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The problem with the theory Evak/Yousana parallels = bad things for Yousanna, is that those exact scenes apply to Noorhelm too. Noora being jealous watching William talk to Mari. William making hot chocolate in the kitchen. Staring at each other across rooms / school. snuggling Saturday morning in bed. No one watching theorizing/complaint that Evak was copying Noorhelm then. So why all the raining on shippers parades now?

Halla darling. I’m really sorry if you feel like mine and everyone else’s theories are raining on your parade. That is in no way our intention! We just genuinely get a lot of enjoyment in analysing and theorising every single hair on Jonas’s head. Especially considering it’s the last season, it is a lot of fun to inspect every little scene and work out what genius Julie is planning for us! 

and like I keep trying to remind you guys, these are just little theories. Theories are wrong all the time! I will most likely be completely wrong and then i’ll make all these memes out of all of my stupid meta posts that meant nothing. And you can come talk to me and tell me what your favourite silly theory was haha and we’ll just have even more fun with all of this. Because that’s what it is, fun! 

Also I really do ship Yousana and I would love them to be endgame honestly! I am a shipper! I am just trying to work out what Julie is up to..

in regards to the noorhelm element in my theory, I totally get what you’re saying, and you are right! There were parallels with Noorhelm…but I think to be fair we can all agree that the parallels between Isak and Sana are extremely blatant. 

Their intros are similar, their characterisation resembles one another, they are literally sharing lines and clips here. It’s not necessarily a matter of coincidences. Julie has mimicked exact clips as a way of saying “here it is…get ready to freak out over what it means” she is doing this on purpose. 

and on another note, Noorhelm could have been a parallel, and if so this further supports my idea that parallels are omens that in the end the two stories are going to be extremely different. Evak in no way became Noorhelm, in fact I feel like they used Noorhelm as an example of a ‘fairytale’ relationship that was never taken realistically and maturely, while Evak learnt how to evolve from dreams and into a healthy and mature relationship. 

Just like Yousana not only are being set up as something similar to evak, they are also being portrayed as meant for each other. What could go wrong? he loves her, it’s obvious. Perfect which makes me nervous because skam never portrays it’s love stories this perfect so early. The other shoe has to drop. and that’s why I feel like something has to happen that separates them from evak (that might not be that they are not endgame) it could be anything honestly! 

but my point is they aren’t their own yet. They are still just mimicking someone else’s story and until we get something that is their’s and not Evaks, I will still be convinced that a bombshell is coming to blow up this perfect comfortable concept Julie has prepared for us. 

but again my love, I am so sorry if I upset you with my analysis. It’s not that I don’t love Yousana (because believe me I do!) I just really enjoy making theories and analysing the shit out of art ahhhh I am a nerd I swear. 

and remember! so many people were wrong about Evak! So many! so we’re totally most likely wrong about Yousana too. 

Trust me , relax, grab some tea (I really like peppermint) and enjoy the ride. None of us know how it will turn out and I know for sure all of our precious characters will be happy by the end. Have no fear. Theories aren’t predictions. They are just a bunch of english nerds occupying themselves by writing theories instead of going crazy by refreshing the website every 5 seconds waiting for an update. (cos that’s what i’d be doing if I wasn’t writing all these metas) 

Okay lovely sorry for making this so long I just wanted to make sure you understand that we are not psychics and none of this probably will come true. It’s just fun trying to work it out and I for one really hope Yousana is end game cos omg I love them so much ahhhh. 

can we scream about them sometime because omg the way Yousef looks at her? ahhhh dead. 

If Klance happens in Season 3...

I honestly don’t want anyone to tell Shiro once he returns. By that time, it’s just common knowledge to everyone in the Castle that Keith and Lance are an item now. So when Shiro comes back, everyone just kinda forgets that he doesn’t know yet and since Keith and Lance try not to be too touchy-feely in front of everyone else, Shiro just assumes that they bonded as leader and right-hand man while he was away and is completely oblivious until weeks later when they share a kiss a on cheek during breakfast. Cue Shiro losing his shit and panicking, ‘WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?”  And everyone’s like Oh yeah, that’s a thing. Sorry forgot to tell you.”

