at a crosswalk, tile floors, art museums, running through sprinklers, dancing without music, bathing in sunshine, falling in love, streetlights, thick hair, smiling at a mirror, children’s laughter, drawing words with sparklers, gold glitter, whispered secrets, flower crowns, flipping on a lightswitch

estj: skyscrapers, railroads, a river that flows through a city, going underwater, iron bridges, old paper, vintage champagne, broken-down fountains, city limits, cathedrals, borderlines, Greek architecture, arches, windows, heavy wooden doors, locks, buildings overgrown with vines, cracked pavement, the world through clear glass

Jehan and Montparnasse go on the strangest dates.

And I’m not just talking about the cemetery ones, though they do occur. I’m talking about them going to small local cinemas to see foreign horror movies no one has heard of. They leant against each other in the dark room and laugh at the fake blood and overacting, and talk about their favourite bits on the way home.

They stroll in public parks at night, when it’s empty and dark, as the moon transforms the grass into a silver sea. They sit on the horses of the sleeping carousel and talk, kiss, or just listen to the heart of Paris beating nearby, unseen yet right there, withing reach.

Montparnasse finds abandoned buildings and brings Jehan there. They light candles and relish the eerie atmosphere. They imagine the lives of those who stood where they’re standing. They light a joint, sometimes, and Jehan recites poetry in a slow, melodious voice, while Montparnasse listens, his head on their lap.

anonymous asked:

I've always wondered why Slytherin's locket was made of gold instead of silver, considering the House colours are dark green and silver, respectively symbolising the sea, lakes and the water element. Could Slytherin crest have a different connotation if instead of silver, it had gold? (though I don't know what this colour would represent in such a case tbh, perhaps some kind of yellow underwater plant meaningful to Salazar Slytherin?) Thoughts?

Actually fun fact : both the locket and the sword of Gryffindor are made of metals with the opposite colour of their house. I’m not sure if it has a deeper meaning though, it could just be gold, because gold is worth more than silver ? Also, in the movies the locket is silver !

- Céline

~ Good Mood Spell ~

This spell will boost your mood for one week. Feel free to make any changes depending on your type of craft and situation! Good luck and may you be at peace ~


  1. Chamomile incense (or any that you find soothing)
  2. Salt (preferably course sea salt)
  3. Oil
  4. White, silver, black, pink, orange, green, and dark blue candles


  1. Clean yourself and your work area
  2. Set up your altar (anoint candles, etc.)
  3. Spread a ring of salt around your pentagram
  4. Meditate as much as you need to for your mind to be calm and clear of thought
  5. Recite the incantation, lighting the candles as they are named
  6. Burn the incense from the flame of one of the candles (let the incense and candles finish burning if possible, but this is not necessary)
  7. The spell is complete when the incense is done burning


With each candle that I shall light

Things will be easier by tonight

Negative energies leave me be

A good week ahead, I do see 

Working hard is my ethic

Now let me name by aesthetic







(Dark) Blue

[Let my stress and sadness leave my head

and my overwhelmed feeling go drop dead

only energy and happiness are here

all negativities must disappear]

Now that the spell is almost done

Make things easier by the light of the sun

[repeat this as many times as necessary]

“… and what I want to write about today is the sea. Silver at dawn, green at noon, dark blue in the evening. Sometimes it looks almost red. It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. It seems big enough to contain everything anyone could ever feel. “

| Portugal | 2016 |


things i associate with mbti types /// INTJ

red-hot embers, newspapers, marble sculptures, deep sea creatures, dark hair, minimalism, silver chains, crumbling petals, the sound of pouring rain, chinese checkers, déjà vu, dystopian fiction, bathing in the dark, merlot, barbed wire, overgrown lawns, antithetical statements,  blizzards, dry anger, bitter baking chocolate

Based on this post

Persevering Glow


Rating: T

Summary: Lighthouse keeper AU! The lighthouse keeper’s nightly routine and the mystery of the lighthouse.

AN: Just a quick piece to go with this art here @garrulousgibberish​. Cause it’s amazing and I’ve said since the charity stream that I wanted to write something for this AU (or well the cute thing I thought was meant the first time round haha)

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Fic: Glory Days

Anonymous said: I just had the randomest thought. When Blaine gets his first grey hair he’s gonna freak out so much like remember that “time capsule” extra thing that happened where Blaine was talking about injecting himself with stem cells or something and Kurt’s trying to make him feel better and he says something like “oh you’re fine honey, I mean look at your dad he’s aged so gracefully” and Blaine is just like WHAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MY DAD and Kurt’s like what. this is not what I meant. such idiots

A/N: Anon, you can’t just drop something that precious and adorable in my ask box without expecting me to turn it into a fic. Please feel free to have more random thoughts of this nature, I love your brain!

“Blaine, honey, are you ever going to come out of the bathroom? You’ve been in there for an entire episode, we’re never going to get through our Parks and Rec marathon like this!” Kurt leans both palms against the door, listening for any kind of sound on the other side.

It takes a moment, but then he can hear Blaine’s voice, a little strained and a little too high. “Go away, Kurt!”

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