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So we picked up reading LotR again a couple weeks ago and forged through Book Four, and I have had another Revelation.

We got to the part where Frodo and Sam are using the Phial to repel Shelob, and we stopped for a bit, so that my mom, since she knows the Silmarillion now, could think out loud and confirm some stuff – mostly, you know – the Phial -> Earendil’s star -> light of the Silmaril (tales never really end, etc.). So she had a moment. I pointed out for extra effect that the light of the Silmarils was direct from the Two Trees, the original and untainted symbol of goodness and light in Arda, and so one – and then I had to stop, and have a moment.

Because who destroyed the Two Trees?

Ungoliant. Ungoliant did. And then she went away and bred and had Shelob, or Shelob’s ancestors, among others. And the light of the Two Trees that she’d destroyed lived on only in the Silmarils, until Earendil’s was the last, and unreachable, mounted on Vingilot in the heavens. And that remnant of the light of the Trees came down and fell on Galadriel’s mirror and she bottled it and gave it to Frodo and he carried it all the way to Torech Ungol where he used it to repel Ungoliant’s scion.

Like, is that not mind-blowing and moving and I don’t know, EVERYTHING? I want to be articulate about it, but I’ve been struck speechless by wonder, and I’m also trying really hard not to blow the whole thing, because I’m a total child and despite the wonder I’m having to fight really hard not to make a really immature joke about UNGOLIANT VS. TELPERION: ROUND TWO or something.


Art Feature Fridays! Featuring the art of @phobso. There’s too much wonderful work by this artist that it was extremely difficult to narrow it down. I decided on sharing Phob’s design work for the Demonslayer comic. The costumes are just stunning!

Be sure to check out this artist’s Silmarillion project at @melkorwashere as well for more gorgeous narrative art.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Tolkien Tumblr about Mairon, which is the name that SilmFilm has chosen to use for Sauron before he’s evil. There’s a basis for this in some version of the story somewhere, but it’s very obscure.

So my question is: are these all SilmFilm listeners? Is this an experience we’re all sharing? (If so, that’s awesome, I love SilmFilm and let’s all listen to it, everyone!)

OR, is it that this name had leaked out from SilmFilm into the wider fandom, and be adopted by those who don’t listen but are still Silmarillion fans and find that an alternate name for a more sympathetic Sauron is a useful thing to have? (If so, that’s ALSO awesome, I love watching how things like this filter through a fandom :) )


2014 Cosplay roundup!

For sanity’s sake I’m only including cosplays I made for myself, and not commission stuff. I did a lot of things this year and really grew as a costumer and a person; I made it to 2015! For people who follow my blog; most of you probably know that I am severely chronically ill. To be quite honest, I didn’t expect to get this far and my life plans really kind of ended around 20. So, now I’m just winging it and it’s working out pretty well so far.

  1. Maedhros - this costume is/was a labor of love, I plan to keep doing upgrades and making more versions of the character. The photo doesn’t even show the finished costume!
  2. Thranduil - one of my favorite Tolkien characters, and I love the film design. This photo was the first day I wore it; the second day I wore it, I won best in show at NFCC
  3. Lady Loki - I’m always lady Loki. This version I made out of scraps I had in my sewing closet a day before AwesomeCon, and it was a hit.
  4. Lady Loki 2: Electric Boogalo - a more comic-verse Lady Loki for NYCC to match my cosplay partner’s new Thor.
  5. Thranduil 2 - Thranduil is in here twice because I’ve now made it three times in 2014. New golden robe with longer train, and over-robe, to wear to the Hobbit movie with my Legolas. No good photos yet, but I posted step by step how I made it and it turned out very cool.
  6. Glorfindel - A rather basic costume I threw together for ALEP in September, I plan to do more with it soon, but it’s another of my favorite Tolkien characters and fun to sew and wear! Also worn to NYCC
  7. Margaery Tyrell - I’m working on the third of these dresses now. I wore it to DaishoCon in November; it’s a very basic costume but fun to wear and I am finally cosplaying Game of Thrones despite having been a book and show fan for years.
  8. Elladan - Yet another fave Tolkien character; I’ve always loved the sons of Elrond and wanted to do a ranging costume for them. I made everything but the shoes in two days. Woo. Worn to ALEP and for one shoot.

I had some amazing experiences this year thanks to cosplay and my many friends in the community, including being on Marvel Live with my Thor at NYCC, and attending the NA Hobbit premier with my Legolas and meeting Lee Pace while in Thranduil cosplay.

But I think my favorite thing this year was that at DragonCon and NYCC (the two largest cons I attended) so many people, many of whom I did not know, came to me and told me that I had helped them, or inspired them, and that means a lot.

I attended ten major conventions this year, several of them while I was honestly too sick to be there, a couple of them directly adjacent to surgery, but managed to have a good time at all of them thanks to my totally awesome support network. Thank you peppermonster errandofmercy tiny-tyrant aviva0017 psylynce77 ambrorussa beleggs for being quality con-buddies <3

And thank you to the costumers who I enjoyed watching and who motivated me this year,  theshatteredsilhouette hellofeanor hanahmiya @myrddin-emrys celticruinsdesigns


Tolkien series characters Harry Potter AU Project :D

LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion etc. 

From now on till whenever you like. 

tag: #Tolkien in HP 



Most important of all, remember to classify the character into a house of Hogward, and also a grade as a student or a position as a teacher or so on. 


Please notice! Melkor only could be the Dark Lord!


For example: 

Annatar/? years old 


Proffessor of Transfiguration 

*animagus (Wolf)




Ah, being steampunk Fëanor for the day was so much fun. Look very close, and you might just see my precious, precious Silmarils.

This was back in 2012, when I hadn’t even heard of The Silmarillion Project by Aaron Diaz - - which includes several of the Noldor - (including a certain rather hot-headed guy) wearing face paint across their eyes.

External image

I, personally, just wanted to try and create some ‘fiery’ eyes, since I have an aversion to getting anything in my eyes, let alone contacts.

The project’s reason for the face paint is much better, in my opinion.

Btw, that heraldic symbol on the bodice? Hand embroidered. Once more, with feeling:

Tolkien, why did you have to use so many colours?????