*Sees Keith and Lance fighting Galra back to back perfectly in sync*

Shiro: Awesome teamwork guys! Keep it up!

*Sees Keith and Lance walking down the hall, chatting and laughing together*

Shiro: Oh wow, those two must have really bonded while I was gone. I’m so proud of them.

*Sees Keith and Lance sharing a dance at some alien celebration*

Shiro: Awwww, so cute. Never thought I’d see the day those two become such good buddies.”

*Sees Keith plant a kiss on Lance’s cheek as he sits down for breakfast. Nobody bats an eye*



Season 4 anyone? :P

Idea on Possible Red Lion and Lance bonding...

As I’ve mentioned in a couple posts, since it looks like Keith will be piloting the Black Lion to lead the team in season 3, there’s a good chance that Lance will pilot the Red Lion like all his predecessors have done in previous series which would allow Allura to pilot Blue since she’s the most easy-going of the lions. But I couldn’t help wonder how Red and Lance would be able to bond?

Then it hit me. They’d both bond over being absolutely pissed off at Keith. xD Red because Keith left her for Black and Lance cause of basically everything- he’s leader, Allura likes Keith more, he made him give Blue away and battle with a lion that clashes with his armor color (like goddamn Keith, at least red armor goes wth black). Giving me Red and Lance venting their anger during  season 3 battles.xD

I love Jack because unlike other male cartoon protagonists, he doesn’t loose his shit and get all embarrassed and flustered when female characters try and seduce him. He’s just so genuinely confused and I love it. A naked fairy goddess could be all “Hey handsome, stay a while and let’s have some fun ;)” And Jack is just like “ ???? I….I do nt  udnerstad???? PLease repeat the q uestion”

Character Analysis: Shiro

[ Lance ] [ Hunk ] [ Pidge ] [ Keith ] [ Allura ]

Just for entertaining meta-ish purposes I’m going to do these in the order that the characters are introduced in the show. So that means we’re starting off with Fearless Space Leader. 

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I can't wait for Dean to enter the amnesia phase! Dean and Cas formed a strangely intense relationship from the beginning and I wonder how Sam's gonna describe Cas.

Aaaah it’s now almost certain that that line from the last Shaving People Punting Things promo was from 12x11 - the “my name is Dean Winchester, blah blah Sam and Mary, a-and Cas- Castiel is my *wibble* best friend” line that nearly killed us all even completely out of context. Since there was 2 episodes between us and it I was trying not to get too excited I was trying not to pin my hopes on it being exactly what it sounded, but without rewatching the promo I think 12x11 may be the only episode left in it that we’ve yet to see stuff from. It’s also always kinda been the logical episode to have Dean reminding himself of who his nearest and dearest are but there you go, this is my 3rd year of watching with fandom, I’ve learned not to trust promos as far as I can throw them :P

There’s this post from last night squeeing about the line here:

And now I’m just enjoying the detail that Sam will almost certainly be responsible both times for using the word “friend” to describe Benjamin & his vessel and Cas and Dean… Like, in 12x10 there was one of those weighty pauses where everyone immediately thinks “…oh. They were in love” and then someone goes and uses “friend” - we’re not exactly unfamiliar with that sort of pause when it comes to Dean n Cas stuff, either… 

I do think Sam’s maybe a bit more certain about misdiagnosing Dean and Cas as BFFs because he’s had way more time to think about it than trying to work out the correct word for - well, *I’m* not sure about the correct relationship description for an angel and its vessel and I’ve been thinking about it all week :P - so it will seem more natural to him to call Cas that. So I won’t be too bummed if Sam is really chill about the concept, because as much as we talk about shipper!Sam, and he’s used as the punchline of a LOT of jokes about Dean n Cas’s behaviour throughout the years to sell it that they’re old-married-couple arguing, that is kind of a trick for the viewers at home to be in on, not necessarily a comment that Sam ACTUALLY thinks that. I mean, he probably still thinks Dean is STRAIGHT can you IMAGINE. 

I don’t think this episode is gonna expose Bi!Dean but like with 10x12, going back with Dean into his past was used as the most overt exploration of Dean vs repression and how the whole performing!Dean thing worked, and gave us the cipher of the cake which got way more mileage than we expected, because season 10 actually was fairly good at breaking Dean down for us, though I think the way season 11 and 12 have been putting him back together is far more enjoyable watching… Anyway, this is a great second chance to take a crack at what 10x12 started, and to make Dean well and truly vulnerable. They were comparing the episode to Yellow Fever, of which I have written a whole bunch as part of my wide-ranging “Still not over the Siren Episode” series of metas:

The main point I guess being the one about how it intentionally turned Dean inside out in front of Sam to make him look extremely vulnerable. In front of season 4 Sam, whose entire arc was built around feeling strong - and specifically stronger than Dean - and falling down the rabbit hole based on those feelings - those 2 episodes are really bad for Sam’s perception of Dean in that immediate moment because they’re stepping stones to make Sam think Dean’s not just lost his edge but is completely incapable of stopping the apocalypse and Sam is the only one strong enough to do it. Aka, Sam is in the worst place in the world to benefit with positive lessons from watching Dean get turned inside out in front of him. In 10x12, again Sam is all caught up in saving Dean, even so far as wondering if abruptly having to deal with having an extremely mouthy little brother until he grows back up into an extremely mouthy adult at the normal speed these things happen, was actually preferable to Dean with the Mark. Again, he’s on a descent arc that again plays off him being, well, the responsible adult, because that episode wasn’t a metaphor for the wider picture or anything :P - the burden of saving Dean from the Mark is a distraction and a weight on him and the whole Taylor Swift moment at the end shows how he’s not learned anything about Dean from the experience, and in the wider picture, carries on down his path and trying to save Dean his way (when Dean seems to have given up shortly after), so Sam is basically left to make the decision about how to save Dean on his own (and his isolated thinking is highlighted by deliberately leaving Cas out of the decision making process even though they’d seemed to be on the same page for a while). 

Anyway! In season 12 guess what we have another Winchester off making the bad decisions! Sam and Dean are freeeeeee (and, uh, should probably be concerned about what their mom is doing but that’s a problem for another episode :P) - since the middle of season 11 Sam hasn’t had the sort of burden on him that he’s carried on and off for most of the show (seriously, like, the last quarter of season 7 is the only other time I can think of Sam didn’t have a Thing outside of just being along for the ride with the main plot) - Sam can be concerned about Dean, but since the start of season 12 he ALSO doesn’t have anything wrong with him, internally or externally, and so they’re kind of in a healing and growth stage (this has been also achieved by letting Cas have all the awful happen to him >.>) Anyway, all that means that now we get one of those episodes that emotionally eviscerates Dean, in front of Sam, and Sam doesn’t have any roadblock to understanding and learning about Dean except for all the emotional walls Dean’s put up to keep him out that will baffle Sam with their absence (the sneak peek scene shows Sam missing a ton of really huge neon flags that we can see from miles off because we know Dean from this outside perspective Sam has not got the luxury of) or reasons Sam will be too distracted or take developments completely the wrong way to actually genuinely understand what Dean is going through and what these things mean… 

He’s going from a standing start though, so I expect he’s going to catch maybe like 1/10th or less of all the things we might be able to explain about Dean, but even so :P 

… Anyway all’s that to say is that Sam is going to probably write down a list of everyone Dean absolutely has to remember: Himself - brother, Mary - mom, Castiel - best friend, and leave Dean with it. And then we get DEAN’S delivery on that line which we have very hopefully already heard for ourselves (or we have wasted a lot of ink on this :P) and Deana stumbles over the concept of “Castiel - best friend” with all that stammering and wobbling voice that we’ve heard. And there’s going to be the difference in how Sam describes Cas and how Dean thinks of him, or is confused about how he’s supposed to apparently think of him :’D


Hey, I got sidewalk chalk that has more than just six pastels! And to celebrate… of course… …Someone seriously has to give me some requests (that I can do) because if not I will be drawing Sweeney Todd forever…